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58 phrases by George Clooney to understand his vital philosophy

58 phrases by George Clooney to understand his vital philosophy

December 3, 2022

In the phrases of George Clooney is embodied a unique philosophy of life , as well as his active participation as a messenger of the United Nations. The actor is already a cinematographic icon of our times.

Recognized for his attractiveness and talent, George Clooney has been awarded four gold globes and two oscar. Many have been the speculations on his possible participation in the political scene but Clooney has denied it, even so it has been related to humanitarian work.

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The best phrases of George Clooney

Following you will find the best quotes of George Clooney that reflect his personality , they passed through the cinema and their social activism.

1. I'm just a guy who goes out with friends on Friday night, rides a fight when you charge more than the bill and that occasionally gives a touch to your Harley Davidson. The normal

Clooney brings us closer to his lifestyle outside the movies.

2. The relationship with my pig Max is great, we have been together for 12 years. He saved me from an earthquake by waking me up with his grunts to leave the house, which I did in balls, and it's the best relationship I've ever had

In this sentence, George Clooney talks about the love he had for his pet.

3. I see myself simply as a presentable liar. I think I'm good when I pretend to be someone else, although it can turn out to be a dangerous guy

This phrase by George Clooney expresses the humor of the actor.

4. I have slept with too many women, I have gotten too many things and have been on too many parties to introduce myself to any political office

Leaving clear his position on politics but has never been away from actively participating in spaces that address social problems.

5. I'm not a smart guy and I never know enough about what's going on

A phrase that keeps a lot of wisdom.

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6. Once I bought a piano because I had the dream of playing with him and with the girl who leans over him while drinking a martini. What a great image That never worked, but at least I have a piano in my house

A colossal way of accepting the circumstances.

7. Now I want to do things my way. Cinema made the way of before: born to last in time, with soul and classic scent. And if I fail I want to do it on my own terms and according to my own decisions. In any case I can say: 'Boys, is that you have a lousy taste

Clooney talks about his artistic career .

8. The only failure is not to try

We can always do our best but stop doing it is not a very good idea.

9. Once I was watching Up in the air and I said: 'Jesus, who is that white-haired old man?', And that was me. I've never used makeup in movies and now I'm starting to think about it

This phrase by George Clooney is focused on the characteristic look of the actor.

10. If you only listen to yourself, you will not learn much

You have to be more humble and accept criticism because they all bring learning.

11. I am a method actor; Before shooting Oceans eleven I had to prepare myself spending many years drinking and going on a spree

This phrase by George Clooney reflects the commitment to his work.

12. I did not break the marriage of Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt because I was too entertaining to break the one of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

A very ingenious way to face the rumors.

13. I was always a mature heartthrob, so now that I'm old, I'm comfortable

Again the subject of appearance appears.

14. I can be a bastard, but not a fucking bastard

Phrase of the movie Open Until Dawn.

15. First there is that moment when you overact and everything is great. Then you reach the point where you want everything to look believable. And then there's the moment when you relax a little more and mix everything

This phrase by George Clooney, brings us closer to his experience in acting.

16. I do not believe in happy endings, but in happy journeys. In the end, either you die young or old enough to see how your friends die. Life is very petty

In this phrase of George Clooney we can see the position of the actor in front of life.

17. My first orgasm was climbing a string at 7 years old. Nothing came out, but the essence was there. I remember getting off the rope, going back up and saying: "God, this feels great!

On the pleasure of conquered feats.

18. That will be the motto of my campaign: 'I drank until the water of the vases

Peculiar way to make clear his position.

19. You have to learn to let go

This phrase by George Clooney speaks about attachment .

20. Our life is worth more than any work of art

This phrase by George Clooney, refers to the fact that many times the actors put their lives at risk and that, above all, professionalism is not worth putting at risk.

21. When I was a child, the future was different

Phrase of George Clooney in the movie Tomorrowland.

22. I was in a bar and I said to a friend: 'You know, we have become the 40-year-old boys, we used to look and say:' Is not that sad?

A lot of attitude towards situations that may seem discouraging.

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23. I grew up in the world of bad television, in my father's series and then as a young idiot in data shows and so on

Phrase of George Clooney referring to his childhood .

24. They ask me a lot about entering politics. I say: 'Take a look at the policy. Tell me what looks attractive in that "

Always making it clear that politics is not his thing although many take it as a reference.

25. It is very unfair. You do not see a lot of 60-year-old women, with 20-year-old men appearing on the screen

Interesting reflection on stereotypes in the cinema.

