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The 8 best Masters of Coaching

The 8 best Masters of Coaching

June 16, 2024

Coaching is a discipline that has become fashionable in recent years , because through different techniques and methods, coaches are able to take full advantage of people, teams and organizations.

Coaching is applied in different fields: work and business, sports, schools and individually.

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Top Masters in Coaching

Although in recent times some training centers have offered low-level trainings aware of the business that Coaching entails, some institutions have chosen to offer quality Master's programs to train Coaching professionals and offer their students the possibility that they are able to cover the needs of the coachees.

That is why in this article we have made a compilation of Masters in Coaching so that, if you want to receive postgraduate training in this specialty, do it with the best guarantees.

Below you can find the best Coaching Masters of Spain.

1. Certification Program in Executive Coaching (European School of Coaching)

  • Center: Various
  • Location: Various
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: Request information

This training program is aimed at those people interested in becoming professional coaches . Upon completion, the Executive Coach is awarded by the European Coaching School, accredited as an Accredited Coach Training Program by the International Coach Federation. This is the title that indicates that the skills and fundamental tools for the work of the professional coach are possessed, the pillar from which it is possible to specialize depending on the interests of each one.

In particular, this type of training emphasizes everything related to the training of leaders. Team management, effective and assertive communication, and in general everything necessary to train in leadership applied both to personal treatment and in regard to organizational dynamics.

The program, which consists of two cycles and training both theoretical and through practice, can be done in three formats with different durations: 179, 206 and 229 hours.

It is a proposal of training especially indicated for leaders and intermediate positions, as well as people in general whose work has to do with the management of teams in the business field. For more information about him, you can contact the EEC through the information available in this link.

2. Master in Emotional Intelligence and Coaching in the workplace (University of Barcelona)

  • Center: University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 2 courses
  • Price: € 8,040

Emotional Intelligence is a construct that is increasingly used both in the field of well-being and in organizations, and is key to personal and organizational development. It helps to be aware of emotions and regulate these, in addition to promoting interpersonal relationships and self-motivation. That is why many coaches use it within their methodology.

This postgraduate degree allows students to know and put into practice Emotional Intelligence tools in the field of work, so they can become coaching professionals who offer success guarantees and thus be able to apply it in their work methodology.

3. Master in Professional Coaching (Autonomous University of Madrid)

  • Center: Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: € 5,400

There are many trainings in Coaching, but few with the rigor of this . The Master in Professional Coaching of the Autonomous University of Madrid integrates academic rigor and professional practice and guarantees its students the acquisition of functional skills necessary for the exercise of the profession.

Its purpose is that participants can develop in the different fields of application of Coaching, so they opt for a methodology based on "know-how": students as coach and coachee, empowered in the coaching process. It has an extension of 60 ECTS credits and a duration of one year.

4. Master in Leadership and Sports Coaching (University of Salamanca)

  • Center: University of Salamanca
  • Location: Salamanca
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: € 3,540

Coaching, although it is used in other fields of application, originated in the world of sports . It is a methodology that empowers people's talents and helps overcome limiting beliefs that may be interfering with the development of a person and the achievement of objectives.

This Master aims to train professionals who are able to identify the skills and attitudes of athletes (both individually and in groups) in order to maximize and enhance their athletic performance, and stimulate their learning ability and motivation, in reference both your individual needs and those of the team.

5. Master's Degree in Personal and Group Coaching (University of Málaga)

  • Center: University of Málaga
  • Location: Málaga
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: € 2,800

In the world of organizations and sports, it is possible to appreciate the difference between a group and a team , in which the latter is characterized because there is a synergy and cohesion between its members and all row in the same direction for the good of the team. Group coaching aims for that, for the groups to become teams.

In Spain, there are few formations that unify academic rigor with the collaboration of experts in this regard. This Master of the University of Malaga is one of the few, and its purpose is for students to become creative experts who can efficiently intervene in both individual and group development.

6. Master in Systemic Coaching (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

  • Center: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 2 courses
  • Price: € 6,750

This degree is aimed at training professionals in personal and organizational development . During the teaching period, participants develop the necessary skills to act in different contexts of application of this practice, especially in personal coaching and coaching organizations.

This Master has a professional and applied orientation, and has 75 ECTS. The objective of this program is that students can use this methodology in professional practice and promote personal leadership in the field of relationships, management and human development.

7. Master in Psychology of Coaching (UNED)

  • Center: National University of Distance Education
  • Location: Online
  • Duration: 2 courses
  • Price: Consult with center

One of the few online Masters of Coaching, which is also of great quality . The UNED is one of the most prestigious distance universities in Spain, and has the collaboration of the best experts in Psychology to offer this degree.

It is intended especially for those people who, for different reasons, do not wish to attend the training in person and can benefit from the advantages of distance education.

8. Master in Coaching and Leadership (University of Valencia)

  • Center: University of Valencia
  • Location: Valencia
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: € 3,000

This Master, which is taught in Valencia, has the support of the Col.legi Oficial de Psicòlegs de la Comunitat Valenciana and the International Coaching and Leadership Association-ICLA to guarantee the highest quality training.

It is a training action that is oriented towards a general professional profile and aims to provide practical tools to professionals who lead or influence other people so that they can maximize their individual and collective abilities.

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