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The 77 best sentences of Deepak Chopra

The 77 best sentences of Deepak Chopra

June 17, 2024

Deepak Chopra is one of the best-known gurus among people interested in non-Western philosophies of life. It has inspired many people, especially those who are followers of Buddhist culture and meditation. He was born in New Delhi (India) in 1947, and is one of the people he has made that has brought the spiritual culture of his country to the West.

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Best quotes from Deepak Chopra

Due to his charisma, the ideas and reflections of this author have aroused the interest of large crowds. In this article you will find a compilation of Deepak Chopra's best quotes so you can enjoy them.

1. All of us are capable of going beyond our material attachments

Chopra has always been close to spirituality and the world of personal development from a perspective far from the Western one.

2. I teach people that whatever the situation, no matter how chaotic it is, no matter how much drama is around you, it can be cured with your presence if you stay inside your center

This thinker focuses on an integral vision of the human being , in which the body and the mind are closely related and influence each other.

3. By nature, we are all interested in ourselves. If we use that interest to go to the bottom of ourselves, we will find the place where our authentic being resides, and then the secret of happiness will be revealed to us

If we connect with our inner self with compassion, happiness will be a reality.

4. Most people think and act within the narrow limitations of what they have been taught since childhood, without questioning the basic assumptions on which they have structured their vision of the world

Reflection and critical thinking make us grow as people.

5. Materialistic arguments against God are still strong because they are based on facts, but fall when you immerse yourself more deeply than in the material world

A critique of the culture of materialism.

6. Your perceptions, interpretations and expectations influence all aspects of your mental and physical health. By changing your perspective and making new decisions you become powerful tools to change your life

According to Chopra, mind and body are interrelated in all aspects, including health.

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7. Your body is both material and immaterial. You can choose to experience your body as a physical or as a network of energy, transformation and intelligence

There is something more than chemistry in our life, because consciousness has a great importance in our well-being.

8. God, instead of being an immense imaginary projection, has turned out to be the only real thing, and the whole universe, in spite of its immensity and its solidity, is a projection of the nature of God

A quote about God from Deepak Chopra, in which his imaginary projection stands out.

9. Life gives you a lot of time to do what you want if you stay in the present moment

Chopra reminds us of the importance of live in here and now .

10. Everything we experience as material reality is born in an invisible realm beyond space and time, a realm consisting of energy and information, as revealed to us by science

A critique of materialism and science.

11. The greatest mystery of existence is existence itself

One of the great existential questions is the existence of the human being on Earth and the Universe.

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12. Your body forms an inseparable whole with the universe. When it is perfectly healthy and intact, you feel in a state of expansion

In your spiritual theory, the body and mind are immensely connected.

13. A mother can see her newborn as a wonderful and respectable person and, through her perception, this child will grow up to become a wonderful and respectable person, which is one of the mysteries of love

The influence of parents in the development of a child is undeniable.

14. You are not only a physical body with which you identify by habit. Its essential state is a field of infinite possibilities

We dominate our life and, therefore, we can make it change.

15. Unhappy people are not successful, and there is no achievement or money that can modify this equation

Think that happiness is in the money It is a serious mistake.

16. The most closely guarded secrets of God are hidden within the human skull: ecstasy, eternal love, grace and mystery

Chopra describes some of the best virtues and characteristics of the human being, and relates them to religion.

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17. Until recently, few people questioned the assumption that aging is irreversible and, for this reason, human beings have reinforced for generations the usual idea that aging implies a deterioration of physical and mental capacity

We can stay young despite our body changing.

18. Your habits of attention and interpretation give rise to deep-seated beliefs, which correspond to the interpretations that you consider true. Beliefs shape biology

We can change our thoughts if we have will. Of course, you have to have will and. Many times, make an effort.

19. In comic strips, when someone has a brilliant idea, a light bulb is painted over their heads, something that does not happen in real life. The brainless mind is as invisible and unprovable as God is

We can not appreciate the mind directly, but it is there and manifests itself with brilliant ideas.

20. All the outbursts of light that have blinded the saints throughout history took place in the darkness

In the bad moments of life is when the best learning occurs.

21. Yoga positions increase flexibility and strengthen muscles, also have positive effects on posture and circulation.

The ancestral Hindu culture It has deeply inspired Chopra's theory.

22. When you identify your unique talents and commit to putting them at the service of others, you strengthen your immune system

Self-knowledge and will are key in personal development and well-being.

23. Unhappy people have a brain mechanism that interprets situations as problems

The negative mentality and anticipatory anxiety makes us feel worse than things really are.

