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What to do to live in the present

What to do to live in the present

May 22, 2024

Our current rhythm of life implies a constant distraction: lights, sounds, mobile phones, advertisements, cars, work, family, etc. In short, having to be attentive to a thousand things at once. This implies that the time that we can stay connected with the present is getting smaller and harder to find. Many studies point to this as one of the main causes of stress.

In addition to everything that implies the current times and the society in which we live, there is our human tendency to anchor ourselves in the past and to remember, often with melancholy. We are anguished with negative situations, calculating and recalculating our actions and those of others.

In the same way we tend to worry about the future, trying to plan it in detail and looking at it catastrophically, provoking with our imaginations feelings of anxiety and anguish. Most of the time we end up checking that our plans and thoughts are not met and that not everything goes as we would have liked.

How to live in the present?

Many times we are advised to live in the present, to concentrate and enjoy each moment and the little things in life. But what is living in the present? And, most importantly, how is it done?

The answer is simpler than it seems: it is only about being present, being aware and also responsible for the current moment. What happened a second ago is already part of the past. Living in the present is leave the distractions aside to focus on the here and now . You can start right now, while you read these lines ...

1. What do your senses perceive?

How is the environment around you? Pay attention to the space you are in, the people around you, the lighting, the colors. Is there noise? What temperature is it?

2. How do you feel physically?

Look at your body; Are you comfortable or uncomfortable? What parts of your body are in contact with the environment that surrounds you? What emotion predominates in you? Do you feel any pain? Concentrate on your breathing and on the beating of your heart. What sensations do you have?

3. What do you think?

What are you imagining, anticipating or planning at this time? What do you care about? Are you really in the now or are you in the past or in the future?

Let the thoughts go

It is very important to be aware that the vast majority of things that come to our mind we imagine, which makes us have full power over them. Just as you are able to bring thoughts to your mind, you are able to let them go. Being aware that they are simply thinking s , especially when they cause us anguish, is how we can let them pass.

The thought can be an excellent companion when we get to focus on the present and reality, giving us different alternatives to respond to the problems and situations we face every day.

Connecting with the present in this way, taking a breath to do this exercise, we can make decisions based on how we are really feeling with our current moment.

Every time we want, when we feel stressed, sad, worried ... we can ask ourselves the three previous questions to recover the contact with the environment and focus on the here and now. We can also encourage you to establish this review as a routine, until we get used to it.

An example: the exercise of the fruit

We propose a small exercise of mindfulness or mindfulness that can help you stimulate and focus your attention on your senses. Grab a fruit, or any other food that you like.

First look at it carefully and look at its visual characteristics, such as color or size. Then close your eyes and analyze their texture. Finally, introduce it in your mouth and explore its flavor. Let yourself be carried away by the sensations that it generates in your tongue, palate and teeth. Concentrate on experiencing all these sensations to the fullest .

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Do You Struggle Living in the Present Moment? (May 2024).

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