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50 farewell phrases to say goodbye

50 farewell phrases to say goodbye

May 6, 2024

Life can have good times and bad moments. Without a doubt, one of the most complicated is to say goodbye .

Saying goodbye is not always easy, especially when the person leaving has meant something very special in your life. But luckily, in some cases, Say goodbye to someone or something is a great opportunity to grow and find yourself again .

Farewell phrases to say goodbye to a loved one

But what are the best phrases about farewell that different authors have given us over time? In today's article, you will find a compilation with the best farewell phrases . Do not miss it!

1. It's always harder to be left behind than to be the one who leaves (Brock Thoene)

Nobody likes to be rejected and less when someone cares. Therefore, it always hurts more when you have said goodbye than when you are the person who has made the decision to leave. However, in the long run the person who has been rejected may have reasons not to want to know more about the other person, and although the other person made the decision at the time, he may regret over time.

2. Every night, after goodbye, my heart freezes ... (Mercedes Crowe)

Have you ever been left? Surely you remember how bad it is at the beginning, especially at night. It is common, when they let you, that anxiety takes over during the night, because you tend to be less busy. The bed can become a hostile place, in which it becomes difficult to sleep. Luckily, over time, everything is overcome.

3. And when leaving you will be my last words: I'm leaving, I leave my love behind (Rabindranath Tagore)

This phrase seems easy to say, but reality is not always like that. When there are feelings in between, saying goodbye may not be true at first . In fact, it is usual to say goodbye to someone you love and repent when you miss them.

4. The pain of separation is nothing compared to the joy of meeting again (Charles Dickens)

Separating yourself from someone you love is very painful . But when you see it again, the joy you feel is immense. Soon after the reunion it seems that no time has passed between you.

5. The hands that say goodbye are birds that die slowly (Mario Quintana)

The Brazilian poet Mario Quintana left this beautiful phrase to remember or. Saying goodbye to someone special forever is, without a doubt, one of the worst experiences that human beings can experience .

6. Parting always hurts, even if it's been a long time (Arthur Schnitzler)

The farewells are not pleasant and, sometimes, the memory can last a long time . The people who have marked us may not disappear forever. Even if goodbye is accepted, the memory can remain eternally alive.

7. Among the flowers you left. Among the flowers I stay (Miguel Hernández)

When you come across that unique person for you and for some reason you have to separate your paths, you may walk away but there will always be something of that person inside of you .

8. Only what is lost is acquired forever (Henrik Ibsen)

It can happen that you live with someone for many years, and that, due to monotony, in the end you are not aware of what you had. But when that person leaves, the emptiness that it leaves inside you can be so great that then you realize what you have lost .

9. No kiss other than the farewell principle, including the arrival one (George Bernard Shaw)

This phrase by George Bernard Shaw means that everything has a beginning and an end and this is the law of life . Even the first kiss, someday will be the last.

10. Love is so short and forgetting is so long (Pablo Neruda)

A great phrase of Pablo Neruda that makes reference to intense love is the most missed . And is that for brief that was, if there really was something special, forgetfulness is a great pity.

11. I say goodbye for life, but all my life I will keep thinking about you (José Ángel Buesa)

When love is true and feels intense and deeply, saying goodbye does not have to mean the end , because inside the head of that person who loves, can keep the memory alive.

12. Goodbye is always painful. I prefer a see you soon! (Unknown)

This is a phrase that surely we have used everything, because it is quite popular. The truth is that it hurts less to think about a see you later! that in a Always! .

13. Love does not end just by saying goodbye, we must keep in mind that being absent does not cancel the memory, does not buy the forgetfulness, or erases us from the map (Ricardo Arjona)

Goodbye, therefore, is not the end of a great love. The years can pass and, depending on the person and the intensity of the feeling, the memory can be very much alive .

14Do you want us to keep a sweet memory of this love? ... let's love each other today, and tomorrow let's say goodbye! (Gustavo Adolfo Becquer)

Many times we have something that we do not value until we lose it . And the same happens in interpersonal relationships. We have to value the people we have close by, because if one day they are not there, we may then realize what they meant to us.

15. Only in the agony of saying goodbye can we understand the depth of our love (George Eliot)

This phrase has the same meaning as the previous one. When we lose someone important, the pain we feel makes us see what that person really was for us .

16. I say goodbye to you for life, even if all your life keeps thinking about you (José Ángel Buesa)

There are times when people can end a relationship, but really the memory of the other person is still alive. Has it happened to you? Are you still thinking about him or her?

If you want to know why this happens to you, this post will interest you: "Why can not I stop thinking about my ex? 4 keys to understand it"

17. A million words can not make you come back. I know, because I tried. Neither a million tears. I know, because I cried until I could not anymore (Unknown)

A magnificent phrase that exemplifies what happens when we miss that special person . We have all gone through it, and it is one of the great experiences that allow us to grow and be better people.

18. Someday you will come back to know about me, and you will look at me and you will come to the conclusion that without you ... yes, I am happy ... (Unknown)

But not always the dismissals mean that you remember positively of the other person. There are times when goodbye is the best way to be a little happier .

