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The 8 best universities to study Online Psychology

The 8 best universities to study Online Psychology

June 14, 2024

Many students, after the test of selectivity, have to consider their future and decide what university they want to study. One of the careers that generates more interest among university students is, without a doubt, the Degree in Psychology .

While some people have very clear what they want to study and where to do even before finishing high school years, others, even after high school, still have doubts and wonder, what are the reasons to study the Degree in Psychology? What are the universities that teach this degree?

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Study in person or remotely

Deciding where to study the race is a crucial question, which often depends on our grade . But an option that is booming in recent years is to study online career. Distance education has gained popularity in recent times thanks to its advantages: it provides greater time flexibility to those students who are combining studies with work and facilitates access to the study without having to travel to another city and is independent of the location (although it usually requires examining oneself in the different centers assigned in different localities or autonomous communities).

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One of the most common reasons why students opt for online education is the lack of time to attend face-to-face classes. However, many online university institutions, in addition to the syllabus and videoconferences published on the virtual campus, also offer the possibility of attending the university center so that students can benefit from the different lessons taught in person. Of course, the presence is never mandatory .

Universities that teach online psychology

There are many university centers that have joined this training model aware that it covers the needs of many students and arouses great interest among future students.

You can find below a list of Spanish universities that offer the Degree in Psychology at a distance as part of their formative offer.

1. International University of La Rioja (UNIR)

The International University of La Rioja has an online Degree in Psychology that offers the entire repertoire of materials, tools and teaching staff to maximize the potential offered by this mode of learning. In addition to making the compatibility between academic progress and working life based on a 100% online learning, its curriculum is very varied so that whoever goes through this degree can be trained in all areas of this fascinating scientific field.

In addition, the student has the support of a personal tutor who makes a personalized plan for each student and all the classes can be viewed later as deferred as many times as desired.

An excellent option that offers the possibility of having more than 250 hours of live online class per course.

  • There is more information about the Degree in this link.

2. International University of Valencia (VIU)

The International University of Valencia (VIU), is a private institution that started its activity in 2009 . It was created by the Generalitat Valenciana, but in 2013 Grupo Planeta acquired 70% of its property and is currently responsible for its management. The VIU was the university of distance education with the highest success rate in Spain in 2014.

The psychology degree is entirely online and students can take face-to-face exams in nine Spanish cities. At the same time, the degree of attention to the students allows to make a good follow-up and attend to all the doubts.

  • To learn more about the degree offered by this university, click here.

3. Miguel de Cervantes University (UEMC)

The UEMC is a relatively new private university institution, which is located in Madrid, but which enjoys great popularity and has experienced spectacular growth since its inception. Much of its success has to do with the reputation that has been gained by the good deal with the student, in which the close teacher-student relationship predominates.

In addition to the possibility of pursuing the Degree in Psychology, has a wide range of postgraduate training . It offers the possibility of mention in Health Psychology for those students interested in pursuing the Master in General Health Psychology.

4. Open University of Catalonia (UOC)

The UOC a Catalan distance university of the highest level of quality , so it enjoys great prestige. It was created in 1996 and its headquarters are in Barcelona. In addition to the Degree in Psychology, the UOC also offers master's degrees, postgraduate studies, specializations, seminars, specialization courses, language courses and doctoral programs.

Studying distance involves a high responsibility and a correct management of time by students, but the UOC puts at the service of its students different tools that facilitate student learning, with collaborative work spaces, audiovisual content of the highest quality and access to training through mobile devices. In addition, the contents are specifically adapted for the characteristics of distance learning, in a much more autonomous way than that which occurs in classrooms and enhancing this spirit of research on its own.

5. Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA)

The Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA) began to teach in 2006 , becoming, at that time, the third distance university in Spain. In the UDIMA there are 18 official Bachelor's degrees (including psychology) and 35 official Master's degrees.

Its headquarters are located in Madrid but it has students spread throughout the national territory. The UDIMA is a member of the European University Association.

6. Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM)

The Catholic University of Murcia is a private university institution with headquarters in the Region of Murcia . At present, it has more than 15,000 students from different countries and different nationalities. The Degree in Online Psychology is considered nº1 in Spain according to the U-Multirank. The title is also available in person and the UCAM allows students to obtain different mentions:

  • Mention in Neuropsychology and Neurodevelopment
  • Mention in Health Psychology
  • Mention in Educational Psychology

7. Isabel I University (UI1)

The Isabel I University was founded in 2008 . It is an online and blended online university center with headquarters in Burgos (Castilla y León, Spain). It has degrees, official master's degrees and graduate degrees, all of them with full validity in the European Higher Education Area.

In addition, from this university is taught the double degree, Degree in Psychology + Degree in Criminology, which makes it unique throughout the national territory with this option. At present, more than 6500 students attend their university studies at this university.

8. National University of Distance Education (UNED)

The UNED is the oldest distance university in Spain . It is a public institution under the Ministry of Education of Spain. Its headquarters are located in Madrid, although there are several associated centers scattered throughout Spain and partly abroad (Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, etc.).

It is the distance university with the largest number of students, more than 260,000, and has a community of students who share knowledge on the UNED campus on unofficial websites, for example, "Psicologia UNED" on Facebook. Besides the Degree in Psychology, the UNED also offers masters, postgraduate diplomas and specialization courses.

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