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How does online coaching work?

How does online coaching work?

June 24, 2021

Life is a succession of situations, experiences and challenges that are really opportunities to know ourselves, to improve ourselves and to learn to live with more wellbeing , better personal relationships and even more and better professional results (if that is your interest).

To achieve this you must ask yourself a series of key questions: what is it that you really want to achieve? What is the part of your personality that you would have to develop, change or train to achieve it (your self-esteem, emotion management, self-knowledge, personal relationships, etc.)? What different actions would lead you to achieve it?

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Looking for the best route for personal development

In the last 10 years I have accompanied as a psychologist and coach people from up to 5 different countries to get the change in their life that they wanted and needed. Those people got that change thanks to the fact live a process of personal development in which they decided what they wanted to achieve and with my company we traced the path to achieve it with different actions.

My great dream, and also my great change, was traveling and knowing other realities and countries. If I was going to accompany people to achieve authentic personal development and changes in their lives, I should set an example.

That's how I was designing the way to help more people based on our current needs: online, from home and with freedom of schedules, and getting the same results as in a face-to-face process. I tell you how, showing you the characteristics of Online Coaching .

Online Coaching is inclusive and for everyone

When I started working as a psychologist, and then as a coach, I discovered that the way to achieve authentic personal development is to live a process with a professional company where we can learn to know each other with the right questions to discover what happens to us, what we want to achieve and what we have to do to develop that part of us that is a little asleep and that is going to be the solution to the problem.

Over time, I wanted to bring the Coaching tool closer to more and more people . It seemed unfair that I could only accompany people who were in the same city or country where I was traveling. I started to offer online coaching sessions and found out that the results were just as good and people really got the change they needed and forever (since that change was based on their learning about themselves).

But I wanted this service to be even more inclusive, so that personal development was for everyone and not for a few. This is how I developed a series of online trainings in personal development that work in the same way as a Coaching process: I accompany people for 3 months online, while they receive sessions and steps every week in their email.

That's why I created Human empowerment, the online personal development school that I have created to help people get the change they want from home and with freedom of time. The results are spectacular and reflects that online coaching is the great solution to achieve this much needed change.

The advantages of online Coaching

First, you can live your process from home. You do not need to move and that saves you time and money.

Second, you have freedom of schedules . You can find the right and private moment for you and read the session in which you are, ask the right questions or design your action plan with me.

Third, you choose (with company and expert professional help) just the area of ​​personal development that you need and is most suitable for you.

Quarter, also has the human company , both via email (more agile and cheaper, since you can write whenever you want and find the ideal time to read the answers) and by conference (monthly programming).

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The different areas of personal development

In these years I discovered that all our problems can be summarized in 4 areas. There are 3 key areas for personal development and 1 specific area for professional development, and it is possible to work them all through online Coaching.

1. Self-knowledge

The vast majority of our problems are due to the fact that we do not know each other enough . At the same time, knowing you deeply and giving a purpose to your life is the great solution.

Knowing you implies that you know the layers of your personality (your belief system, your values ​​and your identity), overcome your limits and build a new vision of yourself and the world. To discover your great purpose, in Human empowerment You have a 2 month self-awareness program entitled "Know yourself in 21 steps.

2. Your self-esteem and personal relationships.

Your vision about you conditions your relationships and your way of seeing the world. Self-esteem is not something that "goes up" or "goes down", but it works or does not work. Your security in you, your emotional or affective independence And being able to build healthy relationships depends on living with self-esteem that works. To achieve this you have a training entitled "Grow with Affective Independence" available at school.

3. Your emotion management.

Fear, anger, guilt or anxiety are emotions that infect you and can make your day-to-day difficult. However, the problem is not those emotions but your way of managing them. Learn to manage your emotions it's a process where you get them on your side instead of against you . You will improve your well-being and your relationship with the other.

To achieve this, you have a 3-month training program entitled "Transform your emotional world" available at school.

4. Professional area (if this is your interest)

Improving as a professional does not depend on endless training or following gurus, but on developing your personal skills, since improving as a professional implies that you improve as a person.

Skills such as communication, productivity or leadership are those that make your results better or your relationship with your colleagues or customers. For this I recommend that you start "Empode yourself", a free professional development program.

Thanks to new technologies and online coaching services, it is possible to achieve the personal development that you want and deserve from home and with freedom of time and with less economic expense. In addition, it is as effective as a face-to-face process, and it is also possible to help more people. You decide what your area is and if you really want to achieve that change that you long for and need.

What The Hell is Online Personal Training? (June 2021).

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