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Why you should not choose the second cheapest wine on the menu

Why you should not choose the second cheapest wine on the menu

January 29, 2023

Why is the second cheapest wine a bad choice?

It is widely known among the guild of hospitality a somewhat unique phenomenon: Diners tend to choose the second cheapest wine on the menu . The vast majority of people who are prepared to dine in a restaurant do not know the quality of the wines that are offered there, and in the face of this ignorance, they operate in a curious way. The final choice of wine is motivated by an adjustment between the cost of the product and the personal prestige of the client.

Ordering the cheapest wine from the menu can be, in the eyes of the customer, a choice that compromises the quality of the dinner, but not so much there prejudice but in the image it offers of itself when buying the most economical wine .

The hospitality entrepreneur knows your inclination towards certain products ...

Not wanting to give an impression of stingy, then, is one of the reasons that leads to many diners choose the second cheapest wine. Well, as we said at the beginning of the article, the owner of the restaurant is a connoisseur of this trend, and as a result offers the wine with the highest profit rate as the second most economical of the wine list.

So, a tip for those who go to dinner at restaurants: if you choose to taste the second cheapest wine, they will probably serve you the most profitable wine to the owner, that is, a wine bought in bulk and of a very low quality (Probably, it is certainly the cheapest wine in the place), as well as confirming the general trend for which the stingy pretend not to give that image.

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