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The 8 symptoms of falling in love that we have all ever experienced

The 8 symptoms of falling in love that we have all ever experienced

June 6, 2023

Love is something that changes our lives, but that does not mean that we have a clear control over this feeling: it influences us, but we can not influence it. When it arrives, it arrives. Of course, he always lets us know through what we might call symptoms of love .

And is that even if we ignore the logic that makes love appear, we can be aware, if we pay attention, to those early signals that our body sends us when we begin to feel something for someone. Knowing how to detect them helps us to be forewarned.

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The main symptoms of falling in love

These are the Typical signs that appear when love is born to another person . These tell us about both physical and psychological processes, as we will see.

1. The pulse is accelerated

The typical sign of attraction or, often, falling in love. The more value we give to a person, the faster the heart beats and, consequently, if there is falling in love the rhythm rises a lot. For something the heart (or a very simplified and iconic version of this) is the symbol of love.

What is this about? When we see the beloved person, our body is activated because we enter a state of alert to try to take voluntary control of all movements and gestures . The goal is, of course, to seduce the other person, or at least make them not go out in terror.

Although it is in a half unconscious way, we know that a small detail in what we do can make a difference and decide if we will spend many years of our life with that person or not.

2. The euphoria appears

This is also one of the symptoms of typical infatuation, and one of the most pleasurable and stimulating. The idea that that beloved person exists makes us feel better in many ways, and they all come to us at the same time. For example, we feel less alone because it gives us the feeling that someone understands us , and at the same time we imagine a life full of shared projects that would not make sense to undertake alone.

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3. The pupils dilate

Although we hardly notice it, when someone attracts us a lot, the pupils of our eyes dilate. This is so to capture the maximum possible details of what happens when that person we like walks around. The idea is to react at the moment to adapt to any situation .

4. We start fantasizing about the future together

Being in love can be overwhelming, because sometimes it leads to a state of tension: we do not know if the possible relationship with that person has a future or not, or if it will start. To calm this state of light anxiety and uncertainty, we resort to a habit that is another of the symptoms of falling in love: imagine future situations in which that couple already exists and it is consolidated. It is a kind of alternative reality in which we can take refuge so that we do not always have to worry about it.

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5. Start to adopt your way of speaking

Many times, when you have already begun to talk with that person and have been able to learn about some of their habits, we tend to adopt aspects of their way of speaking and incorporate them into ours. For example, words invented by her, expressions and even recurring jokes.

This is not simply to have a strategy that allows us to fall better, since these changes in speech may also appear when that person is not (although to a lesser extent). What happens is simply that we modify our actions so much by the implication that we have with the relationship, that without realizing we started to imitate the other and, in part, we think like that person.

6. Loss of appetite

The relationship between appetite and infatuation is curious.

On the one hand, many people feel that when the loved one is close, hunger does not exist; They do not feel the need to eat.

On the other, the anxiety of falling in love, if poorly managed, can lead to binge eating. But the latter only occurs in cases in which falling in love collides with a feeling of inferiority and problems of self-esteem that hinder the relationship. Further, It is not a real appetite, but emotional hunger , which leads to eating to compensate for psychological aspects.

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7. Recurrent thoughts about that person

When we fall in love, we begin to see references to the beloved everywhere: in smells, in sounds, and even the face of some people reminds us of theirs (although it does not look like anything).

What happens is that our memory system learns that the concept of that person is central and very important to us, and begins to make it connect with all kinds of ideas and sensations. At the same time, each of these experiences makes us think about it more often , which adds relevance to his memory, creating a vicious circle.

8. We want to know more about it

When we fall in love, we use the information we know about that person to imagine more about her in an almost obsessive way . It's a kind of detective work that we do through imagination.

For example, if your surname is the name of a town, we inform ourselves about that place, we wonder if that person will have been there some time, if he has walked the streets and parks that we see in photographs of the Internet ...

10 Signs You're Falling in Love (June 2023).

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