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Laziness can lead to low self-esteem and depression

Laziness can lead to low self-esteem and depression

May 23, 2022

What a great struggle we have to face many of us against the sloth . That desire to leave for tomorrow (or last) what we have to do today (a phenomenon known as procrastination). Y what envy provoke me, I confess, those who are capable of not failing, of maintaining a firm course towards their goal .

I just assumed that at least two capital sins dominate me, but in reality almost nobody escapes. At all ages and at all times of our life there is laziness, crouching and stalking us ready to dominate us.

Laziness, laziness, laziness, laziness ... many synonyms for the same state of mind

It does not matter if what we are dealing with is writing, working, making a diet, quitting smoking, studying for a test or going to the gym, it does not matter, laziness will hang on our backs at any time to try to abandon our "labors" .

Its objective is none other than to push us at all times towards pleasure; an immediate pleasure that evades us from duty, that temporarily saves us from what we do not want to do. It's about the binomial inaction versus movement, entropy versus expansion.

Why we should free ourselves from laziness

Overcoming laziness produces internal satisfaction, increases self-esteem; while letting ourselves be dragged down by it will lower it and may end up depressing us. How does this happen? now you will understand

Let's say that my goal is to lose weight. In this situation laziness will appear as a constant invitation to give me a moment of pleasure , for example, opening a packet of chips to temporarily escape the suffering to which the dietary discipline obliges me.

After the moment of enjoyment, once the first potatoes have passed beyond the palate, the little voice (or the loud voice) of my Inner Father, the one who scolds us inside making us feel guilty, will turn his fury against me as a punishment: "You are unable to maintain a minimum of discipline! You will never lose weight! Nobody is going to love you like that! You'll be a seal for the rest of your life! ", etc.

The string of niceties that we are able to say internally should be punishable by law .

Abandoning ourselves to immediate pleasure lowers our self-esteem

The abandonment of duty for immediate pleasure automatically brings with it the internal reproach. We become critics of ourselves, cruel and ruthless on many occasions, to the point of hating us. And if it was not enough we activate the comparison with others, who from the psychological bias that is not in the head of the other , we judge as better than us, as more capable.

In this way, the negative effect of laziness and the resulting self-reproach is none other than that of affecting our self-esteem: the level of appreciation and love we feel towards our own person. Laziness makes me want less, to lower the consideration I have for me .

And the less I confront her, the more power she has over me. It's like a snowball hill down, its strength is increasing as it goes. In this case the ball is formed by laziness, self-reproach and low self-esteem that as they gain strength inside we depress our mood .

A reflection to face laziness and overcome it

In the background, It's all about attitude , that's why there are determined to face it with determination and there are (I include myself there) that sometimes win and many lose. And in this matter of life there is only recipe to fight.

Overcoming laziness, doing what we know we have to do increases our self-esteem, makes our spirits happy and keeps us from depression. For it there is nothing more to change the chip and assume the suffering that comes with going for our goal by throwing a pair of noses . I insist, it's just a matter of attitude and habit. Choose to evade or to confront. Maybe now, that you know that the issue also involves your self-esteem and your psychic health, think better before letting yourself be drawn into immediate pleasure.

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