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The legend of the red thread and the predestined encounters

The legend of the red thread and the predestined encounters

April 23, 2024

In many Asian countries a story known as the legend of the red thread it continues to resonate as an echo of the oral culture transmitted from generation to generation. It is believed to be very old and expresses the way in which various Eastern civilizations understood the world of relationships and the role that destiny plays in them.

Despite the time that has passed since it began to be told for the first time, or perhaps precisely because of that, the history of the red thread is still deeply rooted in countries like Japan or China, and in a certain way influences the way in which Relationships are perceived.

If this interpretation is more or less faithful to reality, it is open to debate and, of course, it is not a narration that should be taken as something literal; expresses through symbolisms how we experience affective ties .

Let's see what exactly that is about the red thread and the way in which your story is told. But first, it is necessary to understand what exactly this symbol means.

The red thread and predestined encounters

The tradition says every person has an invisible red thread tied to the little finger . This thread remains attached to our body since we are born, since the gods are responsible for fixing it to the finger with a bow each time a child or a girl is born.

Thus, from our first days the thread already becomes part of us, and will never be untied or broken. It accompanies us throughout our life trajectory, more or less tense.

But ... what's on the other end of this thin rope? On the other side there is a person with whom we are predestined to meet and that he has tied to a finger the same thread that does not separate from us.

Be near or far, even if you live on the other side of the world, the red thread reaches there and remains always tied to that person. It is the materialization of a very important bond in our lives and that exists even before we are aware of it and that is embodied in a mythical story about an emperor.

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The story of the emperor who wanted to marry

It is said that a long time ago, when stories were told more by oral repetition than through books, there was a very young emperor, moved by the concern of adolescence and anxious for the need to marry to maintain the necessary power to to send and make his lineage not lost, he wanted to find some way to see the invisible red thread that bound him to his soulmate, the person who was destined to be his wife .

After investigating, she learned that in distant lands lived a mystic whose contact with the supernatural allowed her to see that fine thread, so she ordered that she be taken to her palace.

When the mystic was in the presence of the emperor, he ordered him to use his magical powers to follow the red thread and lead him to his future wife, so they quickly set out. The emperor considered that temporarily abandoning his responsibilities at the helm of the country was a necessary sacrifice to meet for the first time with his soul mate, the person he would send with him.

After traveling for several days on the strangest paths, the mystic came to a market and pointed in the direction of a poor peasant He tried to sell his products with a baby in his arms.

The emperor was furious after recapitulating and coming to the conclusion that the mystic had decided to mock him for trying to defy the rules of nature from his position of power, and blinded by anger overwhelmed both the peasant, whose baby He fell to the ground and hurt his forehead, like the mystic, who went from head to a mountain of apples, and decided to renounce the idea of ​​knowing his destiny.

Years later, the court of the emperor informed him that the daughter of a very influential general wanted to marry and that it would be a good strategic move to make the marriage bond. When on the wedding day the emperor met his wife and removed the veil that covered his head, noticed a curious scar on his forehead that reminded him of past times .

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Beyond our prejudices and expectations

The legend of the red thread contains a story full of symbolism about relationships, love and destiny, but also tells us about the way in which, as human beings, we experience these phenomena and we accept them as part of our lives .

Specifically, it tells us about the way in which affective and loving bonds are guided by a logic of their own that it has nothing to do with our expectations , nor with what seems more sensible, nor with what we would initially like before knowing that person or with the types of love we hope to give or receive. Even if we believe that we do not deserve a certain relationship, love moves its strings.

If you believe in destiny, this should not be a belief that leads us to think that our future is going to be a complete stereotype, something totally predictable. The twin souls are so as the force that unites them exceeds all the elements of life that, under normal conditions, would suggest that this link is totally impossible. Otherwise, that concept has no meaning.

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