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The best training for psychologists: universities, Masters and courses

The best training for psychologists: universities, Masters and courses

July 14, 2024

The Psychology career is one of the most attractive and demanded at present , but also of the most demanding when it comes to finding work. That is why receiving the best education and continuous training are essential to be able to practice professionally with the best guarantees.

Although many people associate the figure of the psychologist with the psychotherapist (expert in psychological therapy), there are many specialties in this discipline: sports psychology, educational psychology, psychology of organizations, etc .;

  • The fields in which Psychology can be applied are quite broad, as you can see in our article: "The 12 branches (or fields) of Psychology"

Better training in Psychology

For those people who are thinking of studying psychology or are psychologists and wish to receive post-university training, in this article We have prepared a list of Masters, courses and universities in which to receive the best training .

Let's start with the best universities.

Best universities to study Psychology

Those who are thinking of studying the Degree in Psychology, surely ask themselves: "what are the best university institutions to carry out training in this discipline?".

In the following lines you can find a list of the best universities to study the Degree in Psychology .

1. Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM)

According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015, the best University to study Psychology in Spain is the Autonomous University of Madrid , which is in the 101-151 range of the best universities in the world in this field. The UAM has more than 40 years of experience in the organization and delivery of Psychology studies and is located in the capital of Spain, in Madrid.

2. Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)

Another university located in Madrid, the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), ranks second among the best universities to study Psychology . It also appears in the 101-151 range but a few places below.

Regarding the Psychology Degree, it has 2000 students per course and offers professional internships in more than 300 centers. It has nine specialization itineraries and 60 places for the bilingual modality (Spanish and English)

3. University of Barcelona (UB)

The University of Barcelona is one of the best university institutions in the city of Barcelona and is in the range 101-151 range, so, like the previous ones, it is of the highest quality. In addition, it is the first university of Psychology in the I-UGR ranking that is based on research published in international journals.

The Degree in Psychology is taught in Mundet, one of the quietest areas of the city and surrounded by greenery.

4. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Another prestigious university located in the city and surroundings is the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) It is also in the 101-151 range of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015. In fact, its main campus is located on the outskirts of the city, and is called Bellaterra. An institution that offers quality training and that has a great interest in research. In addition to the Degree in Psychology, this university is well known for its wide range of Masters and Postgraduate courses.

5. University of Valencia (UV)

The University of Valencia is also well known and appears in this list deservedly . It is in the range 151-200 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015, and this is due to the quality of its teaching system. The Degree in Psychology is one of the best valued in the Spanish territory, and this institution has Masters who enjoy great prestige.

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Top Masters in Psychology

The formative offer of Masters is very broad in the discipline of Psychology, since there are many specialties. The best Postgraduate training is ...

1. Master's Degree in Emotional Intelligence and Intervention in Emotions and Health (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

  • Center : Complutense University of Madrid
  • Ambit : Clinical and health psychology
  • Location Madrid
  • Duration : 2 courses
  • Price : 6.000€

The paradigm of Emotional Intelligence (EI) has become very important in recent times for the benefits it brings in different fields of Psychology: work, sports, schools and health and the clinic.Scientific studies conclude that EI improves people's productivity and their mental well-being.

Although there are few Postgraduate studies related to this subject that are taught in Spain, the Master in Emotional Intelligence and Intervention in Emotions and Health of the Complutense University of Madrid has been training psychologists in this specialty for more than 15 years.

It is an eminently practical master's degree (with internal and external practices) and is oriented within the cognitive-behavioral framework . The practical sessions are carried out in the most important toilets of this community.

2. Master in Psycho-oncology and Palliative Care (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

  • Center : Complutense University of Madrid
  • Ambit : Clinical and health psychology
  • Location Madrid
  • Duration : 2 courses
  • Price : 5.476€

The Master in Psycho-oncology and Palliative Care is the best in its specialty , and aims to offer competent training for psychologists, so that they can assess the psychological needs of people affected by cancer and, thus, are able to find the best treatment to improve their well-being.

With more than 350 practical hours, which take place in hospitals and specialized centers, it has a practical orientation. Its methodology focuses on direct intervention on the patient, family members, and attention to specialized health personnel. The individual supervision of the tutors, who also guide and guide the student, is one of the attractions of this training. It has an extension of 700 hours and its price is 5,476 euros.

3. Interuniversity Master's Degree in Educational Psychology-MIPE- (several universities)

  • Center : UAB, UB, UG and URL
  • Ambit : Educational psychology
  • Location : Barcelona and Girona
  • Duration : 2 courses
  • Price : Contact the administration

The MIPE is the best Master in Educational Psychology of the most prestigious in Spain , in which several Catalan universities participate: the University of Barcelona, ​​the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​the University of Girona and the Ramon Llull University. Provides students with valuable theoretical and practical knowledge about education and its psychological bases

Its program proposes two specialties to better adapt to differentiated profiles of students: Psychoeducational Intervention and Psychoeducational Research. This training also includes an Interuniversity Doctorate in Educational Psychology.

