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The 70 best sentences of Robin Williams

The 70 best sentences of Robin Williams

June 15, 2024

Robin Williams (1951 - 2014) was a famous American film actor, especially in the genre of comedy.

Born in Chicago, this phenomenal performer starred in films such as Jumanji, Hook, Vietnam, The Indomitable Will Hunting, The Bicentennial Man and many other films that made us laugh and cry. He was winner of an Oscar Award.

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Unforgettable phrases by Robin Williams

Died in 2014 when he decided that life no longer fit him, Robin Williams left a void in the hearts of millions of followers around the world .

After a few years in which we have made up the idea that we will not see him smile again, we can at least remember his philosophy of life through the best phrases of Robin Williams.

1. I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end alone. It is not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel lonely.

Perhaps his most remembered phrase, full of melancholy.

2. No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Ideas that move the world.

3. They only give you a small spark of madness. You must not lose it.

If you lose it, you are lost.

4. Carpe diem. Live the moment.

Just enjoy, make it yours.

5. Men can only be truly free in dreams. It was always like that and it will always be like that.

Unfortunately, reality limits us a lot.

6. Some are born great. Some get greatness. Others take it as a graduation gift.

Great reflection of Robin Williams.

7. There is a lot to learn and there are always great things out there. Even mistakes can be wonderful.

The magic of the little things.

8. The right thing is what remains if you do everything else wrong.

To think.

9. Live the moment, there is nothing more important.

Another phrase in relation to Carpe Diem.

10. Spring is the natural way to say: Let's party!

This is what the nature of wanting to live tells us.

11. Thought is real and physical illusion.

Williams in a metaphysical moment.

12. Today will not be repeated. Live intensely every moment.

Honesty and the reality of the present moment.

13. Being in the same room with people and creating something together is a good thing.

On the benefits of teamwork.

14. Sorry, if you were right, I would agree with you.

The truth has only one way.

15. I want to rehabilitate myself in the wine country just to leave my options open.

Your personal redemption

16. If women run the world we would not have wars, only intense negotiations, every 28 days.

An ironic phrase about the cyclical bad mood of women.

17. Never fight with an ugly person, they have nothing to lose.

Irreverent humor.

18. Laughter is essential for a good friendship.

A genius of comedy had it totally clear.

19. Stop suffering, there's no time for that.

Life is too short.

20. I love children, but they are a difficult audience.

It's hard to entertain them.

21. You have never looked at a woman and you have felt vulnerable, nor have you seen yourself reflected in her eyes. You have not thought that God has put an angel on earth for you, to rescue you from the wells of hell, nor what it feels like to be his angel and give him your love and give him forever.

On the difficulty of pleasing a woman.

22. People say that satire is dead. It is not dead; She is alive and lives in the White House.

Sarcasm against American power.

23. Reality is simply a crutch for people who can not cope with drugs

Robin Williams phrase, perhaps deeper than it appears.

24. The Second Amendment says that we have the right to bear arms, not to carry the artillery.

About the American laws.

25. Be my own teacher. Such a thing would be better than all the magic and treasures of the world.

About his philosophy of life.

26. Comedy is acting with optimism.

Positivity in their profession.

27. Comedy can be a cathartic way of dealing with your personal traumas.

Psychological traumas are more bearable when we have this tool.

28. Improvisation sometimes works, sometimes not, but when it does, it is like in the open field in execution.

The freedom of movement on stage, and its risks.

29. You have the idea that you better keep working or people will forget about you. And that is what is dangerous.

The need for applause is a double-edged sword.

30. I think it's great when the stories are dark and strangely personal.

His favorite movies were of this type.

31. You can not tell me how it feels to wake up with a woman and happiness invades you.

There is no way to put that feeling into words.

32I prefer to die as a man, to live eternity as a machine.

Fragment of The Bicentennial Man.

33. Cocaine is God's way of saying you have too much money.

Funny reflection on this expensive drug.

34. God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately, not enough blood to make them both work at the same time.

One of his most famous sarcastic phrases.

35. We had gay thieves the other night. They broke and reorganized the furniture.

Echoing a stereotype.

36. Turn off the TV and become someone interesting. Act

Passivity does not lead anywhere.

