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8 things you should know if your partner is introverted

8 things you should know if your partner is introverted

October 23, 2020

Relationships are always based on the fit between two people, but the style we adopt to do this varies according to the personality of the other . It is important to keep this in mind given that, despite the fact that the myth that opposite poles attract each other is a lie (we usually start living as a couple with people with a personality similar to us), there are always nuances in the way of being another that, if we do not understand, can cause the relationship to be damaged.

This is something that it happens a lot especially in the case of people who are introverted , whether men or women. Introversion is a phenomenon that has been unjustly stigmatized for centuries in Western countries, and this causes many myths to circulate about it. The ignorance about this personality form does not disappear when you start dating an introvert; that ignorance becomes part of the relationship and, until it is addressed, it does not disappear.

To understand better how introverted people think, feel and act in the context of a relationship , keep in mind the following lines.

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Introverted couples: keys for love to flourish

Mature couples in which there is an introverted person and communication is already flowing for years is very likely that they have overcome this ignorance about this personality form.

However, in all other cases, the habit of waiting for introverted people to behave constantly in ways that do not fit well with their tendencies is more frequent than it seems. In the long run, this incomprehension usually takes its toll , especially in the life of a couple, since this is a space in which we are supposed to be ourselves and not expect to be judged by everything.

1. Better to avoid banal conversations

Introverted people hate "elevator conversations". Thinking about talking to talk is something that causes them despair , since they try to control all aspects of a social interaction in which nothing really matters too much.

Where most people just try to look nice and exchange some words, Introverts try to express coherent messages and minimally elaborated s. That is why either they choose not to talk and avoid going through that bad drink, or they get too long to realize just after they have taken the conversation too seriously. It's as if they wanted to pilot a kind of very bulky robot that is made with their own words.

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2. Express affection in favorable places

Many introverted people have difficulty communicating affection, love or affection in places full of stimuli and "distractions". That's why they prefer to book moments in which those exchanges of affection can receive all the attention what they deserve.

3. Need to talk, but stimulating things

An introvert He spends a good part of his time reflecting , think about different aspects of life. As a result, there are many topics they find interesting, and it is frustrating not being able to share them with someone. That is why the prejudice that pigeonholes them as individuals who do not like to speak up harms them, because few people find it logical that someone who does not usually speak in banal contexts superficially dealing with some issues is interested in talking at length in specific situations.

4. Going out to social events can be a challenge

There are many leisure events that for introverted people are not places to relax and have fun, but contexts that are seen as a challenge. The parties in which there are many stimuli appearing at the same time , like music, new places and people with whom to dialogue, they can saturate.

5. It is fixed in everything

Who is introverted knows that his attitude towards life, although it is usually more discreet than the rest, is not based on passivity, on doing nothing. The mind of introverts always bustles with activity, and that's why are able to capture details in which few people are fixed .

Therefore, it is highly recommended to judge this kind of comments with surprise, as if it were disturbing that someone is able to concentrate their attention is so small things.

6. He is better at dialogue in privacy

Groups of people who debate something can be too stressful for introverts. They are given much better conversations in which each one have time to talk without interruptions and without having to be aware of the reactions of several people at the same time.

7. It does not tend to shyness as much as it seems

Many times introversion is mistakenly interpreted as shyness. Not so, since the reasons why a person is introverted they do not have to be related to the fear of giving a bad image or to receive ridicule. In fact, many introverts are able to perform actions that are shocking knowing that they will attract attention.

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8. Your thinking goes faster than your speech

It is a fact that introverts They have a lot to say, but this makes it difficult to communicate. His life is not guided by brief and frivolous slogans, but by interconnected networks of ideas in a rather sophisticated way. That is why it is good to show understanding if in explaining certain things words are not found; It is not improvisation, but an effort to make your ideas pass through the funnel of language.

8 Reasons To Love an Introvert (October 2020).

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