19. Can miles really separate you from friends ... If you want to be with someone you love, are not you there already? (Richard Bach)

Distance does not have to mean forgetting , because when you have that person in your mind you feel very close. Although physically you are not with her, mentally if you are.

20. It's not the days we remember, but the moments (Walt Disney)

What we really remember from someone is not the time we spend together, but the moments lived and the intensity of the feelings .

21. Maybe part of loving, is learning to let go (Anonymous)

Wanting another person implies that, by force majeure, we are obliged to let her go. Sad but true .

22. They said goodbye and the welcome was already welcome (Mario Benedetti)

The Uruguayan poet and his particular way of observing a temporary goodbye of two people who love each other .

23. Goodbye! Goodbye forever, my good friend, sweet and sad memory of my childhood! (Edmondo de Amicis)

Amicis takes us back to childhood, even with a melancholic memory .

24. Do not cry because it ended, smile because it happened (Dr. Seuss)

Dr. Seuss, in one of his best known phrases.

25. The world is round and that site that seems an end could also be a beginning (Ivy Parker)

Ivy Baker Priest makes a poetic reflection on the apparent endings and potential beginnings.

26. There are no goodbyes between us. Wherever you are, I'll take you in my heart (Gandhi)

The reference of pacifism, Gandhi, left this emotional phrase to say goodbye.

27. We only left to meet again (John Gray)

John Gay, in one of the farewell phrases that can be used when there is going to be a reunion later on.

28. No more words. We know them all, all the words that should not be said. But you have made my world more perfect (Terry Pratchett)

Terry Pratchett, in his book Nation, He left some phrases as emotional as this, perfect to say goodbye .

29. It's time to say goodbye, but the farewells are sad and I'd rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure (Ernie Hardwell)

Commentator Ernie Harwell left one of the farewell phrases that center the message around what's to come.

30. Saying goodbye does not mean anything. It's the time we spend together that matters (Trey Parker)

Trey Parker it detracts from the moment of farewell to highlight the good of past time in the company of the other.

31. History never says "goodbye". What he always says is a "see you later" (Eduardo Galeano)

A phrase about the farewells of the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano .

32. If you are brave enough to say "goodbye", life will reward you with a new "hello" (Paulo Coelho)

One of the optimistic reflections of the writer Paulo Coelho.

33. Man's feelings are always the purest and the brightest in welcomes and farewells (Jean Paul Richter)

Jean Paul Richter reflects on the relationship between emotions and moments of saying "hello" and "goodbye".

34. I never say goodbye, because a goodbye means leaving and leaving means forgetting (J. M. Barrie)

J. M. Barrie tries the relationship between farewells and oblivion as something inevitable.

35Each game is a kind of death, in the same way that each meeting is a type of Heaven (Tryon Edwards)

Tryon Edwards contrasts the farewells with the meetings, exaggerating their emotional implications.

36. Remind me and smile, since it is preferable to forget to remember me and cry (Dr. Seuss)

Another of Dr. Seuss's farewell phrases, for the most painful farewells .

37. Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and at some intermediate moment we became better friends (Anonymous)

An anonymous phrase to say goodbye highlighting the most positive part of the link that unites two people.

38. This is not a goodbye, but a "thank you" (Nicholas Sparks)

A positive and cheerful phrase to say goodbye, by Nicholas Sparks.

39. Great is the art of the beginnings, but greater is the art of the endings (Henry W. Longfellow)

With this personal appreciation, the important role of the farewells is emphasized.

40. The two hardest things to say are the first hello and the last goodbye (Moira Rogers)

An apparent paradox in which a similarity between different situations arises.

41. If we see each other again, I hope it's in a better world (Anonymous)

The beyond, perhaps, awaits us with less suffering and more fraternity.

42. Goodbye, my dear love. Thanks for everything you gave me, and thanks for every time you think of me again (Alejandro Casona)

Even if we do not see each other again, your footprint is indelible.

43. The worst dismissals are those that were not said (Anonymous)

When we are left with the desire to give one last goodbye kiss ...

44. You left unannounced, today I live from the happy memories that you left me (Anonymous)

Good memories are also a source of melancholy.

45. Goodbye my friends, I'm going to glory! (Isadora Duncan)

An optimistic phrase to say goodbye to unique friendships.

46. ​​They both sighed the same and today they are part of a rain away, do not get confused it does not serve the resentment they are spasms after the goodbye (Gustavo Cerati)

Poetic and sad, this phrase to say goodbye.

47. You can see that the heartfelt grief is so deep that nothing is sadder than the last goodbye (Mariano Melgar)

How hard it is when we have to see for the last time someone who has marked our lives.

48. Goodbye, compassionate me and do not stop loving me (Marqués de Sade)

A plea with a touch of humor, the great Marquis de Sade.

49. It will be better to forget everything this time, it will be better to go home later. In the watch cu-cú it's only six o'clock, goodbye baby, it seems like it was yesterday (Celeste Carballo)

A poetry to say goodbye to someone you love.

50. Nothing and no one can prevent them from suffering, the needles advance in the clock, decide for them, make mistakes, grow and one day they say goodbye (Joan Manuel Serrat)

A tender verse of the great Catalan singer-songwriter.

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