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The 60 Greatest Phrases of Groucho Marx

The 60 Greatest Phrases of Groucho Marx

July 23, 2024

Julius Henry Marx . A priori this name may be unknown to many, but the thing changes if we mention the artistic name with which it was known: Groucho Marx .

This well-known comedian (considered one of the best in history) and actor participated with his brothers in numerous films in a convulsive era, reflecting with irreverent humor, crazy and witty different situations present in his time and making enjoy a large part of the world with its interpretations.

Throughout his career he has left innumerable and memorable phrases and reflections of Groucho Marx, some of which we will pick up in this article.

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Sixty big phrases by Groucho Marx

Then we leave you with a total of sixty of the most mythical and representative phrases of this comedian .

1. Ladies and gentlemen, these are my principles. If you do not like them, I have other

One of the most iconic and well-known phrases of his character reflects the hypocrisy and fickleness of the beliefs and values ​​of the people, who change their minds and principles according to whether they benefit more or less.

2. I must confess that I was born at a very young age

Groucho was a master when it came to using language to be sarcastic and ironic. In this case, the phrase can be interpreted as a simple irony (everyone is a little old at the moment of birth) or as if he or she was born prematurely.

3. It is better to be quiet and look silly, than to talk and clear doubts definitely

Basically, the actor ironizes about human stupidity and how it is expressed without anyone asking for it.

4. Do not think bad of me, young lady, my interest in you is purely sexual

The irreverent and discarnate of this comedian considering the time he appeared made Groucho a myth of comedy.

5. If you are able to talk non-stop, in the end you will find something funny, bright and intelligent

For the comedian, talking continuously allows you to finish by making a really surprising and intelligent speech. He also made fun of himself with this phrase.

6. When I die they incinerate me and that ten percent of my ashes are poured on my employer

One of the elements that made the most mockery and criticism during his works was the business world and the finance, in space to the concern for the calculation of benefits and investments.

7. Are not you Miss Smith, daughter of billionaire banker Smith? Do not? Excuse me, for a moment I thought I had fallen in love with you

The character of Marx used to want to take a big gag, pairing up with a millionaire woman.

8. Outside the dog a book is probably man's best friend, and inside the dog it is probably too dark to read

Culture and literature are very important elements that allow us to learn, grow, imagine and dream.

9. I find television quite educational. When someone lights it at home, I go to another room and read a good book

Criticism and ridicule to the television and to the little educational utility of the contents offered by her, in spite of that he himself owned directed a televising show.

10. Forgive me not to get up

The phrase itself may not seem too special, but it is if we consider its context: the same comedian suggested in an interview that this could be his epitaph. In fact the urban legend has run that it was, but in his grave only appear name and surname, year of birth and death and a star of David.

11. The trouble with love is that many confuse it with gastritis and, when they have healed of the indisposition, they find that they have been married

This phrase touches the theme of confusing falling in love with love, from a comical and ironic perspective. It also reflects in part the bad relationship he had with his first wife, with whom he married a year after he met her.

12. Do not laugh at anything is stupid, laugh at everything is stupid

A sense of humor is essential to be happy, but you also have to know how to define what makes us grace what does not.

13. It says that ... the contracting party of the first part will be considered the contracting party of the first part

Appeared in "A Night at the Opera", this phrase ridicules the excessive use of technicalities in the business world, especially in the elaboration of employment contracts.

14. Excuse me if I call you gentlemen, but I do not know them very well

The comedian jokes with the fact that, if he knew them, he could not consider them as such due to the presumable presence of defects that would make him lose respect for them.

15. My son, happiness is made up of little things: a small yacht, a small mansion, a small fortune ..

Great phrase that ironizes about the value given to money.

16From the moment I picked up his book I fell to the floor rolling with laughter. Someday I hope to read it

A mocking and provocative mockery, especially considering that he had friends who were dedicated to writing.

17. Cite me saying that I have been misquoted

The large number of phrases he made throughout his life and the expansion of these among the population led him to anticipate that many would be repeated and altered over time.

