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Chamomile: 7 properties and benefits of this plant

Chamomile: 7 properties and benefits of this plant

April 26, 2024

This article is dedicated to chamomile . Its use has ancient origin, especially in the form of infusion, which have become one of the most consumed in the world thanks mainly to its soothing and digestive properties.

In this way, we will see exactly what is chamomile, what are its main properties and benefits, and how we have to do to prepare a good infusion of this medicinal plant, widely known around the world.

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What is chamomile?

Chamomile is an herbaceous plant that can reach 60 cm in height. It was originally distributed in the Balkans, northern Africa and western Asia, but is currently cultivated in many countries of the world such as Spain and Argentina.

Se is about one of the oldest medicinal herbs of which there is knowledge , and it is believed that the interest for her arose due to its intense aroma. That led to the discovery of the different properties that made her so famous.

Chamomile is currently one of the most consumed plants in the form of infusion. There are people who talk about "chamomile tea", but it is a somewhat incorrect expression. If we want to refer to the preparation with hot water of this or any other plant that is not tea (black tea, green tea, etc.), it is necessary to talk about infusion.

7 benefits and therapeutic properties of the chamomile infusion

As mentioned, chamomile is known as a medicinal plant with innumerable benefits and therapeutic properties for health. Below we highlight those that are more relevant.

1. Help with good digestion

The infusion of chamomile allows a great help to our body at digestive level in moments of clear need. In situations where we feel that we have not digested a meal well and have discomfort, letting ourselves be helped by the properties of chamomile is always a good idea.

Its ability to relax our body helps the digestive system, promoting the movements that the stomach and bowel need to perform in a coordinated manner to promote good digestion. So, it relieves abdominal pains and indigestion.

2. Calm and reduce anxiety

As we have advanced in the previous point, another reason why chamomile is best known is because of its powerful soothing properties.

This is how an infusion of chamomile can help us to calm our spirits in situations in which we are a little altered. The time when it is most used is when we go to sleep, because it helps us to sleep.

3. Decrease stress

Chamomile soothes the digestive system but also the nervous system, which many people often have overstimulated and do not know how to relax.

In this way, the infusion of chamomile can be an ally in situations of great stress, since it allows us to calm down to better face the situations with which we have to deal. Chamomile helps to reduce stress levels thanks also to its sedative effects.

4. Help control diabetes

Chamomile can also be used to help control some metabolic diseases, such as diabetes.

The daily consumption of this herb in the form of infusion can help control the glycemic index , that is, the amount of blood sugar. This improves the symptoms of diabetes disease,

5. Strengthens the immune system

We have already seen that chamomile contributes to the proper functioning of intestinal transit. Its good action in the organs of the digestive system is very relevant for the proper functioning of the body, and this is largely due to its action on the immune system that it has from there.

Chamomile is able to reduce infections of the digestive tract and benefit the intestinal flora. This, in turn, helps decrease the abdominal swelling that we sometimes feel.

In this way, the properties of chamomile protect and reinforce the immune system, preventing infectious diseases and attenuating inflammatory conditions.

6. Helps treat skin wounds and impurities

In addition to helping the body's overall immunity, chamomile infusion helps protect cells from external damage. This prevents the skin from becoming infected or damaged by inflammatory processes. On the other hand, chamomile is composed of phenolic compounds and tannins. These help slow down cell aging and promote the production of collagen, which is very important for the healing of the skin.

7. Relieves menstrual pain

Its good soothing effects at the digestive level, together with its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, makes this plant also help to control the pain produced by the appearance of the rule.

Menstrual pains are sometimes very painful, and chamomile can help make them more bearable. To reduce premenstrual and menstrual symptoms, an infusion of chamomile can be taken from the third week of the menstrual cycle.

How to prepare an infusion of chamomile?

Prepare an infusion of chamomile is very simple and can be done basically in two ways . It can be prepared using dried flowers of the plant or by pre-prepared sachets, which are sold in herbalists or all kinds of supermarkets.

If you want to opt for flower preparation, all you have to do is boil a glass of water and place in it about two teaspoons of chamomile flowers. Then cover and let stand 10 minutes. Then you can use a strainer to remove the flowers and stay alone with the infusion liquid.

On the other hand, it may be interesting to add other plants with medicinal properties in our infusion. Mint or fennel are two herbs that are traditionally prepared with chamomile to enhance their benefits and also to obtain other complementary.

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Chamomile Benefits for Anxiety and Digestion (April 2024).

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