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The 80 best love phrases that will reach your heart

The 80 best love phrases that will reach your heart

July 18, 2024

Affection is an intense feeling that we experience when we want and appreciate someone. It is intimately linked to love, and feeds on good gestures. When we feel close to someone, attached and with confidence, affection manifests itself in many ways.

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Phrases about love

Since this is such an intimate and noble feeling, it has inspired many thinkers or artists. In this article you can find the 80 best phrases about love .

1. Do not be afraid to show your love. Love is more than money, and a sincere word will have more meaning than an expensive gift

Sometimes we can get defensive so they do not hurt us, but it's a mistake.

2. My team and I have gathered two elements that can hardly coexist: respect and affection. Because when people love you they do not respect you, and when they respect you they do not have affection

There is a big difference between group and team. There is chemistry in the team.

3. The women who are worth more are suffering for an idiot, the men who are worth it are crying like idiots

Sometimes we value what does not suit us instead of appreciating what we have.

4. Your arrival in my life has meant a lot to me; So much so that I am still amazed by the way you have helped me overcome my problems in this difficult way that I have had to live

When that person comes that we like so much there is a before and after in our life.

5. Never forget that you mean a lot to me because you make me see things from a different perspective and help me solve things that disturb me. Love you very much

A full-fledged declaration of love . When there is love, there is love, and when not, no.

6. If when I love I am happy, then you are my happiness

Special people change our perception of what surrounds us better.

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7. We learn to love not when we find the perfect person, but when we come to see perfectly an imperfect person

A beautiful quote about the love that can reach your heart.

8. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting next to them and know that you can never have them

A phrase by Gabriel García Márquez that you have surely heard at some time.

9. Love has no cure, but it is the only cure for all evils

When we are in love, our happiness increases remarkably.

10. If you are in love with two women at the same time, choose the second one, because if you loved the first one, you would not have fallen in love with the second one

Sometimes we can feel a great feeling for two people at a time. It's a reflection of Johnny Depp.

11. Your way of being always brightens my day, it makes me feel happy and makes me think positive things, that's why I love you so much, thanks for always being with me

That special person has something that makes us fall in love and that obsesses us.

12. Thinking of my happiness, I remembered you (Anonymous)

A nice compliment that you can tell the person you love the most.

13. Stay without thinking about it with that person who dies if he does not have you, than with that person who presumes because he knows he has you

You have to know how to choose who we are with , because not everyone will want us the same.

14. A kiss? An enchanted trick to stop talking when words become superfluous

In the kiss is the expression of purest love. One of the phrases about the love and feelings that Ingrid Bergman left.

15. In love there is always something of madness, but there is also always in the madness something of reason

A nice romantic phrase by Friedrich Nietzsche.

16. How can I not support you in the difficult moments of your life if I have received your help so many times, you have filled empty spaces that needed to be complete, you have made me realize many things and my thoughts are now positive thanks to you. I love you so much that I do not know how to express it

Pure love must be appreciated. Who finds it is lucky.

17. Being by your side gives me peace and feelings of relief, I forget the problems and the damage that other people caused me. We do not know how much I value that of you. Love you very much

A declaration of love that expresses what can really hide a delivered heart.

18. Your way of being, your joy and kindness have made me consider you an incredible person, one of the best people I have ever met in my life. I want you to know that you will always have my support and a shoulder to support you if you need it

When the person we love so much treats us with affection and respect, there are no words to explain such a feeling of gratitude.

19. Come to sleep with me: we will not make love, he will do it to us

Julio Cortázar and some words that express the most passionate love.

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20. A phrase does not have to be long and complicated to express all the love you feel for someone. Sometimes few words say much when they are sincere. Express with your words and your ideas how wonderful it is to share life with that special person

Gestures express more love than words.

21. Make it clear that you care that he or she is in your heart and that friendship always strengthens with each moment lived. If you liked these phrases, use them and come back soon for more phrases related to love and affection

While you can, always have to express all the love to your partner.

