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Women with university studies are less likely to find a partner

Women with university studies are less likely to find a partner

March 29, 2023

During the last decades women have fought a lot for their rights and for equality between the sexes, and there are several customs and power relations that have changed thanks to this effort. Although there is still much to be done in this regard, according to a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), women are more educated than men with regard to university studies.

This reality, which could be positive, correlates negatively with the fact of having a partner: heterosexual women with higher education tend to be less likely to enter into a formal relationship . At least this is what science claims. In this article we will review some studies that deal with this topic.

The relationship between studying and having a partner

As for love, the tastes of each person can vary; however, many individuals seem to attract the appearance of intelligence of other people, is what is known as sapiosexualidad. But being smart and having higher education does not seem to be good at knowing what we want to have a serious relationship with. The high level of education of women hinders their chances of having a partner.

Jon Birger, financial and technological journalist, decided to investigate this phenomenon. Her curiosity arose because a friend of hers, apparently very intelligent and trained, could not find someone compatible with her. This led him to conduct research in the United States with demographic data, and analyzed heterosexual individuals who had higher education and who were in search of the ideal person. With the results, he published a book called Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game in which he explains some of his conclusions.

The cause: shortage of trained men

According to the author, one of the causes that formed women do not succeed in love relationships is the shortage of men with the same educational level. At least in the United States, the shortage of university men is not only a phenomenon characteristic of the great cities of this country, such as the city of New York, where there is 4 university women for every 3 men . Yes, except in Silicon Valley, where the country's economy drives the male labor market in research (according to Birger).

The data extracted by Binger shows that in 2015, 35% more women graduated than men, and of these, 33% are still single . As the author concludes, most women do not agree to have a relationship with someone with a lower educational level, which makes statistics show that relative tendency towards singleness.

Smart women tend to be single

Binger's study is not the only one that has been carried out in this line of research, and the hypothesis that the most intelligent women are at the same time the most demanding and, therefore, tend to remain single, is not new. In fact, a study led by John Carney and published in the British publications Daily Mail and Elite Daily, among others, already concluded that this was a more than real possibility.

This affirmation could be considered classist and full of prejudices, but perhaps this idea is not so outlandish. The emotional connection has a lot to do with finding a person who mentally seduces us, and at least in the case of intelligent women with learned cultural resources, it can be difficult to find a man with which to express oneself freely and feel intellectually stimulated . The body can enter us through the eyes, but if then there is no mental connection, that relationship can hardly last (except that it is a toxic relationship).

However, the conclusions of Carney have aroused some controversy, because according to this less intelligent women have more free time because they do not spend many hours to study more or work more to earn money. Less intellectually gifted women tend to create relationships with more intelligent men than they, who have a better economic position and a better job. If you want to go deeper into this study and know its conclusions, you can read this article: "Smart women tend to be single."

Sapiosexual women?

It seems, therefore, that at least in the case of women there is a certain degree of sapiosexuality with an excluding sense. Logically, each person is a world , but these data put the focus on that many women are attracted to the "coconut". Sapiosexuals are those people who say they are attracted to the "inside", that is, to the intellectual capacity.

For these individuals, the preliminaries begin in interesting and stimulating conversations (art, politics, philosophy, etc.). The sapiosexual thinks that the intellect of his partner is one of the most important features he possesses.

Men prefer them less reflective

And ... what happens in the case of men? Do you prefer smart women or not? Well, it seems that they prefer women with less intellectual resources. This is what concludes an investigation carried out by the university institutions Lutheran University and the University of Texas. Researchers at these universities claim that men they feel intimidated by intelligent women and they feel a special predilection for women who are not very reflective.

To know these results, the researchers surveyed a large group of students about the actions, bodily postures, attitudes or personality traits that seemed most attractive to them. This helped them to extract 88 factors that they used as part of their study, in which they showed a series of photographs with these traits to 76 men.

The subjects were asked what behaviors associated with these and what was your level of desire towards these factors . The men affirmed that the most vulnerable and less intelligent women were more attractive.

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