18. I would never belong to a club that admitted someone like me as a member

This phrase was issued in response to the offer of the club "Friars Club of Beverly Hills" to be part of it. Interestingly it was initially he who tried to enter, but was rejected when trying to do so with his real name. Realizing who he was, the club tried to invite him. The answer was negative.

19. I do not have lunch time today. Bring me the account directly

Acid criticism of exploitation and the high level of labor pressure existing at the time.

20. Marriage is the main cause of divorce

Without marriage there is no divorce, so the first must be the main cause of the second.

21. There are many things in life more important than money. But they cost so much!

Although money is not the most important thing, it makes things easier to achieve what is.

22. Why should I worry about posterity? What has posterity ever done for me?

This phrase can be interpreted as a criticism of the fact that we focus and focus too much on the future instead of living in the present.

23. Stop the world that I am under

This phrase would also be used by Mafalda (the character of graphic humorist Quino).

24. I took so long to write the review that I never got to read the book

The actor also criticizes critics who criticize without going deeply into the criticized.

25. I drink to make other people interesting

It refers to the effect of alcohol on the decrease of judgment and behavioral disinhibition. However, he was not a big drinker, which had serious effects on the health of two of his wives.

26. I have strived to get from nothing to extreme poverty

This comment refers to the period of the Great Depression, in which Groucho Marx lost almost a large part of his money having invested in the stock market.

27. I never forget a face, but in your case I will be happy to make an exception

Ironic phrase to indicate someone that is not to our liking.

28. There is only one way to discover if a man is honest ... ask him. If he answers yes, he is a phony

With this phrase Groucho Marx expresses that there is no one who is totally honest: if he says no and it is true he would indicate that he is not, while in the case that he said that he would only be pretending to be one to benefit from it.

29. I think it's a good idea not to spend your life trying to please others. If you do not please yourself, you will end up not pleasing anyone. But if you please yourself, perhaps please someone else

This reflection indicates that in order to do good for others, first it is necessary to try to be good ourselves. Focus only on others ignoring our needs will hurt us and also make it difficult for us to help others.

30. He has taken his beauty from his father: he is a plastic surgeon

This comment again uses the break with what the subject would expect (that was talking about the genetic transmission of physical characteristics). It also satirizes the search for a beautiful appearance.

31. Everything I am I owe to my great-grandfather, the old Cyrus Tecumseh Flywheel. He was a great man; If he were still alive, the whole world would talk about him ... Why? Because if he were alive he would be 140 years old

Marx emphasized by the use of the language and also by his capacity of lateral thought, leaving and breaking the thread of thought of the spectator.

32. The secret of success lies in sincerity and honesty. If you are able to simulate it, you are done

Groucho again indicates with a comical but sarcastic comment that to succeed only makes others consider that you are good and true, without really being and just enough to pretend.

33. Even when I joke I tell the truth. And it's no joke

The sense of humor does not have to be gratuitous: through his humor Groucho Marx denounced and mocked real situations reflecting his opinions about it (albeit in a burlesque way).

34. Politics is the art of looking for problems, finding them, making a false diagnosis and then applying the wrong remedies

A critical phrase with the politics and the measures taken by the governments, especially in the times that he had to live: the Great Depression, the World Wars, persecution of possible communists and associates during the cold war (having been in fact Groucho himself investigated ).

35. The downside of making intelligent suggestions is that you run the risk of being assigned to carry them out

If someone suggests something, it is usually believed that it is because he is willing to carry it out himself.We must be careful with what is asked or proposed to others if we are not willing to do it ourselves.

36. Age is not a particularly interesting issue. Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough

We all get older and get older, not having to give more importance to this fact.

37. If a black cat crosses your path, that means the animal goes somewhere

Groucho Marx mocks superstitions and magical thinking with this phrase.

38. I like my mistakes. I do not want to give up the delicious freedom to be wrong

To err allows us to learn and find new ways of seeing life and acting, giving emotion to our lives.

