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51 phrases about distance in relationships

51 phrases about distance in relationships

April 8, 2024

The phrases about distance in personal relationships they fill the literature centered on human emotions. Although sometimes we assume that the important thing in affection and love is the person itself, the truth is that something as simple as remoteness can change completely our way of experiencing that bond.

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Phrases about distance in relationships

Distance is a physical element that escapes human control and is part of our lives. Normally people do not choose the distance with respect to what they love, even in the most difficult moments, because the consequence of that situation is usually a feeling of longing and emotional conflict .

They are very difficult stages or situations to manage and that people tend to live intensely, with a sense of drama. Below you will find several of the most inspiring phrases about distance, written or spoken by people famous for their art or their thinking.

1. Nothing makes the earth seem as wide as having friends in the distance (Henry David Thoreau)

It happens to all of us when our friends leave to live abroad.

2. You will not notice the distance you have traveled until you look around and understand how far you have come (Sasha Azevedo)

Distance is not always a negative concept.

3. Distance has the same effect on the mind as on the eye (Samuel Johnson)

One of the aphorisms about distance that speaks about perception and bias.

4. From a distance it is something; and from the vicinity is nothing (Jean de Lafontaine)

Sometimes things look differently with distance.

5. A friend is someone who allows distance but is never far away (Noah)

If there is interest, the affection is not lost.

6. The distance is to the love what the wind to the fire: it extinguishes the small one, but fans the big one (Chufo Lloréns)

Many are skeptical with distance relationships.

7. Distance is temporary, but our love is permanent (Ben Harper)

With this phrase it is intended downplay the distance between two loved ones .

8. True friends never leave, perhaps in the distance, but never in the heart (Helen Keller)

This phrase insists on the force of emotion, above that of distance.

9. In true love the smallest distance is too big (Henri Nouwen)

Once again, feelings affect this numerical concept.

10. We were wrapped in cotton, in moss, in fog, in the sea, in the flavor of a distance that has to be annihilated (Anaïs Nin)

The famous American writer describes a scene of love like that.

11. Sometimes it is necessary to go very far, out of the way, in order to return to the correct distance (Edward Albee)

Sometimes you have to go far to find the right path.

12. Some people are separated by distances they can never cross (Lisa Kleypas)

We can all lose our loved ones and not know about them anymore.

13. The most sinister aspect of Jack is his detachment, his ability to distance himself from his feelings (Victor Garber)

The famous actor described with this phrase one of the characters he represented.

14. Suffering is the distance between what we are oriented towards and what it is (Nirmala)

A good phrase to define these situations.

15. True friendship resists time, distance and silence (Isabel Allende)

If you want, you can maintain a relationship, with effort .

16. There are no distances when you have a motive (Jane Austen)

Austen once again plays down distance.

17. I have spent my life judging the distance between the American reality and the American dream (Bruce Springsteen)

Excellent reflection of the American rocker.

18. Love is not love that changes with change, or moves away with distance (William Shakespeare)

Love is without a doubt the strongest barrier against distance.

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52. We had to be long-distance parents, which is far from being satisfactory (Jeffrey Hunter)

The parent / child relationship can hardly be treated from a distance.

20. Distance is a bad excuse for not having a good relationship with someone (James McAvoy)

An ingenious reflection.

21. There is no distance of place or lapse of time that can diminish the friendship of those who are completely convinced of the value of each one (Robert Southey)

On the importance of emotional connections .

22. Idealism increases in direct proportion to the distance of the problem (John Galsworthy)

Hard criticism to those who believe in utopia.

23. One thing is very important when time and distance can not reduce their size (Zora Neale)

One of the most important figures of black America gives us his opinion on the subject.

24. United by an invisible thread that could only exist between two people like them: two solitudes that were recognized (Paolo Giordano)

Loneliness is often related to distance.

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25. We are creating a unique experience. Start with the way you see it from a distance (Helmut Jahn)

For an architect, distances are an advantage, not an inconvenience.

26. The man who says he is willing to meet halfway has a wrong judgment about distance (Laurence J. Peter)

Interesting reflection on this type of negotiations.

27. There is never distance, there is no space between us (Anna Todd)

If two people love each other, distance does not have to sentence the relationship.

28. Laughter is the closest distance between two people (Victor Borge)

The Danish comedian reproduced this phrase in one of his performances.

29. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line (Archimedes)

Who better than a mathematician to make metaphors about distance?

30. We must judge people by the distance they have traveled from the point they started (Henry Ward Beecher)

One of the keys to measure the success of people.

31. There is an immeasurable distance between mid afternoon and too late (Og Mandino)

Sometimes it is a thin layer that separates tragedy from solution.

32. It's nice to have some distance with your family. Whenever you are closer to them for love (Olivier Martinez)

The family is one of the most appropriate topics to talk away.

33. Because time is the longest distance between two places (Tennessee Williams)

The distance can be measured in time equally ...

34. Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and perhaps objectivity (Robert Morgan)

Moving away brings the situation back.

35. We are all experts in practicing virtue at a distance (Theodore Hesburgh)

Virtue or weakness?

36. Long-distance relationships are another way to avoid intimacy (Danielle Steel)

A priori, distance can never be healthy in a relationship.

37. Mobiles help to be connected to those who are at a distance. Cell phones allow those who connect to stay at a distance. (Zygmunt Bauman)

A critique of mobile devices as a means of communication.

38. I think it is important for one to take some distance from oneself (Vaclav Havel)

It is another of those moments necessary to rediscover ourselves.

39. And it has always been known that love does not know its own depth until the time of separation (Khalil Gibran)

Deep words of the Arab writer and poet.

40. I fell in love with her being together, and then more in the years we were apart (Nicholas Sparks)

We have all met in these situations.

41. You already know that trying to keep the distances with me will not change my feelings (John Green)

With this sentence Green confessed to his lover.

42. Through great distances, through chasms of chance. Because he comes from so far, nothing can separate us (Ursula Le Guin)

On the positive connotation of distance.

43. Distance that embellishes things and clears them (Julia Navarro)

One of the most poetic phrases about distance.

44. Every living being is a machine adapted to the wheel of the universe, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance (Nikola Tesla)

The Serbian scientist describes what distance means for him.

45. That they say that I love you the stars, the distant rumors, the distance (Jaime Sabines)

Distance can also represent many good things.

46. ​​I believe in a sovereign God who sets divine appointments half a world away (Mark Batterson)

Good phrase to represent the being that we do not see.

48. Put distance and try to keep the smile (Stephen King)

Distance should not allow us to lose optimism.

49. Do we need distance to be close? (Sarah Jessica Parker)

The American actress left the Hollywood world to return with more force.

50. Distance makes love grow (Simone Elkeles)

It seems to be an inherent quality of the human being.

51. Distance does not break the friendship, only the activity of it (Aristotle)

If you like, friendship is preserved at all costs.

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