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Why many people never have a partner and do not care

Why many people never have a partner and do not care

June 24, 2024

Having a partner and getting married is one of the vital goals of many people, because at a social level, having a stable partner, getting married and having a family is "normal". In fact, There are many who do not understand that there are people who prefer to be without a partner all the time , and for them it can even be a mockery.

Now, there are more and more individuals who take the option of staying single and not going out with anyone, either because they have not found love or because they prefer to live life their own way. And is that to be happy is not necessary to be with someone, although there is a myth that says otherwise. If we look around, some individuals prefer to be with other people, even when they cause them discomfort, to live the life they really want. Forgetting about these kinds of unnecessary commitments can be beneficial .

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Do not force yourself to have a partner

There are those who fear being single. In fact, this can become a disorder known as anuptophobia, which we discussed in the article "Anuptophobia: the irrational fear of being single", and that causes great discomfort to the person who suffers.

But far from this disorder, Many people fear the bachelor tag, so they are unable to enjoy those moments with themselves , that can be used to develop and live a full life, without explanations to anyone. The social pressure to marry and have a stable partner can cause some people to suffer self-esteem problem when they end a relationship and they look single, and seek to replace their partner at the first exchange.

On the other hand, It is not healthy to suffer philophobia, which is the fear of falling in love . You can learn more about the fear of falling in love in the article: "Filofobia or the fear of falling in love."

Happiness in singleness

We have been educated to think that we should get married in order to "live happy and eat partridges", but to enjoy being single is a matter of mentality.

And sometimes the relationship breaks down and the pain we feel makes us not want to be alone. But really, being single It is an opportunity to live the life we ​​want and grow as people beyond social conventions, so we should not be in a hurry to find a partner. Of course, if that special person arrives for us, why not give it a chance.

The advantages of people who do not have a partner

Being single has a series of benefits. They are the following.

1. Connect with oneself

It is normal that, due to the pain that arises from a broken couple, some people experience an emotional crisis, because these situations lead us to suffer a stage of grief, and our self-esteem can be seriously damaged. However, Being single is an excellent opportunity to connect with oneself and to get to know oneself . This self-knowledge can be key to set new goals or fight for those who have always wanted to fight.

Singleness allows you to dedicate yourself and follow the path you want without distractions. In addition, the fact of not being in a couple also gives more time to take care of yourself.

2. Ideal to know the world

Singleness allows you to do what you want without giving explanations . For that reason, if you want to travel and know the world, you can plan it without taking into account the responsibility of being with another person. If you are single right now, take advantage of this time to travel around the planet and get to know those wonderful places.

3. Dedicate time to oneself

One can dedicate the time of singleness to be with himself and, as I said, fight for one's goals . Therefore, when a person is single can, for example, take advantage of that time to develop professionally.

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4. Empowering

Being with someone for a long time can make a person get used to being a couple, which brings us to the comfort zone, which is difficult to leave. But with time, one adapts to change and is empowered in the face of life . When this happens, it is possible to experience things in a more autonomous way, free of unnecessary commitments.

5. Live with less stress

Not everything is good if we think about having a partner. In fact, when we are in a toxic relationship the psychological consequences may appear. Anxiety and stress are an example. In this sense, Being single is a better option than being in a relationship because you are not alone .

6. Meet new people

Often, many people live with the idea that the couple is everything, and they do not usually know other people of the opposite sex because they do not conflict with their monogamous values. But being single allows you to establish a relationship with whomever you want and the way you want.

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