4. Master in Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology

  • Center : Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Ambit : Neuropsychology
  • Location : Barcelona
  • Duration : 2 courses
  • Price : 11.880 €

This Master allows to deepen the functioning of the brain and the location and structure of the different parts that form it, as well as the way in which some diseases degrade the nervous tissues. Likewise, delves into the impact that these diseases have on the behavior of people and offers advanced training in neuropsychology to achieve professional excellence in diagnosis and neuropsychological rehabilitation.

It admits both students of Psychology and Medicine, and has an extension of 120 ECTS credits.

5. Erasmus Mundus Interuniversity Master's Degree in Work, Organization and Human Resources Psychology (WOP-P)

  • Center : Various
  • Ambit : Psychology of organizations
  • Location : Several
  • Duration : 2 courses
  • Price : 5.200€

The Master WOP is the best post-graduate training in the field of Psychology of organizations and work . It belongs to the Erasmus Mundus program, so several universities participate in the delivery of the training: University of Valencia, University of Barcelona, ​​University of Bologna (Italy), University of Coimbra (Portugal), Université René Descartes Paris V (France), University of Guelph (Canada) and University of Brasilia (Brazil).

Undoubtedly, it is the best option to develop research skills and to expand knowledge and improve the professional aptitude to take advantage of the full potential in the world of the psychology of organizations. Classes are taught in English, so a good command of this language is required, both written and spoken. In addition, students must choose two universities: the one of origin and another one in which they must study the compulsory mobility of a semester.

Best Psychology courses

The competition that exists in the workplace requires continuous and updated training. In addition to the Masters in Psychology, it is also possible to carry out training courses that provide quality knowledge. Among the best Psychology courses, the following stand out .

1. Specialization Course in Integrated Psychotherapy of Personality Disorders (University of Deusto)

  • School : University of Deusto
  • Location Bilbao

The University of Deusto, together with the Foundation for Research in Psychotherapy and Personality (FUNDIPP) and the OMIE Foundation , gives this course aimed at those psychologists who wish to acquire advanced knowledge in the different personality disorders.

It is a blended learning activity, which gives access to a university degree, and which aims to train participants for a better understanding of this type of pathologies, while providing the ideal context to put the practice all that has been learned.

2. University Expert in Child Neuropsychology (University of Malaga)

  • School : Malaga University
  • Location : Malaga

There are few courses that are taught in our country on child neuropsychology . But the University of Málaga offers the opportunity to specialize in this field. The purpose of the program, therefore, is to train future professionals of neuropsychology who are capable of carrying out their professional work with the best guarantees.

For this, it has a select group of professors, all of them experts in neuropsychological clinic, who offer all their knowledge about the advances in the areas of evaluation and intervention. In this way, students deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to carry out a good professional work.

3. Expert Course in Emotional Intelligence in work environments (Jaume I University)

  • School : Jaume I University
  • Location : Castellón

As we have seen, Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important concepts in behavioral science in recent years, which has brought benefits in many areas of application. The world of organizations is no exception, and workers and companies can benefit from its implementation.

This Master's has as its mission that their students become experts in Emotional Intelligence at work and organizations , as the studies say, emotionally intelligent workers perform better, face difficult situations better, give a better customer service, are more satisfied and communicate better.

4. Course of Intervention in Grief, Loss and Trauma (IPIR)

  • School : Instituto IPIR
  • Location : Several

The loss of a loved one is one of the worst experiences through which the human being can pass. But this process is not only a challenge for the person who lives in the flesh, but also for the professionals who serve them.

Grief therapy requires specialized psychologists in this field, who have the necessary tools and experience to be able to cover the needs of patients. This quality training is one of the best that can be taken. It consists of three levels, and it is possible to attend their courses in different cities of the Spanish territory.

5. Certificate in Attention Disorders (ADHD): Identification, Evaluation and Treatment (University of Valencia)

  • Center : University of Valencia
  • Location : Valencia

ADHD is one of the most frequent neurological disorders, with a prevalence of between 5% and 10% of the population child-youth, and for many students it becomes a problem.

At the University of Valencia it is possible to take the Certificate in Disorders of Attention (ADHD): Identification, Evaluation and Treatment, which gives students the possibility of acquiring the practical skills to diagnose and treat those affected with ADHD.

In the training program, the foundations of this condition are reviewed both theoretically and practically, since students learn to use tools and instruments specifically designed for intervention in this problem.

In addition to these courses, there is a wide range of free training in Psychology. If you want to know it, you can find it in our article: "The 25 best free online courses of Psychology (2017)".

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