24. Biological age is a measure of the state of functioning of your physiological systems. It is the most important component of the aging process

Nobody can forget that over time, our body ages and suffers the passage of age.

25. Free yourself from the burden of judgments. When judging you impose good and evil on situations that simply are. Everything can be understood and forgive, but when you judge you move away from understanding and cancel the process of learning to love. In judging others, you reflect your lack of self-acceptance. Remember that each person you forgive increases your love for yourself

The nonjudgmental mentality is intimately related to well-being.

26. A risk-free life is far from being a healthy life

Far from the comfort zone is where we develop the most.

27. Reality is flexible and subject to modifications. Reality is the product of perception, which is a selective act of attention and interpretation

The reality that we think is the same for everyone is not. Actually, it is our subjective reality.

28. In uncertainty we will find the freedom to create anything we want

Many people are afraid of uncertainty, but accepting it is good for our mental health.

29. Yoga holds the promise of keeping us focused in the midst of turmoil and confusion

Yoga is also an essential part of his theory.

30. The fundamental purpose of yoga is to integrate all the planes of life: environmental and physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual

Yoga is not a method of training, it is a philosophy of life.

31. The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers

Living closed to others makes us tremendously unhappy people.

32. The agitation of the body and the mind engenders discomfort and accelerates aging. Deep rest of body and mind reverses the biological age

Stress is related to multiple pathologies on a physical and mental level.

33. Whether you like it or not, everything that is happening to you right now is a product of the decisions you have made in the past

Our decisions determine our future. Therefore, it is good to reflect without obsessing.

34. Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your happiness. Nothing is so rich. Nothing is more

Happiness is one of the great motivations of people.

35. Reality originates in perceptions. By changing your perceptions, you modify your reality. By changing the perception of your body, aging and time, you can reverse your actual biological age

The discomfort is not created by events, but how we relate to them.

36. God has managed to perform the amazing feat of being worshiped but invisible at the same time

A phrase by Deepak Chopra that invites reflection on the figure of God.

37. In the midst of movement and chaos, calm is still within you

When we find inner peace , it does not matter what happens around us.

38. Wherever we go in the midst of movement and activity, let us carry with us the stillness. In this way, the chaotic movement that surrounds us will never hide us the access door to the spring of creativity, the field of pure potentiality

Meditation is important in Chopra's theory, because it helps us connect with ourselves.

39The creative impulse of life is the most powerful force in the universe

We can have the motivation to change things. But we have to take action to do it.

40. Meditation causes the entire nervous system to enter a coherence field

Meditation has multiple benefits. Among them, improve our emotional health and make us happier.

41. The purpose of life is the expansion of happiness. Happiness is the goal of all other goals

There is no greater goal for people to be happy, because for that we fight whatever the goal.

42. Laughter is the mechanism of humanity to escape suffering

You can not laugh and be suffering at the same time.

43. What we are transcends space, time and cause and effect relationships. Our fundamental conscience is immortal

We can think that human beings are chemistry, but our consciousness is, often, inexplicable only physical.

44. It is probable that the mind manages to make us intelligent, but it is ill equipped to give us happiness, fulfillment and peace

Many times we are the ones who fight against our own happiness.

45. You must learn to get in touch with the deepest and pure essence of your Being. This true essence goes beyond the ego, it does not know fear. It is free, it is immune to criticism. He is not afraid of any challenge, he is not inferior to anyone, nor superior to anyone. It is full of magic, mystery and charm

When we connect with ourselves, we enter a state of flow in life.

46. ​​When the body works with greater efficiency and energy, we experience that vitality feeling more alive

When we have a healthy body and mind, the world conspires in favor of us.

47. You must find the place inside you where nothing is impossible

Our beliefs are what often throw us back.

48. Live in the present, which is the only time you have. Keep your attention on what exists here and now; seek fullness at all times. Accept what comes to you fully and completely so that you can appreciate it and learn from it; then let it go. This is as it should be. It reflects infinite laws of Nature that have brought you to this exact thought, this precise physical reaction. This moment is how it is because the Universe is the way it is. Do not fight against the infinite scheme of things; On the contrary, be one with him

The past and the future can not be lived, only the present . Therefore, you have to stay in the here and now, in connection with ourselves and what surrounds us.

49. You can not make positive decisions for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those simple, natural and enjoyable decisions

Although connecting with ourselves is important, it is much more pleasurable that the world that surrounds us is a pleasant place.

50. The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life for 30 or 50 years

Our habits influence our health and our behavior.

