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The best training in Child Psychology

The best training in Child Psychology

April 5, 2024

There are different subdisciplines of Psychology, and one of the most important is Child Psychology, which aims to the study of the cognitive, motor, physical, emotional and social development of the smallest , both from normality and abnormality.

Since childhood is a phase in which many changes occur, there are many psychologists who decide to take Postgraduate training to specialize in this subject. Specialization courses and Masters in Child Psychology address different topics, such as education and learning, social development or child therapy. Today we review the most important child psychology trainings in Spain .

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The importance of the child psychologist and its functions

The child psychologist can perform different functions related especially to two areas: psychotherapeutic and educational . In this sense, these professionals can practice as therapists in psychology and psychotherapy clinics, mainly so that the little ones can solve emotional problems, but they can also work in schools, for example, helping children with special needs, with learning problems or physical or cognitive disabilities.

Thus, Child Psychology covers many issues, and these professionals work on various issues.

The best training in Child Psychology

The professional profile of the clinical psychologist requires additional training, so that the Degree in Psychology can provide a good basis but it is usually not enough to be fully trained to practice in this field.

The Master General Sanitary (in the case of wanting to practice as child therapists) and specialization courses can cover the theoretical-practical needs of those who want to build a good future in this field and want to offer a service with the highest quality guarantees .

Specialization Courses in Child Psychology

If you are interested in training in this specialty, in the following lines you can find a list of the best courses in Child Psychology.

Practical Course on Child and Youth Psychology (Mensalus Institute)

One of the reference psychology clinics in Spain, which provides training in child psychology, is the Mensalus Institute. This center is located in Barcelona, ​​and stands out for its high quality training.

The Practical Course of Infantile and Juvenile Psychology that this clinic imparts is based on a practical and experiential methodology, and It is intended for professionals of psychology and psychopedagogy . It allows them to acquire skills in the diagnostic assessment and intervention for children and youth, and offers participants the opportunity to acquire the resources and techniques necessary to work in professional practice not only with children, but also with adolescents.

The program is designed to favor the learning of the students, thanks to the different tools and the visualization and analysis of real cases of the center itself , and all those issues that affect mental health, learning and cognitive development in these ages are worked on. This training begins next Tuesday, April 3, 2018, and has an extension of 8 sessions of 3 hours each. Its frequency is weekly

If you want to contact the Mensalus Institute, you can click on this link, where you will find the contact information.

Other courses in Child Psychology

In addition to the previous course, there are also other quality trainings in Spain. One of them is the Certificate in Disorders of Attention (ADHD): Identification, Evaluation and Treatment imparted by the University of Valencia. This training aims to review the bases of diagnosis and intervention in cases of ADHD , a behavioral syndrome that affects between 5% and 10% of the child and youth population. Students learn to use the most effective instruments and techniques for the evaluation and intervention of this mental disorder. The course is aimed at graduates in Psychology, Psychopedagogy and Education, lasts one month and has an extension of 4.16 ECTS Credits.

Another interesting training in Child Psychology is provided by the European Campus Stellae Institute (IESC) of A Coruña. This is the Superior Course of bullying, which has a program that revolves around bullying, a term that is widely discussed today.This course is aimed at psychologists who want to specialize and acquire the necessary skills to combat this problem, because there are few training courses that are aimed at this goal. Participants they have the possibility of doing extracurricular practices not only in Spain, but also in companies and institutions around the world, such as UN Women Italian Committee or the Fundación Desarrollo Sostenible (FUNDESO).

The best Postgraduate studies in Child Psychology.

In Malaga, it is possible to take the University Expert in Child Neuropsychology, which is one of the few training courses related to this topic that we can find in Spanish territory. Some topics that are covered in this course are: Serious disabilities caused by brain damage, attention disorders, learning disorders , of language and literacy, and autism spectrum disorders. It lasts one year.

As for Masters, one of the best in Spain is taught by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB): the Master in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychopathology. It has a cognitive behavioral orientation, and participants learn the necessary psychotherapeutic tools to evaluate and intervene in mental health and well-being at an early age. For more information, you can read the article: "The 20 best Masters in Psychology".

Intro To Psychology with Child & Adolescent Psychologist Dr. Collins Hodges (April 2024).

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