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5 signs that warn us that a person is insecure

5 signs that warn us that a person is insecure

April 1, 2024

Surely it will have happened to you sometime: you know a person, you start talking about any topic and, suddenly, notes that discomfort invades the conversation .

At this time it is normal for you to feel that it is you who is causing the other person discomfort.

Unsafe people: inferiority complex or simple shyness?

Until the moment you start talking to that person everything was perfect: you had a good day, you felt good about yourself. But from the moment you notice the discomfort with the conversation you are having, certain doubts begin to arise about your appearance, your body language, your ability to communicate ... In principle, the person in front of you has an impeccable image, a good placed in your company and great communication skills. But it has the peculiarity of wanting to show everyone how well it is doing in life, whether in a relaxed context or in a business meeting.

Before these people, It is not uncommon for us to feel very small, insignificant , overwhelmed by their personal stories that show us that, apparently, they are people with magnificent lives.

Inferiority complex: a concept developed by Adler

The psychology that hides behind the attitude shown by these people was developed by the Austrian psychoanalyst Alfred Adler , who proposed the concept of inferiority complex. In the words of Adler himself, people who have inferiority complex often devote a lot of effort to overcompensation through what Adler calls "struggle for superiority."

Unsafe people who do not know how to manage their insecurity They can try to feel happy based on making people around them feel unhappy. Adler adds that this incessant struggle to feel superior is one of the most obvious signs of neurosis.

Obviously, not all insecure people are neurotic . Occasionally, insecure individuals channel this characteristic through withdrawal or shyness. In fact, they tend to be the majority, but in this post we are going to pay more attention to the insecure ones with the inferiority complex that Adler described.

5 signs that indicate that we are facing an insecure person

Next we will explain the different indicators and signals that can warn us that we are dealing with an insecure person ... and with an inferiority complex.

1. It may try to make you feel insecure about yourself

In the case of people with inferiority complex, It is quite usual that they start questioning you and making you feel bad . The most usual thing is that they are not especially rude or rude; If they make you feel bad, it is because, precisely, they show a false cordiality. It is also common for people with inferiority complex to try to let you know their achievements and virtues at all costs. If you normally feel good about yourself but start to doubt your worth when you are accompanied by certain people, it is possible that they are projecting their fears and insecurities about you.

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2. You need to show your value and achievements

It is not essential that you feel insecure when you converse with a person to conclude that person is projecting your complex in you. Individuals who continually show off their training, lifestyle, personal and work achievements and their perfect family, they may try to convince themselves that they are outstanding and valuable people .

3. Frequently use false modesty

False modesty is one of the ways that insecure people use to brag about their achievements. For example, you may have noticed that you have a contact on social networks that usually complains about all the trips you have to make, but that Actually, what he wants to show is that he has an important job .

4. Often appears critical recurrently

People who have a permanent feeling of inferiority tend to show that they have refined tastes and high expectations about all the things that surround them. In fact, many times they are crossed out snobs , because they are very critical of all the cultural products that they believe are not up to par. They use this strategy not only to give an image of special people but also as a method to self-assess.

5. Beware, there are insecure people that are worth knowing

Not all insecure people have an inferiority complex. Therefore, there are people who feel insecure because they are shy, or because the social situation (the context) of the interaction causes them a little discomfort. To converse with these people, make sure to show yourself nice and carefree , that does not seem that you interrogate them or that you examine them.If you create a good rapport with them they are likely to open up to you and you can have a most enjoyable interaction.

5 Signs Of An Insecure Man (April 2024).

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