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PsicoAbreu: 20 years of psychotherapy in Málaga

PsicoAbreu: 20 years of psychotherapy in Málaga

June 6, 2023

The psychology cabinets Psychologists PsicoAbreu are one of the most recognized centers of psychology in Malaga since 1995. In more than 24 years of history, the team of psychologists adds more than 100,000 psychological sessions addressed from an innovative therapy, effective and personalized to each patient, problem and age.

Psicólogos PsicoAbreu, which has three welcoming centers in the city of Málaga, has become a national benchmark in its field thanks to the quality and professionalism of its services. In their cabinets they offer effective psychological solutions for adults, children, teenagers, couples and families, thus offering a Comprehensive psychological assistance for all psychological problems .

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Definitive solutions to psychological problems

The psychological intervention method of Psychologists PsicoAbreu is characterized by a global vision of the problem and the person , helping not only to alleviate the symptoms that cause discomfort, but also is aimed at solving the psychological problem forever.

When a person decides to go to the psychologist it is usual that their main objective is to eliminate the symptoms that are hurting him day after day, however, if only the symptoms are treated as an isolated problem it is common that months later or even years go back to Discomfort reappears, in the same way or in a different way. Therefore, cabinet therapy not only works to modify negative thoughts, behaviors and emotions, but it also intervenes at a deeper level, resolving the reason that generated and that at that moment continues to maintain the problem, thus avoiding the dreaded relapses.

Therefore, the psychological therapy that offer help to reduce the likelihood of relapse , improve the quality of life of the person, improve the personal, family and couple, work and social area, in addition to promoting healthy life habits.

Disorders and areas of specialization

In the team of Psicólogos PsicoAbreu Each professional is specialized in the treatment of certain psychological disorders or area of ​​psychology. Among its services offer effective psychological therapies in adults for anxiety problems such as panic disorder, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia, also for depression, self-esteem problems, duels, impulsiveness, verbal aggression, work stress, Binge eating disorder, bulimia and anorexia, complex with body image, insomnia, somatization, sexuality etc.

Therapy aimed at children and adolescents aims to teach new tools to parents and children so that their childhood and adolescence develops in the best way. Psychologists PsicoAbreu have the most recent psychological techniques to deal with behavior problems, phobias and fears, jealousy between siblings, social isolation, addiction to video games and other technologies, problems of self-esteem, bullying, school failure, separation anxiety and problems related to the separation of parents among others.

Psicologos partner therapy PsicoAbreu aims to solve conflicts, overcome crises, solve communication problems between both parties and strengthen the positive aspects of the relationship. In this way they put a solution to discussions, jealousy, infidelity, lack of desire, emotional dependence, problems in coexistence, problems related to children ...

In addition to the clinical setting, the cabinet has specialists in legal and forensic psychology for the preparation of expert reports in cases of divorce, custody, incapacitations, assists in trials, and legal advice.

However, we must not forget that the function of psychology is to improve the quality of life of the person through learning new ways of thinking, acting and feeling, so it is not necessary to have a psychological disorder to go to a psychologist , psychological therapy helps enhance the person's own resources , increase self-knowledge and self-esteem, and also to achieve the objectives that the person has proposed.

In short, the team of Psicólogos PsicoAbreu professionals will know how to adjust the different psychological techniques coming from the most avant-garde psychological orientations to each particular case.

The team of professionals: quality and efficiency

To this day, the psychology cabinet consists of 12 expert professionals in clinical psychology with specialties in different areas and that is constantly updated to continue offering the best psychology services in the city of Malaga. A consolidated company in which to deposit the trust when we need it most.

The team of Psicólogos PsicoAbreu is composed of professionals with extensive training, experience and specialization in the psychological treatment of Adults, Couples, Families, Children and Youth. All the members of the team are collegiate, accredited and are continuously dedicated to update and expand their knowledge on the latest advances in research, guidance and psychological techniques of proven effectiveness. In fact, the team combines orientations such as psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, systemic and third generation therapies.

The full dedication and the desire to excel of all the psychologists of Psicólogos PsicoAbreu team, allow them to have a great experience in the treatment of all kinds of psychological problems and disorders.

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Psychology centers with 24 years of history

Psicólogos PsicoAbreu is a group of psychology cabinets that since its beginning in 1995 has not stopped growing and incorporating new specialties in its centers to attend an increasing demand of patients .

The success achieved over these 24 years has made it possible that today the cabinet has three psychology centers in the city of Malaga and has increased its human resources, including 12 specialist psychologists.

The first psychologists cabinet PsicoAbreu was founded by the renowned psychoanalyst psychologist Rosa María De Abreu in the emblematic building of Tallefair, located in the same Alameda Principal in the center of the capital Malagueña. After several extensions and additions of professionals, in 2013 due to the high demand of application, it was decided to open a new psychology center with 6 quiet and cozy offices, in an unbeatable location: next to Alameda Principal and Alameda de Colón.

The last major expansion takes place in 2018 with the aim of facilitating access to psychological services to those people who live in the periphery and who travel by car from other locations. The opening of the new psychology cabinet takes place in one of the areas with the greatest future prospects in Malaga: The Teatinos district, located next to the Malagueña university, the courts, the Clinical Hospital, etc. This new psychology center presents a renewed image, with modern and current facilities according to its location, but retains the services of quality and effectiveness, which have always characterized the cabinet.


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