37. A woman would never make a nuclear bomb. They would never make a weapon that kills, no, no. They would make a weapon that made you feel bad for a while.

Humor in its purest form.

38. Reality: What a concept!

One of those phrases of Robin Williams philosophical look.

39. It's hard when you read an article saying bad things about you. It's like someone sticks a knife in your heart, but I'm the toughest critic of my job.

Self-demand is above external criticism.

40. Cricket is basically baseball in Valium.

Comparing both sports.

41. We choose who we let into our world.

Therefore, you have to choose well.

42. The idea of ​​having a stable job is attractive.

But maybe it's not very exciting.

43. If we fight against evil, we fight against the most terrible of all: indifference.

A phrase to reflect on our ethical scale.

44. I love you without knowing how, or when or where. I love you directly without problems or pride, so I love you because I do not know how to love in any other way. So close that your hand on my chest is my hand, so close that your eyes close with my dream.

A declaration of romantic love.

45. You are not perfect, friend. And I'm going to save you the suspense. The girl you met is not perfect either. The only thing that matters is whether they are perfect as a couple.

Imperfect individuals can form an ideal union.

46. ​​Only when we dream we have freedom, it always was like that and always will be.

About the dream world.

47. That you are here, that there is life and identity, that the powerful drama continues and you can contribute with a verse.

A poetic phrase of this god of comedy.

48. What makes us different are imperfections.

Reflection to love more.

49. I am the madman who believes that laughter heals everything.

A great form of therapy.

50. We all need to be accepted, but you must understand that your convictions are yours, they belong to you (...) even if the whole herd says: it's not right! Robert Frost said: Two roads diverge in a forest, and I took the less traveled of the two, and that's what changed everything. I want you to find your own way.

About self-acceptance

51. You do not know how it feels to lose someone, because you will only know it when you love someone other than yourself. I doubt you have dared to love like that.

Love and its limits.

52. There is a moment for courage and another for prudence and that which is intelligent distinguishes them.

You have to know how to calibrate situations.

53. No matter what they say, words and ideas can change the world.

Irrefutably, it's like that.

54. Robert Frost said: two roads opened before me, but I took the one less traveled and that made the difference.

Paraphrasing one of his literary idols.

55. I have come to my table to remember that we have to look at things in a different way. The world looks different from up here.

The eccentricity well understood.

56. Divorce. From the Latin expression that means: tear a man's genitals, along with his wallet.

Ironic phrase against certain legal practices.

57. Being divorced does not mean you have an obligation to hate him.

In the line of the previous sentence.

58. I went to the woods because I wanted to live consciously, I wanted to live in depth and extract all the core of life, and put aside everything that was not life, so as not to discover at the time of my death, that there was no vivid.

In contact with mother nature.

59. There is still a lot to learn and there are always great things out there. Even mistakes can be wonderful.

Of all you can learn.

60. I try to make sense of things. That's why, I believe, I believe in destiny. There must be a reason why I am the way I am. There must be.

About his philosophical beliefs.

61. I think that the saddest people always do everything possible to make people happy. Because they know what it is to feel absolutely useless and do not want anyone else to feel that way.

His vision on people with a depressive tendency.

62. You will have bad times, but you will always be awakened by things you did not pay attention to.

The insignificant things can become important.

63. Take advantage of the day. Because, believe it or not, each and every one of us in this room will one day stop breathing.

You have to take advantage of every moment.

64. Death is the way nature says: "Your table is ready."

There is nothing more to do.

65Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be nice Forever.

A great reflection on dealing with other people.

66. You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to start, the less likely you are to find it.

Little by little we must move towards that end.

67. Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means leaving, and leaving means forgetting.

A "see you later" is always preferable.

68. More than anything, I want to thank my father, up there, the man who, when I said he wanted to be an actor, said: "Wonderful, just have a backup profession like soldering."

About the understandable fears of Robin Williams' father.

69. I always thought that the idea of ​​education was to learn to think for yourself.

Form an own criterion, is essential.

70. Please, do not worry so much. Because in the end none of us has much time on this earth. Life is fleeting. And if you ever feel distressed, look towards the summer sky.

Wisdom in its purest form

Best of Robin Williams Stand up comedy Collection (June 2024).

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