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What is preferable, showering in the morning or at night?

What is preferable, showering in the morning or at night?

January 23, 2022

Are you one of those people who prefer to shower in the morning or at night? While some prefer to go directly into the shower in the morning, others prefer to do so before going to bed, so they leave clean to bed.

But ... can there be different benefits if you decide to take a shower in the morning or at night? It depends on the objectives you have. Like everything in this life, there are benefits and disadvantages in the two options. For example, if you are one of those people who have trouble waking up in the morning, you may benefit from a good morning shower, because that way you will feel more awake.

If you have doubts about when to shower, in this article we explore the secrets of showering. However, deciding the ideal time can, in many cases, be related to personal habits and daily routine, but there is something science when deciding to lather before work or before getting into bed. So pay attention!

Benefits of morning showers

You must shower in the morning when you meet any of these requirements:

1. You have oily skin

If you have oily skin you may need to include the morning shower in your life instead of leaving it for the night . "Showering in the morning can be good for your oily skin, since at night there are more chances sebaceous glands produce sebum excessively and showers are good for cleaning pores," Dr. Holly Phillips told Yahoo Health.

2. You are a creative person (or you work in a creative job)

If you are a creative person or work in a job that requires carrying out creative tasks, taking a morning shower is almost like meditating , because with the hot water, the shower allows you to enter a mental state of relaxation while being alert; the ideal state for new ideas to arise in your head. Therefore, in this situation "it is better to take a shower at the beginning of the day to put yourself in the optimum state of creativity", explains Shelley Carson, professor of Psychology at Harvard University.

In addition, the expert adds: "If you had to solve a problem of creative type and take time going around and around the subject in search of a solution but without success. Then, it is possible for a shower to help you relax and improve your mental state. "

3. It's hard for you to wake up in the morning

Does it cost you to get up in the morning? Many people benefit from the morning shower because it helps them activate the body and wake up . So the morning shower puts you in alert mode and accelerates your metabolism. Scientific studies show that a cold shower for a few minutes in the morning can help you be more alert for the rest of the day.

4. You cut yourself when you shave

You may be one of those people who use the classic razor blade in the shower and, on occasion, cut themselves while shaving. In that case, the morning shower is for you. That's what an article published in the magazine says Greatist, well some platelets that stop the bleeding are more active during the morning that afternoon or evening.

Benefits of night showers

You should shower at night when you feel identified with one or more of the following points:

1. It's hard for you to sleep

If you have trouble falling asleep, a night shower is ideal. Even though morning showers can wake you up, night showers can help you sleep better. "That rapid cooling after leaving the shower or bathroom tends to be a natural inducer of sleep," says Christopher Winter, an expert in the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital.

2. You have dry skin

If in case of suffering from oily skin it was advisable to take a shower in the morning, If you have dry skin, then it is better to shower at night . That explains Tanya Kormeili, a dermatologist, American. to Yahoo Health.

3. You want to have clean sheets

Do you want to have clean sheets? Then opt for a night shower . That does not mean you should not clean the sheets once in a while. But, especially for those people who sweat a lot or who perform jobs that require a great physical demand, the best option is to take a shower before going to bed. In addition, you will sleep more relaxed.

4. Your day to day makes you end the day not so clean

And of course, your work may not be exactly clean and, at the end of your eight hours, you may end up, for example, full of oil because you are a mechanic. In those cases, it goes without saying: But you need a good shower at night, of course! On the other hand, you may spend long hours working under the sun.Then, ideally, you will shower and then apply a moisturizer to avoid serious skin problems.

5. You do sport later

Obviously (and needless to say too), Will not you go to bed after going out for a run at night or after your salsa class without going through the shower, right? Besides being bad for the skin, because sweat can clog pores and cause pimples, if you sleep with another person, the smell can be quite annoying. So you could be a little respectful.

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