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The powerful relationship between vocation and job success

The powerful relationship between vocation and job success

June 20, 2024

From small, all human beings are in a process of constant success evaluation . Our parents try to enroll us in the best schools (from their possibilities) to face the challenge of "being successful". Now more than ever we find schools with so many names, methodologies, theories, that sometimes we do not even know what they mean.

The reality is that there can be a great deal of incredible work at school, but there are many psychologists who vote how, once people get home, they throw all previous progress overboard. This is because each person, from their perspective, has a completely different vision of success.

What is the relationship between vocation and job success? In what way do we understand what it is to succeed in life through professional careers?

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The generational aspect and the idea of ​​success

Let us first understand the generational perspective, without a doubt the "Baby Boomers" (born between 1946 and 1965) experienced such an important political, social and cultural change that for them, work is more than a lifestyle. According to the point of view of this generation, work should be dignified, respectable , and if the people lasted 30 years in the same position or company, that was a reflection of the fact that success was guaranteed, since it was synonymous with stability not only professional but family.

Generation X is the one that currently moves the world of work . They received that name since their previous generation could not understand it, in fact, they said they had no direction. The strongest change that this generation introduced in the workplace was moving from electrical appliances to electronic devices, the use of the Internet, electronic mail, etc.

The way in which members of generation X see success has to do with scaling positions within companies. For them it is very important to work in an organization, they look for economic stability. Few understand entrepreneurship; what's more, I dare say that many see it with fear.

The irruption of the millennial

However, the "Millenials", famous for being a controversial generation and little understood, are people who seek success not only in a company . They look for short-term projects that help them capture all their intelligence and enhance their creativity. It does not surprise them to work for many years in a company, for this reason we find so many entrepreneurs in this generation.

His vision of success is to meet new people, new cultures, change projects easily, manage his time, not depend on an organization, etc.

Forming the new idea of ​​success

We have already seen that the idea of ​​professional progress has been changing over time. So, how is success achieved?

Undoubtedly, something that is clear is that people, who do what they love, now have greater opportunities to achieve success. The vocation is fundamental in the process of it , and every time there is more concern for the human being to turn his vocation into a work project. Here we have as an example great people like Steve Jobs, Indra Nooyi, Jack Ma, among others.

Thus, currently the idea of ​​success that is gradually being imposed has to do with the idea of ​​freedom and of expanding the domain of the labor success to the area of ​​personal development. Learn skills that are significant from an intimate and existential point of view, learn skills that can be transported to another kind of work, however different they are to which we have become accustomed.

In short, success and vocation have merged into one in response to an increasingly flexible work environment. This is a reflection of the constant need to adapt to change.

Developing vocation from small

Many times we think that the vocation must begin in the last 2 years of high school and it is not like that, it is a process that lasts many years. For this reason I propose 3 aspects that should be taken into account and in turn work with the development of the child. These are:


It is essential that from infancy the children learn skills that help them solve problems , oriented to specific objectives. Increasingly, employers tell us that they do not find talent; This is because in most countries they are educated to memorize and not to solve.


At the time of deciding career, many young people are more concerned about going to the same school than their best friend, boyfriend, who to investigate what is the best option for their future. further we have too many career taboos (university or not) , which are wrongly diagnosed. How many times have we not heard? "Do not study that race because you're going to die of hunger."


It is essential that people worry about their physical and psychological health. In this way they will be able to face life from a balanced perspective. My best recommendation is to travel, to know other places and cultures; that helps to expand the perspective with which reality is interpreted and it helps to adopt a more flexible thinking. Know other ideologies, increase creativity, know what is being done elsewhere and what can work in our projects.

The importance of prior preparation

It is clear that the relationship between vocation and success comes not only from knowing how to choose a career, but from a long and fun personal preparation. But we must understand that in order to achieve success, we need a clear path and objectives, parents must help our children to know each other, provide them with information, not stigmatize their beliefs or their vocation much less to think that one or the other race is less or more important.

To the extent that as a society we learn to value and respect each profession, we can understand that each one, from his point of departure, is trying to gradually place the step that will take us to transcendence.

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