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What is the best time to play sports?

What is the best time to play sports?

May 23, 2022

Performing physical exercise is one of the best habits we can adopt, because it provides many benefits for our health in all senses. However, it does not only matter what kind of exercise is done and what is eaten; you also have to take into account the time factor. Before this question, some people ask the question: "What is the best time to play sports? ”.

To know what is the best time to train, we must take into account many variables, for example, the physical capacity we want to work (strength, aerobic endurance, power, etc.), biorhythms, working hours, family ...

In this article we will review these variables and propose some advantages and disadvantages of each of them according to the time of day when we practice sports . Now, deciding which time is the most convenient to exercise depends on each one and their daily needs and habits.

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The best time to play sports, according to the objective

Some people prefer to play sports first thing in the morning, while others prefer midday or evening. Now, some studies seem to affirm that, depending on the objective one seeks, it is better to train at a certain time .

Aerobic resistance

Research suggests that aerobic resistance, that is, the ability to maintain an effort for as long as possible at a low and medium intensity, works the same throughout the day.

Anaerobic resistance

Anaerobic resistance, which is the high intensity effort and, therefore, of short duration, it seems to be better to work it in the afternoon, especially after 18:00 hours. Apparently, the body temperature is ideal after that hour.

Muscle mass

Many men want to increase their muscle mass, something that must be done without obsessing, because vigorexia is a disorder that some individuals can present when they enter the vicious circle of obsessing with bodybuilding. Studies suggest that, to increase muscle mass, it is better early in the day or last night .

Loss of fat

Some experts recommend that to train to lose fat, it is better to do it in the afternoon , when the metabolism decreases. In this way, we accelerate the metabolism again, which helps burn more calories.

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Train at an hour based on our schedule or lifestyle habits

Sometimes, the habits we have, our work, our responsibilities mark what is the best time to train. In this sense, if we train in the morning, despite having to go to bed early, we will have the rest of the day to carry out those activities that we desire. Morning training activates our body for the rest of the day , but it can also cause our energy levels to drop considerably by mid-afternoon.

If you are going to train in the morning, you should know that it is necessary to warm up well and increase the intensity progressively. If you are going to train when you get up, try not to do it on an empty stomach , and you should always be well hydrated. Eat at least one banana if you are going to train very early.

Training at noon could be a good alternative, but it is necessary to plan well, and not everyone can exercise before eating. This time is good to relieve stress and start the afternoon with another mood.

As for the night, it is not advisable to practice very late , since the adrenaline increases when exercising, as well as the heart rate, so it can be difficult to get to sleep at a decent hour.

Now, these schedules are applicable for the majority of the population but those people who work at night must adapt the training schedule to their own needs. Generally, people also have family responsibilities.

What variables influence performance

Our body and our mind can also suffer variations throughout the day. Some people feel more active in the morning and others in the afternoon, so circadian rhythms play a decisive role . These can vary from person to person based on their habits or their genetics. However, other factors can also be decisive. For example, hormones.

According to research, it is ideal to practice physical exercise when testosterone levels are high and, even more, when there is a balance between this hormone and cortisol.

Testosterone increases protein synthesis , which is key to increase muscle mass and strength. In the case of cortisol, which degrades muscle proteins, it appears at times of stress, but after physical exercise its levels decrease. The amount of both hormones is higher in the morning.

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What are the benefits of physical exercise for our mind

Physical exercise has proven to be very beneficial for many reasons, but it tends to be more related to physical and aesthetic improvements. However, physical exercise it is also key to our mental well-being , our emotional health, our attention, our memory and produces happiness and pleasure.

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