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The best 20 phrases of Frederic Chopin

The best 20 phrases of Frederic Chopin

May 25, 2024

Frederic Chopin (1810 - 1849) was a famous composer and pianist born in Poland but of French origin, one of the most studied as representative of musical Romanticism.

The figure of Chopin is, according to many scholars of music, one of the most refined and virtuous pianists of all time.

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Famous quotes by Frederic Chopin

In order to get to know this incomparable musician better, we have compiled in today's article the 20 best quotes of Frederic Chopin .

1. There is nothing more hateful than music without hidden meaning.

A reflection on banal music, which Chopin so much reviled.

2. If I were more foolish than I am, I think I would have reached the peak of my career.

Intelligence never lets you feel on the crest of the wave.

3. It is useless to return to what has been and is not already.

Retaking relationships or expired projects is never a good idea.

4. Happiness is ephemeral; the certainty, deceptive. Only wavering is lasting.

Doubt is eternal and, therefore, the only one we can trust blindly.

5. Let it be what I should be, nothing more than a piano composer, because this is the only thing I know how to do.

A great example of humility in this phrase by Frederic Chopin.

6. We use sounds in order to make music, as we use words in order to create language.

A parallelism of great formal beauty.

6. Life is an immense dissonance.

Nothing goes as expected, but still and so has a unique melody.

7. When the sorrows of the heart become diseases, we are lost.

The disorders related to love can be devastating.

8. Every difficulty eluded will later become a ghost that will disturb our rest.

Failing to cope with difficulties makes us weak.

9. I do not like people who do not laugh. They are frivolous people.

Surprising reflection of an excessively transcendental Chopin.

10. Simplicity is the final achievement. After one has played with a large amount of notes, it is the simplicity that emerges as a reward of art.

On the quality of music, which is not based on anything other than simplicity.

11. Because I have too much respect for my audience and I do not want the unworthy pieces of my audience to be distributed under my responsibility under my name.

Reflecting on the distribution of your pieces.

12. I am satisfied with what I have found, I have the best musicians in the world and the best opera in the world.

At that point in his career, Chopin had all the means to make his music sound exceptionally good.

13. Time is the best way to check who is the wisest and most patient instructor.

Time knows everything and all the letters show.

14. And here I am, condemned to inaction! Sometimes it happens to me that I can not help sighing and, penetrated with pain, I pour my despair into the piano.

About his passionate way of understanding life and music.

15. Generally, when health is greater, less is patience in the sufferings of people.

A thought of Chopin that has a certain logic.

16. I am a revolutionary, money means nothing to me.

His vision on money, sharp and brilliant.

17. I'm not made to give concerts; the public intimidates me, I feel suffocated by his hasty impatience, paralyzed by his curious looks, mute before those unknown features.

Curious reflection from one of the most acclaimed virtuosos in the history of music.

18. Paris responds to everything the heart desires. You can have fun, get bored, laugh, cry or do whatever you want without attracting attention, since thousands of people do the same ... and each one as he wants.

About the city that welcomed him.

19. According to the general opinion, my interpretation has been characterized by a sound that is too weak or, rather, too delicate for the taste of the Viennese listeners, accustomed to listening to the artists destroying their instrument [...] It does not matter; It is impossible that there is not some but, and I prefer this to hear saying that I play too strong.

Chopin's phrase about the musical tastes of the people of his time.

20. Chopin is so weak and shy that he can be hurt even by the fold of a rose petal. (George Sand)

Phrase of the French writer Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin (who used the pseudonym George Sand), about the extreme fragility of Frederic Chopin.

TOP 20 Frédéric Chopin Quotes (May 2024).

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