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60 questions to know more and better your friends

60 questions to know more and better your friends

June 13, 2024

Friends become the most important people in our lives with our relatives . They say that to have a friend is to have a treasure, and the truth is that there are things that you would only tell a good friend (even before your parents).

Faithful and loyal friends are preserved throughout their lives, and they are always there to help you in bad times.

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Questions to get to know your friends better

If you want to know more about your friends, and that they share with you their concerns, their thoughts and their expectations, you can find below a list with 60 questions that will help you find out more about your life .

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1. Do you have a secret that you did not tell me?

We all have some secret kept that we will not share with almost anyone. If he tells you, it's that you have a lot of confidence.

2. Tell me three bands that have marked you

Music is something that inspires us and motivates us . In terms of musical tastes, each one of us has his own. In addition, musical tastes say a lot about people, and so you can get an idea of ​​how it is.

3. What scares you?

Confessing fears to someone is also a sign of trust. If you open your heart, you can be sure that you are important to him or her.

4. Where would you go on vacation?

This question is interesting in case one day you decide to go with him or her somewhere. That way you'll know more or less if you share the same tastes as you.

5. What would be your dream job?

Work is very personal, and it is a very important part of the person's life. When you work on what you like, you are happy.

6. If you could interview someone, who would it be?

A way to know who inspires you in this life or if you have a character that you would like to look like.

7. Do you have a favorite book? Which?

In the books that a person reads, it is also possible to know what worries them. An adventure book, a psychology book ... Let's see what your friend answers.

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8. What do you value most about our friendship?

Very useful information to know what your friend thinks of you. Surely, if you have a close relationship, it is that you will like how you are.

9. What does freedom mean to you?

This is one of those existential questions that will give you information about what your values ​​are and what you think about freedom.

10. With what historical character would you like to dine?

We have all looked at other people at some time in life. There are characters that have inspired us throughout life. For example, if you like poetry, maybe you would eat with Pablo Neruda, and if you like basketball, with Michael Jordan.

11. If you dominated the world, what would you do to change it?

If your friend is a person with critical thinking, has a good heart and is interested in social issues, surely have some ideas for the world to work better.

12. What superpower would you have if you could choose?

A rare question that can help alleviate tensions and make creativity function.

13. Is there a piece of clothing that you would never wear?

This question also causes the person to think and be creative when responding. The answers to this question can be very personal.

14. Do you often think about how you feel?

Emotionally intelligent people know their own emotions and therefore regulate them. But not everyone stops to think about their own thoughts or emotions.

15. Tell me four series that you like the most

In this way it is possible to know what their concerns and cultural tastes are. Maybe you like the action or maybe the humor.

16. What qualities do you value most in someone?

This question can be very personal, but it will undoubtedly help you get to know your friend better and give you feedback on what he likes about someone and what does not.

17. How do you see the future?

Visualizing the future in one way or another provides information on the aspirations, motivation and even self-confidence of someone.

18. Sea or mountain?

There are people who prefer the mountain, because they like to ski or snow, for example. Instead, there are people who prefer the sun and the beach.

19. How is your bedroom?

At certain ages the bedroom is the most personal home, especially during adolescence.

20. What would you eat at your last dinner?

A way to know their food tastes, since if he had to choose his last dish, it would surely be what he enjoys the most.

21. Do you identify with a song?

Music makes us feel very strong emotions and it is something very personal, which differs from one person to another.

22. What is the most shameful memory of your childhood?

We have all had good and bad moments in our childhood. It depends on your friend if he wants to tell you (and if he has it accepted).

23. What is the most unpleasant mood for you?

With this question, your friend can express some anxieties, fears or manias that he has and that will surely embarrass him.

24. What is your favorite movie? Why?

Like musical tastes or series, Movies can also provide information about what their tastes are . For example, if you like romance or horror movies.

25. How would you describe me?

How your friend sees you can be interesting. Do not be surprised if the idea you have of yourself is not the same as the one your friend has. However, if it's your friend, it's because of something.

26. Do you have a model to follow?

Everyone has marked us, or we have someone who we would like to resemble. A way to know how you would like to be.

27. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

We all had dreams and illusions during our childhood . Sometimes they are met and sometimes not.

28. What do you most want in this world?

Sometimes we have incomplete dreams or we are halfway to achieving them. It's nice that your friend shares with you his goals and objectives.

