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Chemsex, a new high risk sexual tendency

Chemsex, a new high risk sexual tendency

November 29, 2022

First he began in England under the banner of the Underground culture, he walked through the open concerts of Central Europe and now comes to Spain a fad that is causing a furor among young people and stupor on the part of the health authorities.

The "chemsex", derived from the terms in English chemical Y sex It is a socio-cultural phenomenon that began a few years ago to spread throughout the United Kingdom. The medical experts and specialist couple psychologists warn of the potential danger that this dangerous game can degenerate in society.

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What exactly is chemsex?

Chemsex is not treated solely and simply in maintaining intentional or consensual sexual relations with another person, but rather is an extended sexual behavior involving synthetic drugs that harm behavior under its effects .

As a general rule but not exclusive, it is addressed to the homosexual collective or also known as LGTB, where men are cited with other men through technological applications of flirting like Grinder. However, gender is also becoming popular among heterosexuals.

The type of narcotics that take part in this dangerous game of Russian roulette, are also a worrisome data. They are not simple psychoactive drugs that allow a greater and more lasting sexual activity l, but allow extreme levels of disinhibition.

Some of the products that are consumed at chemsex parties are the following: mephedrone, crystal methamphetamine, hydroxybutyrate and butyrolactone. The peculiarity comes in the process of consumption, combining them all to cause a state of ecstasy that can last several days in a row and without sleep.

Ergo, these drugs are the gasoline that gives way to disproportionate and long-lasting orgies , increasing the physical danger, not only by the levels of drugs that are consumed and damaging to the body, but also by the increase of probabilities in contracting sexual infections.

What causes feed the phenomenon?

The chemsex has a psychological explanation, like most social tendencies and attitudes. And is that collected several qualitative studies conducted by experts in the field, ensure that In most cases, participants show low self-esteem and confidence .

That is, they have little ability to relate to those people who are physically attracted to them and do not know how to face a flirtation situation, so they go to an event of macro size to not feel so self-conscious.

The psychological effects

In some British media like the British Medical Journal, portal of prestigious reputation within the health sector, explain the psychological effects that the ingestion of this type of drugs that show exceptional.

Both crystal and mephedrone, essential to withstand the rhythm imposed by the chemsex, suppose an acceleration of the heart rate that lead to a feeling of euphoria and sexual attraction, while the hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is a powerful disinhibitor and, in addition, analgesic.

In this way, the worries that are derived to the celebration of this type of festivities are both psychological and physical . In the mental, the crystal can bring a terrible dependence, losing all notion of reality and time.

Physiological effects

Although it seems obvious, we must highlight the physical effects of the chemsex implementation. The consumption of GHB provides an energy that an individual can stay awake for 76 hours in a row without having eaten food or water, which has devastating effects on the human body.

Consequently, the result of the physiological dependence that is created, this allows the worsening of sentimental relationships with the respective partners, since it makes the relationship based exclusively on sexual desire at all times.

Finally and above all, chemsex is the ideal setting for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis C or AIDS , given that the participating members assure that the exchange of couples is up to 6 in one night and the protection measures are the keynote.

How can chemsex be prevented?

Unfortunately, expert doctors from such important centers as the Barcelona Clinic or the Rey Juan Carlos Hospital in Madrid ensure that it is difficult to control the phenomenon due to its nature and way of calling it.

Participants are cited by applications with the mobile device or in private groups on social networks such as Facebook or Telegram.In addition, the location of these parties are usually not public, and meet private homes or private clubs, which makes it difficult to follow.

However, and thanks to the dissemination and denunciation of the media, the competent authorities have launched plans to disseminate the dangers that the chemsex entails , with educational awareness programs, documentaries that talk about this trend or organize aid programs for those participants who have suffered its consequences.

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