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The secret of High Performance in sport

The secret of High Performance in sport

May 5, 2024

There are many people who believe that there are secrets, shortcuts or keys to obtain the maximum performance, that brings us closer to achieving our most coveted successes. For all these people, this article is a reflection on the secrets of the word performance itself , in its etymological origins.

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What do we understand by High Performance?

Performance means returning, comes from the Latin word "reddere" (render). Among the meanings of the word "yield" you can find the following:

1. Defeat the enemy and force him to surrender

Probably, it is because of this acceptance that we consider that performance in itself implies success based on the achievement of the result.

2. Submit to the domain of one

That would be in line with the first, in terms of achieving the objectives is concerned.

3. Give or return to one what corresponds to him

In sporting terms, it would be more successful and would be consistent with the effort expended .

As a result of associating the word "yield" with the suffix "-miento", a new word, "yield", is produced. result of rendering or returning the effort , if we adjust to the third of its meanings, which is what sports knowledge invites us to do. For a high performance does not always entail a high result, paradoxically contrary to what many may believe. And, if so, do not you think that the contexts of sports excellence would be called centers of high performance instead of high performance centers (CAR)?

It is essential to emphasize this type of nuances in sports learning and life in general. The highest goals demand everything from one, and even offering everything that we have inside, sometimes is insufficient, because we can find other competitors that show a greater talent that which we manifest.

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The relationship between result and performance

The result never comes before the performance. It is important to internalize this to develop a personal work culture based on effort. That is the true secret of success. That and consider your own success as the enjoyment experienced by the mere fact of doing what one wants most, what one loves.

That is, learn to focus on the process (performance), rather than the product (the result). Sometimes we set goals based on high result goals , that push us to experience a high dose of frustration, especially when the athlete is not mature enough in terms of personal self-confidence to set such challenges.

It is there, where we find ourselves young athletes obsessed with the inevitable commission of errors . Nobody ever learned to walk without stumbling at least several times. It is also there where the unrealistic expectations of performance and result appear, the "I have to get it", "I can not fail that" or "how can I not get it". All of them based on the moral imperative to achieve an ideal result, based on a perfect path, without errors, which pushes us inevitably towards frustration and possibly towards the abandonment of sports practice.

If as an athlete or as a person, I am a product of my results, my self-confidence will suffer the blows of the mistakes made, as if it were a personal failure. In the end, any sport is a task that we have to face repeatedly to improve, improve and advance. And the task is not us. We are the ones who produce the results and not the other way around. Everyone cares about the results, but These never arrive without effort, without mistakes and without learning . If for each failure, I mistreat the machine to produce results, I will hardly be able to produce them.

It is important to be aware of this, to be able to master any sports skill or task for which we decide to bet, without obsessing whether I will be the best tomorrow or if I will achieve the highest goals. Who would want to stand out in something that causes suffering? or do not like it? Enjoy the effort used in an activity that I am passionate about , without setting higher expectations than that, for me, that is the real success.

Rasmus Ankersen - High Performance Athletic Secrets (May 2024).

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