39. My mother adored children. I would have given anything because I was

The absurd and crazy humor was the hallmark of the house of the comedies starring the Marx brothers, who began acting from a very early age (at first, forming a musical group). His mother supported and contributed to boost his artistic career.

40. If you feel useless and depressed, remember that one day you were the fastest sperm of all

This phrase reminds us that no matter how bad things may go, we are alive and can overcome any situation and ourselves.

41. I have been fond of psychoanalysis since I have wanted to get married again

Sex and attraction is a recurring theme in Groucho Marx's comedy. Psychoanalysis, with the focus on its Freudian side in the sexual drive, was something of interest to him. In addition, the relation of the comedian with the marriage was convulsa, marrying and separating until in three occasions.

42. Humor is possibly a word; I use it constantly and I'm crazy about it. Some day I will find out its meaning

It is not necessary to know terms or study about a topic to learn how to use it. This is the case of humor, which should be spontaneous and is usually better if it is not excessively thoughtful.

43. Look to give a party and not invite me ... I've been on the verge of not coming!

Sometimes humor may not be welcome or it may be unwelcome, but it needs to be present in our lives.

44. Only the cheap is expensive

Although it may seem a contradiction, the cheap usually has poor quality and require a later payment higher than what would result from going directly to the "expensive". The same goes for our performance in life: going the easy way leads to a quick result, but not completely satisfactory. By against working and striving for things causes us to value our goal much more.

45. I'm not a vegetarian, but like animals that are

An original and ironic way of indicating that he was not a vegetarian.

46. ​​To me women who only stand out because of their physique do not tell me anything ... In fact they do not speak to me

With humor, Groucho Marx reminds us that the physical is not everything is a person.

47. I have really enjoyed this play, especially at rest

The actor dominated the use of language and irony, producing phrases like this.

48. True love only comes once in a lifetime ... and then there's no one to take it off.

This phrase is part of one of his films: specifically "The hotel of the mess".

49. Why do they call it love if they mean sex?

The author makes fun of the confusion between passion and love, and of the tendency of some people to say that they look for one thing when they try to obtain only the other.

50. Laughter is a very serious thing

Although it seems a contradiction, it actually reflects the importance of a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at oneself and the world when living in a positive and happy way.

51. The intellectual is a guy with ulcer, dandruff and magnifying glasses

Criticism not veiled towards the stereotype of intellectual reigning in society, as well as towards people who pretend to be intellectuals or towards those who do not know how to enjoy life.

52. He may seem like an idiot and act like an idiot, but do not let yourself be fooled, he's really an idiot

Although we can not be fooled by appearances, the observation of others can really reflect reality.

53. The most difficult part of old age is finding someone willing to scratch your feet

Groucho took with humor the fact of getting old, in spite of the existence of great personal difficulties in his last years.

54. Honey, what prison did you tell me they taught you how to prepare this soup?

Sometimes the acid and sarcastic sense of humor of the actor could play tricks on him, especially in conflicting interpersonal situations such as those he would maintain with his wives.

55. The other day I met two lions and submitted ... I submitted to a series of prayers and cries

Comical comment that reflects that people tend to inflate and make themselves look good even though reality says otherwise.

56. Do not look now, but someone is in this room ... and I think it's you

This phrase aims to make someone see that he is not welcome, that he is interrupting something or that he is not where he belongs.

57Behind every great man there is a great woman. Behind her is his wife

It refers to the tendency of the American population at that time to have one or several lovers.

58. I will not allow injustice, or foul play, but if someone is caught practicing corruption if I receive a commission, we will put it against the wall ... And we will give the order to shoot!

Criticism of corruption and hypocrisy in the political sphere and of high society.

59. At parties you never sit down; Someone you do not like may sit next to you

The comedian states that we must take the risks and consequences of what we do.

60. I intend to live forever, or die trying

With humor, Groucho Marx remembered that we are all going to die no matter what we do, but that we should try to give value to our life and be immortal.

The Wisdom of Groucho Marx - Famous Quotes (July 2024).

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