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What is Coaching and what is it for?

What is Coaching and what is it for?

July 18, 2024

I make you a proposal: In this article, you will not only find out what coaching is once and for all , but in the end I'm going to ask you some questions that help you start to see the solution for the problems that you live and feel right now.

Because in order to know what coaching is, you must also experience it. Coaching It is not giving talks, motivating or doing workshops, but much more than that . It is a tool with which it is possible to get the change you need to solve your personal or professional problems (in relation to your self-knowledge, self-esteem, fears, trust in you, personal relationships, etc.).

If coaching works, it is because you learn from yourself and when you change and develop, everything that happens to you changes.

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What is coaching?

More than 10 years ago, coaching came to our lives as a very powerful personal development tool to get changes and new goals in your life. Little by little, it became so popular that it began to offer poor quality training and inexperienced "coaches" emerged as out of nowhere.

So let's start at the end: a coach is not a motivator, nor someone who gives talks or advice on how to change your life in workshops or seminars. You, only you, are the person who is going to change and transform your life and a coach is only an expert who is very prepared to accompany you on that path (deep formation and long-term experience).

I can tell this from my own experience. 7 years ago I was a coach and psychologist who accompanied people to achieve a great change and transformation in their life. But what about me? In order to be a good coach, I had to set an example. That's why I decided to live my own personal development process and travel to other countries, to learn more about myself.

I dared to do something different, grow and improve myself. I have lived in 3 countries and have accompanied people from up to 6 different countries. What I have learned in this experience is that people can change what happens to us if we commit ourselves to live a process of personal change . And that's what the coach is for: to accompany you to get it expertly and professionally.

For this reason I created Human Empowerment, a school of personal development online where I have combined all this knowledge and I accompany you in processes of change so that you develop the part of you that you most need (your self-esteem, emotion management, self-knowledge, professional development) and build a new life

To access Human Empowerment, you can see the contact information here.

A way to empower yourself

To tell you what coaching is, first you have to forget all the deficiones that you have read before on page like Wikipedia or similar. The vast majority are wrong.

The word coaching here does not come from the English verb "train", but from the Hungarian term "kocz", which means car or horse carriage, since it is often said that a coaching process is like a journey from where you are now (how you feel , how you relate, how you act and what you get) towards a place where you feel better, get new results and experiences .

I will give you my personal definition: "Coaching is a tool of human empowerment and personal development through which a person, with the company of a professional coach, lives a process of change and personal transformation that makes him live new experiences , achieve new goals, achieve more clarity and self-confidence and leave behind situations in his life that were annoying. "

It sounds good, right? But I'm going to tell you more. I'm going to tell you where the coaching really comes from, what you can get, why it works so well and how you can start your experience to grow and improve yourself .

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Coaching is based on the human being

Coaching is not a fad, since it comes from the Socratic dialogue, which consists of accompanying a person in the process of change through a deep understanding of his way of seeing life and asking questions that help you find a new vision and get the changes you need.

This way of working is what psychologists know works. The talks, tips, tips or impact techniques are only distractions that really are not going to change what happens to you, except for yourself if you start a process of change and transformation.

The 5 factors

Do you want to know what are the bases that make coaching work? There are five factors that make coaching work, and are the keys to any process of change and personal development (also in a psychological therapy).They are the following.

1. Responsibility

In a Coaching process, you are the one who takes the responsibility to change what happens to you through your own change. Nobody is going to give you advice nor to guide you, because then you would be depending on the coach. Here, you are the one who takes action and grows and the coach accompanies you to achieve it. It is realistic, practical, ethical and safe.

2. Opening

In a Coaching process you discover that your problems are because you can not find solutions because your vision of what happens is limited.

With coaching you learn to have more openness, to have broader views , and that gives you a greater creativity to understand the other, find solutions and new attitudes, actions and thoughts.

3. Development

With coaching you will live changes in yourself and that will mean a greater personal development. Life is change, but only when you do something different that takes you to that change .

4. Commitment

Probably this is the most important factor. In a Coaching process there is a compromise between you and the coach, so that you take action and begin to discover yourself, to know yourself more and to change your situation. Knowing that "there is someone there" that accompanies you is what changes everything.

5. You learn and unlearn

In a coaching process you learn to leave behind behaviors and attitudes that were freezing you in the problems , as if you lived in a circle where experiences were repeated over and over again. With the company of a coach, you leave that circle forever.

Questions to answer

Now, I'm going to ask you those questions that can help you live your process of change. Answer them honestly and if it can be on paper. Let's go there!

¿What you would like to achieve in your life (in relation to you) that you have not yet achieved?

What do you think is the part of you that, if it changes and transforms, would help you get what you want and resist you? (your self-esteem, your self-knowledge, how you understand and manage your emotions, your fear, your anger or guilt, your personal relationships, your motivation, how you communicate, etc.)

Do you know what makes you motivate yourself and want to grow and improve yourself as a person? Those reasons,depend on you or are related to external factors ?

Would you like to transform your life into an extraordinary experience?

Your answers should help you take the first step. Know what you want to get, what has to change about you , and what you can do to start getting it.

If you want help and that company, I invite you to enter in Empoderamiento, the personal development school that I have created and in which I offer you all the knowledge and experiences that I have accumulated in these 10 years of processes and trips.

At the school you will find free processes to learn to understand your emotions, improve your self-esteem, increase your self-knowledge and give your life a purpose or improve personal skills that make you a better professional.

You also find specific trainings to get changes in your life with my company as a coach, which you can do from home and with free schedules.

Your big change begins when you commit yourself to making that change. This is how your life and what happens to you will change forever and will give a different contribution to the world. And that, first of all, is the meaning of empowering yourself.

"How Coaching Works" (July 2024).

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