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50 suicidal phrases that should seriously worry you

50 suicidal phrases that should seriously worry you

June 17, 2024

Suicide is one of the most frequent causes of unnatural death in the whole world, being hundreds of thousands the deaths due to this fact.

The fact of provoking one's death is usually the product of a deep suffering and the lack of perception of alternatives to alleviate it, being the main reason for this the attempt to avoid pain (although there are other motivations, such as the desire to harm to others). And, contrary to what is usually thought, the vast majority of people who pretend to commit suicide warns or manifests their desire to end their lives.

The fact of making references to the desire to die and provoke death is, then, a very important risk factor to take into account when assessing the real possibility of the person attempting to commit suicide. Although often it is not so much what is said but how and in what context, in this article we collect some suicidal phrases that are warning signs , or whose basic components tend to appear in phrases of this type.

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Suicidal phrases highly worrying

Next we will see several phrases or typical aspects of the manifestations that sometimes make who seriously plan suicide .

1. Life is not worth it

It is common that many of the people who decide to take their own lives think that life has little to offer them and that they see death as a liberation.

2. Soon I will stop suffering

As we have said before, the avoidance of suffering is the real goal of many of the people who commit suicide, being unable to perceive other valid alternatives .

3. To live well, it is best to be dead

Living a very adverse suffering or conditions in a prolonged way can make this kind of thoughts appear.

4. I'm tired of fighting

The tiredness of the need to continually struggle to get ahead but without getting results is what this phrase conveys.

5. I want to finish with everything

Typical phrase of people who think they are tired of fighting to move forward and that they see death as an exit to it .

6. I will soon stop being a burden

Seeing yourself as a nuisance is something that generates great uneasiness and sadness, this kind of comments being a warning of an imminent attempt to provoke death.

7. I want to get out of the way

It may seem strange, but sometimes these types of phrases can appear directly. It is also common to use terms that do not have a connotation as negative as suicide, such as the aforementioned "get out of the way".

8. Sometimes I wish I did not wake up again

Typical phrase of people with a high level of life suffering, who suffer from day to day. The dream supposes for them an interval in which said suffering is not present. And many of the people who decide to commit suicide come to interpret death as an eternal dream in which they will not have to worry or suffer again.

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7. There will be a time when I will die and say "finally I am happy"

This expression is directly referring to the inability to see that things can get better and the belief that you can not be happy again.

8. There is no greater lie than life itself

The disappointment and sadness with life is something visible in many suicide attempts, being the person unable to perceive the good things that have to live.

9. I could die now and no one would notice

In this sentence the subject expresses that he feels unimportant and that there would be no one to regret his loss, considering that there is no one who truly cares.

10. Do not worry, you'll be fine

Sometimes this type of sentence can be done as a farewell, indicating the hope that despite the next suicide attempt the people who matter to the subject can continue with their lives and be happy.

11. I can not anymore

The expression of lack of resources to face what comes is usual and can be an indication of the existence of suicidal thoughts.

12. Every day I see my final closer

A warning that the subject begins to think seriously about provoking death.

13. Soon I will meet with you (in reference to a dead person)

This phrase can be a serious warning of attempted suicide, when the subject is referring to a deceased person.

14. The world will continue to spin without me

This type of speech makes us see that the subject is considering that their existence has no effect on the world, being something indifferent and dispensable.

15. I'm starting to be wrong again

This phrase can have double reading: First of all it can be suicidal if we are in a case in which the subject has suffered great traumas or problems, showing a certain fatigue.Another case in which it can be an indicator of risk is in people who have already had previous suicide attempts, being in these cases it is recommended to go to a hospital immediately.

16. I'm in hell

The perception of the world and reality as something aversive and hostile is common in many cases of autolysis.

17. I need to die

A very direct phrase that reveals more than it seems: it is not only that the subject is referring to the idea of ​​dying, but that this does not necessarily arise from a desire to die in itself, can tell us that what he really wants is to avoid suffering .

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18. I hear voices that say "do it"

Some mental disorders can influence the appearance of suicidal thoughts, being an example of this the perception of auditory hallucinations that favor or send the subject to take his life.

19. I only think about how easy it would be to die

These types of phrases are especially worrisome, especially if a certain yearning is perceived in them.

20. When I die at last I can rest

Again, in this type of sentences the vision of death appears as something positive that will allow the subject to stop suffering, a distorted vision that should be the focus of therapeutic attention.

21. I can no longer with the demons that I have in my head

This phrase is generally associated with the condition of a chronic mental disorder, especially when they are not treated and they have egodistonic experiences over which there is no perception of control.

