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The 25 university courses with the greatest demand and future

The 25 university courses with the greatest demand and future

May 3, 2024

Every year, after the exam of selectivity, thousands of young students have to decide what career they are going to study. Although some have it very clear from the beginning, others still have doubts.

Choosing a degree or degree is an important decision, since four years can be very long if you do not like what you do or if you do not see the future very clear. The profession that we choose will accompany us the rest of our lives and even end up being part of our personality. The label of I am a psychologist, I am a lawyer, I am an engineer, etc., we will continue to go wherever we go.

Choose career: stability or vocation?

Of course, when it comes to deciding and doubts arise, the question is always the same: Do I opt for a career with good job prospects and a good salary? Or, on the other hand, do I fall for my great passion, knowing the difficulty of achieving a promising future?

If your vocation is very well paid and coincides in a temporary moment in which there is demand, you are in luck. Now, if you notice from the bottom of your soul that you want to work in a professional environment in which it is difficult to make a living, then you will have to sweat a lot to achieve it. And not only that, but you're going to have to adopt a hyper-positive attitude, and you may even have to put on a bombproof vest to keep you motivated. The answer to these questions only you know ... and may end up deciding with the heart.

Some tips to choose career

But if you are choosing a career and you are a mess because you are one of those people who do not even know what you want to have dinner tonight, pay attention to these tips that we give you below and it may be easier for you to make the decision .

1. Know yourself

If you do not know who you are, obviously you will not be able to know the career you want to study . Think about what you like to do, what motivates you and what gives meaning to your life.

  • If you want to know how to carry out this process of self-knowledge, you can read our post: "Personal Development: 5 reasons for self-reflection"

2. Know your options

Once you have an idea of ​​who you are, already you can look for the races that fit your profile and for which you are sure that you will endure those four years with infernal moments, especially in the times of examination. In this phase of the process, we try to find as many options as possible. You will have to do a good search, but you will surely discover many options that you did not even know existed.

3. Think about the future

Think that people change constantly, and your goals, interests and tastes can vary a lot, like your way of thinking, over the years it will take you to get a career and forge a career in that field.

It is good that you look back and ask yourself since when did you get interested in a certain university career? and for what reasons that happened. Do you think it will take place, or is it a passing obsession? Do you tend to abandon certain types of projects easily and not others?

4. Ask for opinion from others

Seeing how your opinions and those of others fit together is a good way to "triangulate" points of view and arrive at a more objective understanding of what the pros and cons of each option are.

If you have access to people who attend one of the careers that interest you, it is good that you listen to what they have to tell you, although you should keep in mind that their opinions will depend a lot on the university they have attended to take a certain career.

5. Assess the demand and decide

When you have already decided the careers that you would like to do, look for the options that you have to study them one by one . You will have to assess the different characteristics such as the location or professional outings, but never decide for a career that you do not like. It may be a decision that you regret the rest of your life.

The races with more demand, according to Adecco

If you want to know which are the careers with greater labor demand, Adecco was in charge of facilitating your work. The human resources provider company based in Switzerland but operating throughout the Spanish territory, developed a list of qualifications with more output and better expectations for job search. Keep in mind that this ranking is from 2015 and that the labor landscape is changing, since a profession with high demand at present may not have it in 10 years.

Based on the criteria of the VII Infoempleo / Adecco 2016 Report on qualifications with more professional opportunities, this list can help you decide if any of your options are in this top 25 of university careers with better future perspectives.

Do not miss the 25 most demanded university degrees in terms of job offer:

  1. Business Administration and Finance
  2. Informatics Engineering
  3. Commerce and Marketing
  4. Industrial engineer
  5. Business Administration and Law
  6. Nursing
  7. Telecommunications Engineering
  8. Economy
  9. Labor Relations and Human Resources
  10. Psychology and Psychopedagogy
  11. Mechanical Engineering
  12. Hostel and Tourism
  13. Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering
  14. Philology, Linguistics and Literature
  15. Law and Criminology
  16. Medicine and Biomechanics
  17. Electric engineering
  18. Education and Pedagogy
  19. Biology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  20. Architecture
  21. Chemical engineering
  22. Agri-Food and Rural Environment Engineering
  23. Arts and Design
  24. Chemistry
  25. Communication, Image and Sound

ADE, Computer Engineering and Commerce and Marketing, the most demanded degrees

As you see, Administration and Business Management (ADE) is still one more year the career with the highest demand for employment , followed by Computer Engineering, and Commerce and Marketing. Regarding this last profession, it is interesting to note that, taking into account that the world of work is changing dramatically due to the rise of new technologies, a professional sector that is gaining ground is digital marketing.

Many companies are increasingly aware of the need to adapt to the new environment not only of business, but also of interpersonal relationships and the interaction generated in the 2.0 world. The digital era is here, and it is the present and future of the work environment and organizations.

Would you like to study Psychology?

Undoubtedly, the psychology degree is one of the most attractive for new university students and is one of the preferred ones every year. It is not easy to build a professional future in this area, but with hope, effort, persistence and a positive mentality it is possible to work as a psychologist. If you want to know what some professionals of psychology think about the Degree, you can click here and find out about the difficulty of the race.

Now, to know the reasons why you should decide for this beautiful profession, from Psychology and Mind We can try to help you in this reflection, and we recommend that you read this article: "Why study Psychology? 10 points that you should value".

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