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The 9 benefits of having a sense of humor

The 9 benefits of having a sense of humor

April 19, 2024

The sense of humor helps us to live life in a positive way and helps us to surround ourselves with people who feel very well by our side . The sense of humor and laughter are one of the most fun things that we can enjoy and, in addition, they are free. Actually, there are few healthier things to laugh about, as it improves our general and emotional health.

Did you know that laughter is used in psychological therapy? It is what is known as laughter therapy and you can learn more in our article: "Laughter therapy: the psychological benefits of laughter"

What are the benefits of having a sense of humor

The sense of humor provides a series of benefits. But what are they? In the following lines we explain them to you.

1. Help cope with stress

We live in an accelerated society, in which we do not stop for a moment to connect with ourselves . The rhythm of life in the West can often lead us to feel stressed and burned, to feel mentally exhausted. Experts say that stress is a disease of the XXI century.

Logically, there are many variables that cause stress, but we have the possibility that the situation does not end with us. Taking your life with humor helps you adapt better to hostile environments. While it may be impossible to apply a sense of humor, for example, in times of war, the problems of the first world often have their origin in our way of thinking.

Therefore, to the extent possible, practicing a sense of humor on a daily basis can help to find the emotional balance that we often desire.

2. Attracts people

People like to surround ourselves with people who make us laugh and make us feel good , because laughter helps to release endorphins and serotonin, which are neurochemicals that are associated with pleasure and happiness.

Therefore, having a good sense of humor attracts others and helps them to live a positive experience. If we also apply the sense of humor at the time of living life, it will also take us on the right path and allow us to meet interesting people. The sense of humor helps us to find ourselves in a positive environment.

3. The sense of humor catches the attention of the listener

A sense of humor is a resource used by many speakers, simply because creates a unique connection with the listener and also captures your full attention . A sense of humor is essential in public speaking, because the speaker must convey emotions, and it is well known that positive emotions such as humor can tear a smile from the audience while the speaker provides valuable information.

4. Improve long-term memory retention

But the use of humor in the talks not only helps to catch the attention at the moment and connect with the listener, but alsoe causes you to improve your long-term memory retention . At least that's what a study carried out by Melissa B. Wanzer says, which was published in the scientific journal "Communication Education".

According to the expert: "Humor, together with instructive messages, get the attention of listeners, helps them understand the content of the course and increases their ability to process the content, which results in greater retention and learning "

5. Help relax

Humor is not only a resource to catch the attention of the public, but also is key to relax the person who is giving a talk because it acts as a protective shield against nerves .

If you laugh at yourself, you will be more relaxed than if you are continually thinking about the assessment others make of you.

6. It's good for brain health

Brain health is also benefited by a sense of humor, because laughing is good for our thinking organ . According to research from the University of London, jokes activate the part of the brain that is important for learning and understanding. "By simply listening to new jokes, we are working on these regions of the brain and that can improve your health and keep you active," the scientists explain.

7. It improves the health of the heart

In addition, as noted by the professor of biochemistry and molecular biology Natalia López, the active humor to a cerebral mechanism that receives the name of "central of detection of errors" . This area of ​​the brain processes language, and when something does not make sense, it detects the error and synchronizes the logical and illogical of the narrative. When the error is detected, the brain releases dopamine, which is associated with the repetition of pleasurable behaviors.

8. Improve general health

The sense of humor and laughter improve the immune system, so the body becomes more efficient to fight against infections and reduces the threatening agents . Also, studies have shown that it allows to relax muscles and lower blood pressure, so it is a great way to keep the heart healthy and reduce the chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

9. It makes you happier

According to George E Vaillant, in his book "Aging Well" he explains that "When we get older, we realize that a sense of humor is one of the most adaptive and healthy qualities that allow us to have a happy life."

In addition, laughter and humor improve mood and help us feel better about ourselves and life in general. Sometimes we need to disconnect from the things that stress us, and humor is a good way to do it .

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