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12 essential Noam Chomsky books

12 essential Noam Chomsky books

July 18, 2024

Noam Chomsky has been one of the most important figures in linguistics and semiotics.

His ideas were a blow to behavioral theories about language, especially those defended by B. F. Skinner. But also, Chomsky has been an activist, a thinker and an intellectual who has reflected on how power and inequality have an impact on the way we perceive the world.

Anyone who wants to enter into the thoughts of this author would do well to start with his writing, so we have made a selection of the best books by Noam Chomsky for restless minds.

Books by Noam Chomsky in Spanish

This is a selection of the most important, relevant and accessible Chomsky books.

1. Fear of democracy

In this book, Chomsky points out various thought control mechanisms that favor a vision of the world in which the foreign policy of the United States is perceived as a task of protecting the reign of peace, no matter what and however violent it may be. are the actions promoted. Through its pages, it dissects the style of patriotic propaganda promoted in the USA. and the impact that this has on the thought patterns of the population.

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2. How the world works

One of Noam Chomsky's books in which offers a general overview of transnational forces that, according to this thinker, direct the great changes at planetary level and the great cultural transformations that have occurred recently.

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3. On power and ideology

For Noam Chomsky, the role of ideology has a determining weight in our way of understanding the world , either in a general way or in its smallest details. This book contains a series of lectures about a dual tendency that characterizes us: generate beliefs and provisional theories about how reality is based on very little information and, at the same time, reject very clear and obvious data with which we We hit frequently.

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4. Illusionists

A unique case in which Noam Chomsky preferred to publish before an edition of the book in Spanish that its English version . In Illusionists, Chomsky exposes his worries about what are the main obstacles so that a scenario can be developed in which people can live in equal rights and with guaranteed minimum standards of welfare. Among them is the ease of the large business networks to lead countries from the shadow, the pressure of the lobbies to push laws and knock down others without going through the electoral system, and globalization.

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5. The culture of terrorism

In line with other Noam Chomsky books, in this one too the strategies that have been followed from the United States to justify military interventions are reviewed in the name of peace. In this case, it focuses on the Reagan government and its war against a non-existent enemy, "global communism," which allowed it to operate directly on much weaker sovereign territories. A work reminiscent of the front that is described in the 1984 novel by George Orwell.

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6. Human nature: justice versus power

The book in which the transcription of one of the most interesting debates of those broadcast on television is offered : a dialogue between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault. In this book they present their philosophical positions and, from there, they develop their vision of geopolitics, culture and the nature of inequalities.

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7. Hopes and realities

In the pages of this work Chomsky explains what is the basis of the different failures and political and economic crises that have occurred in the world in recent decades , and also points out where the most promising change ingredients can be found from the point of view of activism.

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8. The benefit is what counts: neoliberalism and global order

One of Chomsky's books in which the author focuses more on analyzing neoliberalism as a global phenomenon . Here he reflects on the incompatibility between the principles of democracy and the logic from which the market operates, the necessary relationship between the creation of wealth in neoliberalism and the maintenance of a State that defends its own interests, and the way in which the great fortunes are capable of making the world change without exposing themselves to the vote of the people.

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9. Essential Chomsky

In this book Chomsky texts are collected in which you can recognize the main strokes of his thinking in relation to various issues. A good option for people looking for an introductory book to the thought of Noam Chomsky .

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10. Reasons for anarchy

Here they meet a series of Chomsky texts in which the thinker explains why the major economic and political problems have to be addressed from a collectivist and anti-authoritarian point of view . In the pages of Reasons for anarchy is left his left thinking.

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Other books by Noam Chomsky

These are some of Chomsky's books that They are not available in Spanish but can be obtained in English .

11. Language and mind

A summary of Chomsky's vision of language and semiotics. to see the evolution of his thinking in the field that made him famous.

  • If you are interested, here you can read more about this work.

12. Secrets, lies and democracy

In this book Chomsky talks about the mechanisms that large oligarchies use to influence politics without being questioned, the totalitarian nature of states and why this feedback mechanism explains the growth of inequality.

  • The book is available here.

Are you interested in recommending other works by Chomsky?

If you have read other books and writings of Chomsky and you are interested in making them known and recommended, you can do so in the comments section. In turn, if you are very interested in this author and want to go deeper into his work, You can see the recommendations of others to choose your reading depending on your areas of interest .

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Noam Chomsky - The Essentials (July 2024).

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