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10 characteristics in common of narcissistic people

10 characteristics in common of narcissistic people

September 21, 2023

We all come across a narcissist at some point in our lives. However, not all narcissistic people are clinical cases with difficulties to live with a broad degree of well-being: some are only partially so, in a way that is not always obvious.

It's about people who they think they are better than anyone, that they underestimate others and that when they are challenged they tend to act aggressively because they feel that their ego is being threatened. Studies claim that at least 6.2% of the population is narcissistic and that the majority are men. Narcissists are often associated with different problems, from behavioral disorders in childhood, addiction to physical exercise (for example, runnorexia), depressive disorders or anxiety.

Narcissists are empty people

The narcissist puts on a mask because it is really empty inside. What they appear to be is not really what lies behind their facade. The narcissist makes friends easily since he is usually open to others at the beginning, even becoming sweet. But he has serious difficulties in maintaining relationships, because it is difficult for him to really care about another person. The friends of the narcissists, sooner or later, tend to get away from these characters because of their selfishness and because they are not trustworthy.

The narcissists in the long run give themselves away, his need to always be the first does not help to forge lasting friendships . And although they always presume of their achievements, they are really weak people. They can be attractive and intelligent, and they can love being in public, but they become extremely cold people in private, when no one looks at them.

Now, that does not mean they do not surround themselves with people. Narcissistic people need others to feel that they are being admired. They fear loneliness, they fear being alone with themselves, because this can mean making a serious analysis of conscience, which is the biggest nightmare for them. Narcissists fear coming into contact with their own reality because they have to accept that their true "I" is not what they try to make others believe.

Detect a narcissistic person

But how can we identify a narcissist? What clues do these people give us? Today we are going to discuss the key characteristics of a narcissistic person, so you can recognize that you are dealing with one of them.

1. Selfies are made and photos are constantly retouched

We all have done some selfie on occasion, and this does not have to be anything bad. Peror narcissists spend all day making selfies and hanging them on social networks . Social networks can be really harmful for these individuals, because they can be constantly connected trying to brag and raise their ego. In fact, the opposite effect occurs and they can suffer the FOMO Syndrome, feeling that the life of others is more interesting. Therefore, they enter a vicious circle that ends up negatively affecting their mood and their self-esteem.

Regarding the use of social networks, a study carried out in 2014 with a sample of 1,000 subjects showed that narcissists differ from others for three reasons:

  • They spend more time on social networks than non-narcissistic people
  • More selfies hang
  • They edit more selfies until they get a "perfect" image

2. They constantly criticize others

A narcissist He will rarely talk about others, and if he does, it will be to criticize or belittle the work of others. . With this attitude they can believe that they are powerful or better than others, but in reality this does not leave them in good place, since it is a symptom of insecurity.

3. They think that the world revolves around them

The narcissists They are unconcerned with the feelings of others because they are too self-centered . If they talk to others they can give the feeling of a single personal interest, yours. Therefore, if you ever meet a narcissist, he will constantly try to talk about himself and inflate the image of himself. Although at first they can be warm, soon their insensitive actions appear. This is because they only think of them and always seek to be the center of attention.

4. They are lovely at the beginning

The narcissists they know how to win over others, and they have a very seductive personality . Not always, but often they are usually physically attractive. Their appearance of trust attracts people and they become a magnet that hooks those who know them. At first, their loquacity facilitates access to others, but their friendships last them little because they are not people who like intimacy.

5. They usually initiate many romantic relationships

The narcissists they usually initiate many loving relationships although they tend to be ephemeral . As I mentioned in the previous point, they are people who tend to be seductive, and the opposite sex attracts their magnetism. But relationships last little because they do not meet the requirements of a good loving partner. So their relationships are broken soon.

6. They are intransigent and think they know everything

Seeing others as inferior, they always think that they are right . The worst of all is that they do not mind being criticized for not being empathetic and being intransigent. They are very little tolerant of others, and as they think only of them, they do not have to make concessions and yield to other individuals.

7. They need to be the best in everything

This type of persons they are not very humble and have very high goals , almost always irrational. In addition, they always want to go to the best doctor, the best hairdresser, the best restaurant, work in the best places, etc. So you can brag about it and hang it on social networks so that everyone knows.

8. They usually dress impeccably

The narcissists they constantly seek attention, and physical appearance is very important to them . That's why they always dress impeccably and tend to always be fashionable. Their obsession with dressing well is their priority, even if they have to sacrifice their needs.

9. They do not accept criticism

The narcissists They do not accept criticism and are usually very aggressive when they receive them . They always want to be the best in everything, and if they see that their ego is being threatened they become defensive.

10. They are proud of being narcissistic and they admit it

In a study conducted at Indiana University in 2014, it was identified that the simple question "Are you a narcissist?" they proudly answered yes . This response that may seem counterintuitive to most mortals, for a narcissist is quite special. These results generated some skepticism in the scientific circuit, so Sander van der Linden decided to conduct another investigation to find out if it was true. To his surprise, the new study yielded findings that were the same as those of the original study.

Relating with narcissistic people

Before negatively judging narcissistic people by the characteristics they present, we must bear in mind that, in part, they act like this because they have learned to adopt those kinds of customs and habits. That means, on the one hand, that these people can change (and therefore it makes no sense to label them as if the fact of being narcissistic could not be modified) and on the other that in their eyes their behavior is normal, they find it spontaneous. Unlearning certain habits will allow them to relate more satisfactorily with others, but this requires time and effort.

30 common traits of a narcissist (September 2023).

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