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The 8 best lecturers in Psychology (in Spanish and English)

The 8 best lecturers in Psychology (in Spanish and English)

June 21, 2024

Like any science, much potential would be wasted if psychology were not disclosed. It is one thing to make progress based on research that only a few understand, but the important thing is that this knowledge reaches as many people as possible. And, in this sense, the conferences are a great help.

In this article we will see a summary of the main lecturers of Psychology both in the Spanish-speaking world and internationally.

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The most interesting Psychology lecturers

Why do conferences have a special value? This way of communicating is unique, because it leaves enough space and time to communicate complex ideas in a way that, unlike what happens with books, allows you to transmit emotions in a very simple and almost immediate way.

Of course, literature has great power when it comes to transmitting culture, but a good conference is capable, in a few minutes, of make us rethink beliefs that were strongly rooted in our identity and that we discover facts and events that change our way of seeing life.

The sum of what is said with how it is said is crucial to appeal to our feelings, and conferences get this combining scenic elements with non-verbal language , the fact of seeing a person of flesh and blood showing live their own ideas and, of course, the power of what they say, their message.

That said, let's see which are the most important Psychology lecturers, mentioning first the Spanish speakers.

1. Nacho Coller

In addition to expert psychologist in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Nacho Coller is an expert in terms of expressing ideas transmitting what Psychology tells us about us, on the one hand, and his own philosophy of life and personal experiences, for the other. All seasoned with a sense of humor that makes it unique and that, by the way, is well captured in his book A turtle, a hare and a mosquito.

In this video you can find one of Nacho Coller's lectures, in this case in the framework of the famous TEDx Talks, talking about his experience with depression and what science has discovered about our emotional side.

The psychology of self-motivation | Scott Geller | TEDxVirginiaTech (June 2024).

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