22. I am a burden

This type of phrases are common to those people who have some kind of dependency and who are considered a hindrance to their environment.

23. I no longer have anything to live for

These types of phrases are common in those who have suffered great losses (usually the death of loved ones), the pain caused by these and the lack of motivation for what life can offer.

24. I'm just going to speed things up

This phrase may not seem particularly linked to suicide, but it may be when it is associated with a terminal illness.

25. Forgive me for not having the courage to continue

Sometimes those who decide to take their own lives ask forgiveness of their loved ones beforehand, or through suicide notes. In them it is usually seen that the subject considers himself incapable of continuing and lacking the courage to live.

26. I'm a coward, and as such I'll go

It is not uncommon for many of the people who commit suicide to present a considerable self-devaluation, considered inferior and not valid .

27. Welcome again friend blade, you had not touched me for a while

One of the best known ways to attempt suicide is through cuts in the wrist veins. This phrase could be said by a person with previous suicide attempts by this means, when planning a new attempt.

28. This world is not for me

Pain and suffering, and the difficulty of coping with them, leads some people to consider that they do not deserve or are not able to live.

29. I've always done everything wrong. This will be my last mistake

The presence of the consideration of doing nothing well, sometimes enhanced by a harmful environment, can generate a high level of suffering that can lead to the desire to commit suicide.

30. In death I will find peace

This phrase reflects the belief of a large part of the people who decide to take their own lives.

31. I know that things will never get better.

The belief that there is no hope, that nothing will ever improve, is a common element of many people who decide to commit suicide.

32. I hope you can see the sunrise after this long night. I, too impatient, I leave before here

This phrase, which was issued by Stefan Zweig before his suicide, expresses something common in many suicide notes or previous warnings: the hope that the rest can achieve happiness.

33. My bedside book is a revolver and maybe once at bedtime, instead of pressing the light switch, distracted, I'm wrong and I pull the trigger

Phrase of Jacques Rigaut in which we can see how There is a certain ambivalence between the desire to live and the desire to end suffering , frequent in suicides. Said author finally ended his life.

34. Being born was a mistake. An error that I intend to correct

Although it is not usual, this type of phrases is also possible and especially when there is a certain anger or hatred towards oneself.

35. I'm not fine. Inside I'm devastated. I do not know if I can continue

Another phrase that reflects the suffering and the doubt of whether it is worth continuing to fight that many people keep. Also in this sentence the person in question warns of the existence of deep pain.

36. I do not want to be me ... I want to be free ... I need a remedy to cure this pain ... I know I smile, but I have not been happy for a long time

This phrase is taken from the contents of the diary of a teenager who committed suicide in a psychiatric institution in England, said contents being subsequently published with the purpose of reflecting the anguish experienced.

37. I can not anymore. My life has no light or hope

Phrase from the letter that a battered woman wrote before taking her own life. It reflects the boredom and the loss of hope for a better future.

38. My work is done. Why wait?

The absence of a purpose or the feeling of having finished with one's role in life is what this phrase reflects, which George Eastman wrote before his suicide.

39. The future is only old age and disease and pain. Goodbye and thanks to you for all your love. I must have peace and this is the only way.

This phrase was written by James Whale before committing suicide. In it we see the presence of missing expectations towards the future and something that is also frequent in those who take their own lives: the gratitude towards those who have loved and treated them well.

40. My condition has deteriorated rapidly and I need to leave soon

Phrases similar to this are typical of people with terminal illnesses, neurodegenerative or extremely incapacitating who have wanted to end their lives.

41. All bridges are in love with a suicide

Phrases like this refer to one of the most common methods of suicide: that of rushing into space from a great height.

42. One more night, one more morning, one more day. I can not anymore

The expectation that nothing will improve and that every day will be an ordeal is something, as we have already mentioned, very common in those who commit suicide.

43. Whatever happens, know that I love you

A phrase that depending on the context could be a farewell to loved ones, prior to a suicide attempt.

44. I do not do anything here anymore

Once again, there is a feeling that there is nothing to do in life .

45. I want my suffering to end

Another way to express despair.

46. ​​My situation can only get worse

The extreme sadness goes together with the idea that the future will not be better, but in any case worse.

47. Soon you will forget about me

The hopelessness about the trace that will remain in others is also typical of depressive symptoms linked to suicidal ideation.

48. Nobody can help me

Another of the suicide phrases in which that feeling of helplessness is expressed.

49. In a short time I will disappear

Ambiguous references to a disappearance are typical of suicidal ideation.

50. It's as if he was already dead

Who does not see an exit experiences life as a simulation.

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