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Why do the uglies link? 7 keys to understanding

Why do the uglies link? 7 keys to understanding

April 30, 2024

Usually, we associate the attraction with the physical aspect and we believe that beautiful people are real aces when it comes to seducing and conquering people of the opposite or same sex in the sex of non-heterosexuals.

But this, in reality, is not like that. There are many other qualities that people who are not physically attractive can contribute to a relationship. You just have to look around to realize that the most beautiful people are not necessarily with beautiful couples.

Why we like ugly people

But, What is it that makes ugly people seen as attractive? Why are some ugly people a real magnet for women?

Below you can find some scientific data that support the theory that uglies also bind:

1. Relationships last longer

Frequently, many relationships are broken by conflicts that may arise in the relationship, and attractive people can generate many points of conflict that are based on jealousy, selfishness and even insecurity. Obviously you can not generalize, because there are physically attractive people who are very humble. But people who know that they do not have that potential physical attractiveness, can become experts in social skills to counteract that deficit and, in addition, they will do the impossible so that the relationship continues alive, striving every day to make it work. When good is scarce, it must be preserved in any way.

In fact, It is usual to see couples in which one of the two is attractive and the other is not . According to the magazine Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyWhen this happens the person tries much more to keep his attractive partner by his side. Another study published in the British newspaper Daily Mail He affirms that women marry men who are uglier than they because they have more lasting marriages.

2. Ugly are more helpful and show more affection

It can be hard to hear this, but the ugly are more helpful and show more affection . This has to do with the past experiences they have lived, because very attractive people, whom everyone admires, are usually cooler and more conceited because they get everything easily.

In the end, what each person seeks is to feel loved . When the person feels that they are being treated with respect, it is harder for them to leave because they have no reason to blame the other. For James McNulty, a researcher at the University of Tennessee (United States), the woman wants support in her Couple and feel special. "The ugly man feels that his partner is on a pedestal and that's why he treats her very well."

3. Sapiosexuality

You have to be careful with this type of affirmations, because there are also attractive guys and beautiful girls who are very intelligent. However, in the art of love, people with less chance of having a partner, need to work harder to get them to take them into account. This forces them to reflect and look for alternatives that allow them to have opportunities with the person they like.

Further, there are also many women who are attracted to their partner's intellect , and this is what is called being sapiosexual. Intelligence can make a person feel excited.

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4. They have more self-confidence

It might seem that being physically attractive gives you more self-confidence, but that's not true. We all know that ugly person who enjoys his life or that beautiful person who has become too perfectionist and always has to live up to the standards that society imposes.

When a person does not pay so much attention to the acceptance of others and cares for himself, he enjoys a greater well-being and a healthier personality. This is what explains an investigation published in the English newspaper, The Telegraph, in one of his articles. The same newspaper explains that the ugly are more self-confident .

5. Attitude

When someone is not so physically attractive, they have to develop other love and attraction skills that invite other people to be part of their life to supply the not-so-beautiful. Because, ugly people often counter this with a much more open and much warmer attitude , affirms the same investigation of the British newspaper The Telegraph.

6. They are more fertile

Research carried out by the University of Oxford and the University College London brought really curious results about the intimate relationships of unattractive men. According to his conclusions, ugly men ejaculate more seminal fluid than handsome men .

7. They are better lovers

People who are not physically attractive are more dedicated to the couple , and they give everything to make the other person feel great. That also includes interpersonal relationships. In fact, ugly people tend to be better lovers in order to please their partners. This is consistent with a study by the German sociologist Ulrich Rosar, carried out with soccer players.

This one affirms that the less attractive render more in a game of this sport. This is because the handsome do not have to do much to give a good image, since people positively associate physical attractiveness to good qualities such as discipline or creativity. The ugly ones, on the other hand, have to work it out.

In conclusion

Ugly people, although many people do not think so, can also be attractive . In fact, this happens very often because they do not have a great physical aspect, they must put into practice a series of skills that counteract their poor physical beauty.

Love and attraction are complex phenomena in which many variables intervene, but at the moment of truth, we all want to be loved, respected and care about us. In that, the ugly put all their effort. Being ugly is not so bad after all.

The World's Ugliest Keyboard (April 2024).

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