22. I disappeared from your life not for pleasure or chance, just to check if you miss me and you look for me when you do

Sometimes, we can wish someone so much that we can behave this way.

23. When relationships are going through a rut, it is possible that one of the members, feeling hurt, wants to distance himself to know if the other is as much in love as he is and seeks him out. This is not always a good option, because it is better to use dialogue and negotiation

A previous phrase to the similar one, that talks about how sometimes we can distance ourselves from someone to see if he wants us back.

24. Never change the way of being that I knew in you. You're so cool that you made me feel and live new things that made me change my mind. Thank you for all of your help

It may happen that people change over time. That's why it's appreciated when they do not.

25. Love me without questions, that I will love you without answers

A beautiful word game that lets you glimpse the feeling of affection.

26. Real love is felt and lived from the first to the last moment. It is a great adventure that must be felt from the heart

Love is a story that has to be covered step by step.

27. What a pity to know that there are people with strengths that make them weak and that do not reflect in the facts what comes out of their mouth

A quote by Leonardo Núñez Valle that invites deep reflection.

28. The greatest weakness of a person in love is to be proud. It can spoil that great love story you're living. Although some people believe they are strong because they are so, their intolerance and intransigence can turn them into weak people.

Pride does not bring anything good to couple relationships, you can only separate your members.

29. I shoot because I love you, but if I loved myself, I would shoot you

The famous Marilyn Manson.

30. The person who deserves you is the one who, having the freedom to do what he wants, chooses you at all times

Being with someone is a choice. Not everyone chooses to be with you.

31. Some people love power and others have the power to love

The great Bob Marley, with one of his great phrases, reminds us that not everyone is lucky in love.

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32. When you fall in love you are not the same person you were before, because that's when you start to live the real life

Love changes our life forever, it makes us different people.

33. In a kiss, you will know everything that I have kept quiet

A well-known quote from Pablo Neruda, one of the best poets in history.

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34. Love four letters that mark your destiny. Four letters that invite you to dream. Four letters that tell you that you are alive, although for many you are dead ...

Four lyrics that change you forever and make you feel completely happy.

35. Missing someone when you are alone is not love. But to think of someone even in those moments when you are busier, that is true, darling

When we fall in love, we become obsessive . It is person occupies our mind night and day.

36. The love of young people is not really in their hearts, but rather in their eyes

Before maturing, we let ourselves be seduced by the sight.

37. The soul that can speak with the eyes, can also kiss with the look

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, in a phrase that is pure poetry.

38. What is done out of love is beyond good and evil

Love can lead us to madness, but also to do magnificent things.

39. Most people prefer to give than to receive affection

It is normal for many individuals, when they feel something special for someone, to be led astray by that person.

40. The wrong person will make you fight for your love

When you find a toxic love, you can spend too much time fighting against the current.

41. Affection must be a habit

It is not enough to show affection one day, it has to be demonstrated all.

42. Love does not look, feels, and even more so when she is with you

Love is not something that is said with words, but is expressed with body and soul.

43. Love makes us go crazy, and leads us to do things we never would have imagined

As the great Plato says with this phrase: love makes us lose our reason.

44. I have been extremely moved by all these expressions of affection from the Thai people

A quote from Bhumidol Adulydej, King of Thailand.

45. The strongest love is one that can show its fragility

When we love someone, we become vulnerable.

46. ​​A person does not know the true meaning of pain and suffering until they have fallen in love with someone whose love is for another person

When we know the lack of love, then we understand what psychological suffering is.

47. If you are worthy of your love, a cat will then be your friend, but never your love slave

The relationship of a man with a cat can be very intense.

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48. There is no power greater than authentic love

The greatest feeling that a human being can live is affection and love towards another person.

49. A tap on the nose is one of the greatest signs of affection

A reflection of Charles M. Schulz that makes the reader question some things about affection.

50. You do not need the love or approval of someone else to be good

There are people who are emotionally dependent, but others have great self-esteem.