29. Do you have a favorite place to live?

The answer to this question can give you information about whether the person is comfortable living where they live or wants to change their place of residence.

30. Is there anything that you think others think about you and it's not true?

Your friend may think that others do not know what he really is or have a wrong image of his person. A similar question to the previous one, although in this case we talk about a different facet of education: the role model what is followed

31. If you got a tattoo, what would it be?

Tattoos are fashionable and can mean something very personal. You may be surprised by your answer to this question.

32. What kind of music do you like the most?

A question similar to that of the band, but more focused on the musical genres and not so much on the artists who have influenced him.

33. What kind of people are the ones that give you the most pity?

Empathy is the ability to put oneself in someone else's shoes. This answer can give you information about whether or not your friend is empathic. .

34. If you were an animal ... what would you be?

This question can reveal what your friend looks like and what virtues or defects stand out for him.

35. Who is the most important person in your life?

The answer to this question can not mean anything special either; but it can provide useful information in some cases, such as if your parents have separated.

36. What do you miss more than your childhood?

Childhood is a period of life that must be spent in order to become adults. With this question it is possible to know if you still have a child mentality.

37. What is the strangest thing you have done on a date?

There can be very funny answers to this question, which is a good way to create a relaxed atmosphere.

38. Would you forgive an infidelity?

Infidelity can be a very delicate moment in the life of a couple. With this question it is possible to know if it is a person who forgives or not.

39. What has been your best moment of your life?

We all go through good and bad times in life. Some of them we will remember forever.

40. With which fictional character do you identify yourself most?

Sometimes people can identify with some fictional characters that we consider to be role models.

41. To what site would you go to live an adventure?

These types of questions are intended to find out what the person is like and whether or not they have an adventurous mentality.

42. Who has influenced you the most in this life?

Although throughout our lives we meet many people, we all have someone who has marked us. Someone who has changed us for the better.

43. When did you notice that you were already an adult?

Indirectly, this question is a way of knowing if the person we are talking to is mature or if they still have a child mentality.

44. Where would you go with me to spend a few days?

Surely, you and your friend have many things in common. This question is ideal to plan a trip together.

45. With what kind of people would you be ashamed to be seen?

Some individuals think too much about the image they project towards others , so they are responsible for always offering a good image. An answer that you can bring up if your friend is vain or not.

46 What four adjectives tell you how you are?

On the one hand, this question seeks to find out if the person knows himself and whether or not he is valued positively.

47. What would you like to achieve in this life?

Another of these issues that provide information on the expectations and concerns of the person for the future.

48. Are you a superstitious person?

How does your friend perceive reality? This question helps you find out.

49. Do you like to know what is happening in other countries?

To know how curious your friend is and if you care about the issues that occur in other parts of the world.

50. What do you like most about yourself?

Again, a way to know what your friend looks like and how it is valued. You can say a lot about your self-esteem.

51. If you had to be in a reality show, what would you have to deal with?

Not everyone is in favor of reality shows. A way to know what your friend thinks about it.

52. What kind of people are more attractive to you?

As for physical attraction, there are tastes for everything. Do you share the same tastes with your friend? Let it be he or she who tells you.

53. What is infidelity for you?

Infidelity is a sensitive issue, but not everyone has the same opinion about it. There are people who have a liberal view of relationships and others who have a more conventional mentality.

54. In what situations would you be willing or willing to lie?

We have all lied at some time, it is normal in human beings. Surely, before this question, you will want to show a positive image of yourself. But I may confess what you really think.

55 How would you define your kind of sense of humor?

Logically, there are people with more sense of humor than others, and there are also many types of humor : black humor, absurd ... Surely you already know your friend's sense of humor, especially if he is one of those people who does not stop making jokes. Although he may be a rather serious person and you need to ask him about this topic.

56. What talent would you like to have?

People have our virtues and our shortcomings and, sometimes, we want things that we can not have.

57. Where would you go to relax for a few days?

A way to know how a person calms down . Some may enjoy surfing somewhere secluded and others may prefer a spa.

58. What are you most proud of in this life?

There are moments in the life of a person that one feels very happy for what they have achieved. Ask your friend to share that special moment with you.

59. And ... what do you regret most?

The same can happen with the most unpleasant moment. It's good to open your heart and tell you.

60. What is your greatest virtue and your biggest flaw?

A good question to know the image that your friend has of himself, both in the good and in the bad.

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