51. The highest levels of performance reach people who are focused, intuitive, creative and thoughtful people who know how to see a problem as an opportunity

The people who are happiest are those who best adapt to the environment.

52. If you want to do really important and big things in your life, you can not do anything for yourself. And your best teams are your friends and your brothers

The close people in your life influence your happiness and well-being.

53. The biological age is the fundamental component of the aging process, but that does not mean that we should age of mind

There are people who, despite the passing years, still feel young.

54. A person is a pattern of behavior, of a greater consciousness

A phrase of Chopra that invites deep reflection.

55. Always follow your passions. Never ask yourself if it's realistic or not

Personal development and one's happiness is in connect with the wishes of a person and fight for them.

56. Each of our choices sends out chemical signals that go through the brain, including the choice to be happy, and each signal shapes the brain year after year

Our behavior influences how we feel, and how we feel influences our behavior.

57. Thinking is practicing brain chemistry

Although thought is abstract, the functioning of the brain can be explained by its chemical reactions.

58. Research has shown that the best way to be happy is to make each day happy

We have the option to be happy, even if things do not go as we wish.

59. Passivity is the same as the defense of injustice

Passivity before an illegal act of others is the same as doing the illegal act.

60. Only the heart knows the correct answer. Most people think that the heart is soft and sentimental. But is not. The heart is intuitive; It is holistic, it knows the totality, it knows all the relationships that exist. Does not have an orientation to profit or loss

An appointment that speaks clearly about what compassion is and its benefits .

61. Human beings have a remarkable ability to adapt to external circumstances.As Darwin said, the most important factor for survival is not intelligence or strength but adaptability

Adapting to the environment is what has allowed us to evolve as a species.

62. Success, wealth, good health and enriching relationships are consequences of happiness, not its cause

When we are happy, we are more likely to act in the way that benefits us the most.

63. The real secret to good health throughout life is the opposite: let your body take care of you

The body speaks, so you have to take care of it.

64. In each individual life, the universe is recreated again. Birth and death are only parentheses in the endless history of creation

Human beings follow a vital process, but life continues when we are no longer.

65. Karma, when properly understood, is only the mechanics through which consciousness manifests

Chopra, because of his influences, believes deeply in Karma.

66. Replaces the behavior that motivates fear by the behavior that motivates love. Fear is a product of memory, which dwells in the past. By remembering what made us suffer before, we devote our energies to making sure that the old suffering does not happen again

The past should only be used to remember what we have learned.

67. There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and each piece must fit into the big puzzle

Chopra philosophizing about the meaning of the Universe.

68. The acceptance of experience is the key to happiness

Compassion and acceptance are basic qualities that we must master to be happy.

69. We must go beyond the constant cry of the ego, beyond the tools of logic and reason, to the still, quiet place within us: the realm of the soul

Spirituality has a great importance in the life of human beings.

70. Emotional resistance, the ability to recover after an adverse experience, is one of the most reliable indicators of who will live for a long time

Bad experiences make us grow, because we become more aware of our emotions.

71. According to research, the actions we take in favor of the happiness of others are a fast track for lasting happiness

Altruistic people are happier than those who do not give anything for others.

72. Give up your need for external approval. Only you are the judge of your worth; Your goal is to discover the infinite value of yourself, without giving importance to what others think. By understanding this great freedom is achieved

Thinking about what others think of us and being a slave to what they want us to be makes us extremely unhappy.

73. The constant repetition of a negative belief develops nerve pathways that reinforce negativity by making it a habitual way of thinking

When we have a pessimistic mentality, we act according to the negative beliefs that are born in our brain.

74. Do not contaminate your body with toxins, either by food, drink or toxic emotions. Your body is not just a maintenance system of life. It is the vehicle that will take you on the journey of your evolution. The health of each cell contributes directly to your welfare state, because each cell is a point of consciousness within the field of consciousness that is your

A phrase that refers to toxic emotions, and how they should not be part of our life.

75. Remember that the world out there reflects your reality from here inside. The people before whom your reaction is strongest, be it love or hate, are projections of your inner world. What you most hate is what you most deny in yourself. What you love most is what you most want inside you. Use the mirror of relationships to guide your evolution. The objective is a total knowledge of oneself. When you get it, what you most want will automatically be there; what you dislike most will disappear

When we are not good with ourselves , we project it to the outside.

76. You have to risk to be happy

In times of difficulty, we develop tools that make us happier in the future.

77. Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen only

Teamwork helps us add and be more than we would be acting alone.

Deepak Chopra and Michael Shermer snipe at each other (June 2024).

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