51. Throughout my life, affection has been shown to me and every step I have taken forward has been the product of that affection that guides me

Having people who want us behind is a big backpack that we have on our way.

52. It is the passion in the kiss that imbues him with affection, and it is the love that we put in that kiss that sanctifies him

Kisses are an expression of love and, therefore, move the world.

53. Pain is the memory of a widowed love

A date with a certain tone of irony, but that is very true.

54. Trust is my way of showing the love I feel for you

When we feel a lot of trust in someone, we feel at least a little bit of affection for that person.

55. I have always felt a deep affection for those people who let their tears flow in silence

Virginia Woolf, in a beautiful and deep reflection on sensitive people.

56. Money does not corrupt people, what really corrupts them is the lack of affection

Money makes people bad, and lack of affection too.

57. The one who loves, becomes humble. Those who love, so to speak, renounce a part of their narcissism

A phrase of Sigmund Freud, the famous psychoanalytic psychologist, about altruism and love.

58. The word without sweetness and without affection is a word that has no value

Bertrand Russell, philosophizing about language and affection .

59. To be a good leader, you must lead with love

The most efficient leaders today are those who treat subordinates with love and respect.

60. Expressions of affection, as well as putting your arms around someone's shoulders, holding hands or kissing good night, involve the principle of true honesty

Affection has no meaning if it is not demonstrated, because in the acts it is where the other person can appreciate them.

61. Even with an animal, if you show genuine affection, confidence will eventually grow

The Dalai Lama explains that affection is not only exclusive among humans.

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62. It is a thousand times better an honest contempt than a false affection

It hurts us more than a friend betrays us to be harmed by an enemy. .

63. The great model of human affection among human beings resides in the feeling shared by parents and children

The purest and most authentic love is that between parents or mothers and children.

64. Every gift, however small you may be; if it is given with love, it is a great gift

They always say that it is not the gift that counts, but the intention.

65. Regulate your affection towards infinity and your hatred towards zero

A quote full of meaning on how we should share the love.

66. If we treat everyone we know with the same affection that we treat our cat, everyone will also purr

Martin Delany, in a great reflection that compares the love of humans with the love towards cats.

67. True love urges you to fight for that person's happiness, even if it is not with you

Love tells us that we must give ourselves with body and soul to the beloved person.

68. It is not because the others have died that our love for them grows disproportionately, it is because we ourselves are closer to dying

When someone leaves us , we usually feel a great affection towards that person although at the time it was not so intense.

69. Love is the strongest of passions, because it attacks at the same time the head, the body and the heart

Love controls us and floods our head with intense feelings.

70. Life is too sweet and too short to express our love only with a little hand up. Human contact resides beyond a keyboard

Kristin Amstrong, in a curious phrase about love that can make us think deeply.

71. You know that the person you just met is really special, when without your noticing you have won all your love

There are people who enter with such force in our life that it does not take time to see them arrive.

72. The affection reproaches, but does not claim

While it is true that sometimes we can feel hurt when we really love someone. We will never try to harm that person.

73. The fact is that people are good. Give them affection and security and they will give you affection and they will live safely in their hearts

The humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow left this phrase about good people.

74. I love dogs because they live in the moment, they do not care about anything else except love and food

Dogs love their owners more than some people.

75. Love is stronger in passion, love is stronger in its kindness

Jules Michelest, differentiates love from what is love.

76. He who assumes that authority is more firm or is better founded on force than that which is shaped by affection, commits a grave error

The authority It can be very useful to educate at times.

77. What is done with love goes straight to the heart of the people

What comes out of someone's heart is easier than entering into someone else's heart.

78. Never regret what you did with true love. Nothing is lost when born from the heart

When one pursues his dreams, he can not repent because he has done well.

79. When you really want someone, you do not need to see or touch them so your love grows. How magical can be the love we feel for someone else

When you love someone, even in the distance you have it very present.

80. A simple word spoken with love can scare away the darkest storm clouds in someone's heart

Authentic love is transmitted by all the senses and goes straight to the soul.

Lionel Richie - Hello (July 2024).

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