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The 8 best books on Multiple Intelligences

The 8 best books on Multiple Intelligences

July 19, 2024

One of the most important paradigms of human intelligence is the theory of Multiple Intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner. A theory that challenged traditional beliefs about intelligence in the fields of education and cognitive science, and emerged as a counterweight and alternative to the paradigm of a unique intelligence.

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The best books of Multiple Intelligences

Since Gardner made his idea about human intelligence known, there are many books that have been published and that deal with this subject. Books that include an enriching content and provide knowledge that can be applied in different areas of our life: school, family, work ...

A good book is undoubtedly the best way to understand and learn about Multiple Intelligences s . In today's article, and so you can use your free time to learn more about this theory, I have prepared a list of great books on Multiple Intelligences that you should read. Let us begin!

1. Structures of the mind: the theory of multiple intelligences (Howard Gardner)

In this work, Howard Gardner, presented his theory to the world, and with it has contributed significantly to break with the paradigm of unitary intelligence. The reality is that intelligence is full of nuances, and this is what Gardner expresses in this text.

Although the text was first published in 1983, it was not until 1987 that the first edition appeared in Spanish. This book is from mandatory reading for anyone who wants to know and deepen the theory of Multiple Intelligences , since with this text the author changed the way of thinking about human intelligence.

  • You can buy it here.

2. Games to stimulate multiple intelligences -Tools- (Celso Antunes)

Although the previous book shows a theoretical proposal of the concept of Multiple Intelligences, This is a totally practical text designed so that the little ones can develop their full potential from an early age.

Throughout its pages it is possible to find more than 300 stimulating games to work the different types of intelligences. It is a work for teachers, psychologists, educational psychologists, counselors and parents.

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3. Reformulated intelligence: Multiple intelligences in the 21st century (Howard Gardner)

"Reformulated Intelligence: Multiple Intelligences in the 21st Century" is an excellent work published in 2003 by Ediciones Paidós (Grupo Planeta), which intends to give continuity to Gardner's book that I mentioned earlier (although the author published other texts beforehand) .

In this book Gardner develops two new intelligences, the existential intelligence and the naturalistic intelligence, and maintains that the concept of Multiple Intelligences is broader than he thought at the beginning. In its pages it is possible to find practical advice for its application in the educational field and thus enhance the creativity, leadership and moral excellence of the students. In addition, it links education to the world of work and ensures that multiple intelligences are key in this regard.

  • You can buy it in this link.

4. Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Educators (Thomas Armstrong)

With this book, Thomas Armstrong expands and revises the concept of Multiple Intelligences applied to the classrooms , brings updated knowledge of the latest research in this field, and includes strategies scientifically proven by him.

In its new edition, it also adds new resources, tools and materials so that students can different Intelligences in which they stand out.

  • You can buy it here.

5. How to stimulate multiple intelligences in the family (Amparo Escamilla González)

The family environment is one of the most important educational agents in the growth of the smallest , and that is why this text proposes to stimulate all the potentials of the children's minds in a direct way and linked with actions.

The author suggests and proposes the keys to create in the family environment and adequate conditions for the correct development of Multiple Intelligences, and justifies why it is necessary to put this theory into practice at an early age.

  • You can buy it here.

6. Multiple Intelligences in knowledge and business (Andrés Velásquez and Diana Micolta)

This book deals with Multiple Intelligences (especially emotional intelligence) applied to work and organizations, and how these types of intelligence affect academic performance and job performance .

The work is based on an investigation made by the authors to a group of students in practice of a higher education institution. The results sustain that knowing the different types of intelligence allows to create suitable contexts to enhance the talent of the workers and thus be able to use their skills productively.

  • You can buy it here.

7. The multiple Intelligences keys and proposals for their development in the classroom (Amparo Escamilla González)

A great proposal that delves into the didactic possibilities of Multiple Intelligences : with what materials, with what strategies and with what techniques to stimulate and develop them.

It touches on theoretical aspects but the book is eminently practical: it presents functional suggestions to guide the way of working and provides techniques to favor a balanced development of the different intelligences.

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8. Multiple intelligences: The theory in practice (Howard Gardner)

This brilliant copy is the practical version of his previous works and brings together previously published and original works by Gardner and his colleagues in Project Zero, an educational project belonging to Harvard University and integrated by this author.

It was published 10 years later than his initial work "Structures of the mind: the theory of multiple intelligences", and thousands of educators, parents and researchers have explored the practical implications of the theory of Multiple Intelligences thanks to this text. Undoubtedly, an exquisite proposal to be able to benefit from the educational applications of Gardner's theory.

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8 Intelligences - Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained - Dr. Howard Gardner (July 2024).

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