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The 9 best psychologists in Murcia

The 9 best psychologists in Murcia

June 21, 2024

Being the seventh most populated city in Spain, Murcia is a treasure of the Spanish geography and its more than 400,000 inhabitants attest to this. The city stands as a delight for lovers of good gastronomy, tranquility and baroque art (see the Cathedral of Santa Maria).

As in all cities, its inhabitants may sometimes need professional psychological help. We'll see now a list with the best psychologists in Murcia .

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The best psychologists in Murcia offering therapy

Without a doubt Murcia has great psychologists to turn to. This is why here we will see some of them.

1. Nazaret Vives Salar

After graduating in 2012, Nazaret has specialized throughout his career in anxiety disorders, clinical psychology and psychotherapy, having treated cases of stress, inhibited sexual desires and problems of aggression.

Nazareth believes that each person is unique and that is why he likes to apply methods that adapt to the characteristics of his patients in order to reach a balance and a state of well-being: different individuals require a kind of personalized attention .

2. Armando Galián

Another of the best psychologists in Murcia is Armando Galián, who has experience in working cognitive-behavioral therapies , the most effective and well-founded of the psychology of health and clinical practice.

On the other hand, he is also a specialist in third-generation contextual therapies and has treated anxiety disorders, bullying and more contemporary problems such as dependence on new technologies. Without a doubt Armando is a very complete psychologist in the Murcia region.

3. Araceli González

Another of the best psychologists in Murcia is Araceli González. With more than 10 years of experience working in the field of mental health and psychotherapy, Araceli's work is mainly focused on adults. It also treats cases of depression, dysthymia, anxiety and panic attacks .

Araceli is known for a great professionalism endorsed by more than 10 years of experience. Without a doubt, a great psychologist from Murcia.

4. Iván Prieto Martínez

Being aware that it is not always easy to recognize that one needs psychological help, Iván Prieto knows how to make the best of each one thanks to his personalized therapy.

Iván is a specialist in children and adolescents disorder and clinical psychology, having treated mental alterations as varied as the loss of loved ones, problems of phobias, anxiety disorders and pathological gambling . Undoubtedly Ivan is a value of psychology in Murcia, thanks to his master's degree in clinical and health psychology.

5. Raquel Navarro López

With so many positive opinions found on the net, we could not leave Raquel Navarro López. With a master's degree in sexology and couples therapy, Raquel Navarro is able to treat disorders such as stress, anxiety disorder and sex addiction.

It is worth mentioning that Raquel Navarro, in addition to speaking the Spanish language, can also speak Italian and English. Definitely, a psychologist to take into account for all those people in the region of Murcia interested in receiving psychotherapy.

6. Enrique Cortés

With an office in Murcia and more than 30 years of experience in psychotherapy, Enrique Cortés is an authority of psychology in the city.

Bachelor in Valencia in clinical psychology, Enrique is an expert in anxiety disorders, depression and sexual and couple disorders, having treated diseases such as psychosis, hypochondria and opioid abstinence. This professional of psychology is a strong believer that words can cure .

7. Pablo Robles

Two motivations were the main ones to lead Pablo Robles to study psychology: to be able to understand why people act as they act and to have the capacity to help people. Dominating English at the same time as Spanish, Pablo Robles is able to treat stress, grief and insomnia thanks to being a specialist in anxiety disorders.

In addition to this, he is also able to treat couples with low self-esteem, contributing to improve their relational dynamics .

8. Antonia Visiedo Nieto

Among the best psychologists in Murcia we find Antonia Visiedo Nieto. Psychology is nothing new to be a woman since she has more than 25 years of experience in it.

He is a specialist in psychosomatic disorders and depression, and can also treat cases of anxiety and grief thanks to his experience dealing with phobias and relationship problems, so his range of psychological intervention services is wide and adapts to different problems.

9. Natalia Alarcón Navarro

To finish with this list, we have Natalia Alarcón. This does not mean that it is below the aforementioned ones, much less, since Natalia Alarcón has just received a doctorate in Psychology with nothing more and nothing less than a cum laude mention .

Being a specialist in cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy for adolescents and adults, this psychologist is able to deal with diseases such as grief, phobias and panic disorder with agoraphobia.

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