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We raffled 5 copies of the book

We raffled 5 copies of the book "Psychologically Speaking"!

July 14, 2024

Wanting to read something new? In Psychology and Mind we know that many of the people who follow us are curious by nature and know how to appreciate the company of a book during free time. Especially if their pages give them the possibility to learn.

For that reason it seems to us that a good part of our readers who have not yet had the chance to get hold of the book Psychologically speaking they will be interested to win a copy of this title for free , published with the Paidós publishing house only a few months ago.

Are you one of those people? Good news: during the next days, until September 5, you can choose to win one of the 5 copies in physical format (softcover) of Psychologically speaking that we are raffling during the month of August of 2017 .

How to participate?

To qualify for the prize you just have to complete the mini-survey that you can access by clicking on this link : //

It is a fairly short survey, so it will not take you more than 7 or 8 minutes to do it. In addition, it is anonymous, and only the data of the answers will be stored, and not on who issues them. In addition, it is very simple, being designed so that everyone can do it without remaining with doubts about how to respond.

At the end of the survey it will appear a page with the code that identifies you as a participant in the draw , as well as extra information about your participation.

From here, you have two options. The first is simply to carry out the survey until the end: with this option you enter the draw for 4 copies. However, if in addition to doing this you leave a comment in this Facebook post, tagging at least one friend or friend and sharing the publication on your wall, you enter the draw for an extra copy, so that you will have more chances to win (Be sure to share the publication making it public so we can verify that you enter the draw for the extra book).

When will I know if I won?

The winners will be announced between September 7 and 9 in this same web, and we will be in charge of contacting the lucky ones so that the prize can be sent correctly. Keep in mind that it is not possible for the same person to win more than one of the books, so we will make sure there are 5 winners, and no less.

On the other hand, we encourage you to invite friends, colleagues and acquaintances to those who believe you may be interested in obtaining a copy of the free book.

What is "Psychologically Speaking" about?

As we said in his own article, Psychologically Speaking is a book designed for people interested in Psychology to begin to understand this fascinating field of knowledge, both for its discoveries and for its history.

From the first philosophical questions from which this discipline was born to the findings of Cognitive Psychology through the study of the unconscious, many of the most interesting aspects of Psychology and the work of current psychologists are portrayed in the pages of this work.

If you are looking for a book that allows you to learn about this subject in an entertaining and entertaining way, and even with touches of humor, Psychologically Speaking will please you, among other things because it serves as an introduction book to a field of knowledge that can be confusing and disconcerting if certain things are not understood about what is studied in it.

Who chooses the prize?

To opt to get any of the copies of the book for free, you must have participated in the survey, and it is only possible to win one of them (if the same name appears again by lottery, it is discarded and passed to another name) .

On the other hand, the prizes They can be sent to any country in America or Europe . If for any reason you win one of the prizes and you prefer a digital version of the book, we can also try to find an option that suits what you are looking for.

Good luck and you know, to participate, click here.

The winners!

This is the list of lucky people who have won a copy:

Olga Sánchez Peral (Madrid)

Daniel Mateo Fuentes (Seville)

Ainhoa ​​Rodríguez (Valladolid)

Betty Nájera (Mexico City)

Eva Romero (Medellín)

Already we have sent an email to the winners , if you see your name on this list and you did not know what you had won, check your inbox.

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