26. I love children and I get along well with them. It's just that I think if you're going to be a father, there has to be something inside you that says, 'I want a family.' I do not feel that sense of urgency

George Clooney has always been under these kinds of questions regarding his intimate life.

27. If you sit in the castings, you will never get the job even if you are the best actor. Especially on TV because you do not have to sell the ability to interpret but the confidence in oneself

Important advice for those who try to start in this race.

28. We fight for our culture and our way of life

This sentence of George Clooney talks about his social commitment .

29. I'm not the guy you kill, I'm the guy you buy

Iconic phrase to his film Michael Clayton.

30. The great love of my life, I still have not met her

About revelations about his intimate life.

31. In the difficult balance between information and entertainment has ended up winning the second

On the trivialization of the use of the media.

32. In the election season things go crazy and the voices that are most heard are those that go further. So we hear incredibly stupid ideas

Although he has not wanted to be linked in political life, George Clooney has always had an interest in her.

33. Amal, whatever the spell that brought us together, I could not be more proud of being your husband.

Phrase of George Clooney during a distribution of prizes, addressing his wife .

34. I have learned that it is better to send a letter than an e-mail if one wants things to remain private. On the other hand, writing on paper is something that makes you think

Go back to simple things with deep meanings.

35. I am aware that, whatever my concerns, they are trivial compared to those of so many people.

George Clooney showing his less selfish side. He does not drama of his intimate life.

36. Facebook or Twitter, are things that allow one to speak without thinking about what he says. That would get me into many problems.

On the use of social networks without trial.

37. For me, Brad Pitt does things right. We do not know anything about a whole part of him. That's what you have to do to survive in this, save part of your life for yourself

Always making mention about the importance of keeping private life away from the public interest.

38. By learning about the problems that affect so many in the world, I think I have a better perspective of my life

This phase of George Clooney brings us closer to his human side.

39. My father was a journalist and he taught me to delve into a topic in order to speak with some authority

If we do not know very much about any subject it is better not to approach it.

40. I have learned not to let it influence me. It does not matter what he says about people I do not know. What matters is what friends and family think about me

The maturity of the actor is something that characterizes him.

41. I want to make movies that people remember. If I manage to do it with five or ten of those films that last, I'll consider that I won

In this phrase of George Clooney, they are seen the aspirations of the actor regarding his career as an actor .

42. I do not understand that artists can be compared. I do not even remember who won the Oscar four years ago. I only remember the movies

The actor only transcends in his works.

43. The simple truth is that everyone has an opinion, everyone has the right to express it, and should do so if they wish

This phrase of George Clooney invites to be more tolerant and open with the positions of others.

44. I had to stop going to the auditions thinking, 'Oh, I hope they love me.' I had to think that it was the answer to your problem

Phrase that talks about security and confidence towards his talent.

45. I love my gray hair and wrinkles. I love the fact that my face has more of an edge and more character than it was when I was in my twenties and thirties. No Botox for me

The look he has worn for years has been his flag.

46. ​​That fascination for my love life is incredible.I say again and again that I will never remarry or have children, but people do not want to believe me. I like my life as it is

The artist questions the idea that marriage is the only way to happiness.

47. I do not care about Charlton Heston as head of the National Rifle Association. He deserves everything someone says about him

In this way he puts a line on his position in the law on the use of weapons in the United States.

48. I do not like to share my personal life ... it would not be personal if I shared it

This is a theme that will always be determinant in the actor.

49. Anyone would be lying if they said that sometimes they do not feel lonely

We must accept the weak points, be transparent and communicate our needs.

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50. Directing is really exciting. In the end, it's more fun to be the painter than painting

This phrase by George Clooney speaks about fascination for directing a movie.

51. I think that anyone who is famous is a jerk if they are on Twitter. It's just stupid

About those who dream of achieving fame.

52. I discovered that as you get older, you start to simplify things in general

This phrase by George Clooney gives value over the years.

53. Throughout the years, throughout the history of our country, liberals have been in many of the right aspects of the problems

Phrase directed to political positions that lead in your country.

54. Aging on the screen is not for the faint of heart

Probably he has a strong heart, he is prepared.

55. People know everything about everyone now

One of the most accurate statements by George Clooney about our times, referring to the power of social media and networks .

56. I do not know if winning at any price is wrong or not. There are times when I have thought that the end justifies the means

Honest statement that makes him more human.

57. I've been lucky enough to make some films that will last longer than a premiere weekend and those films are the ones I'm proud of

About the satisfactions that your work gives you.

58. I am the old-fashioned guy who prefers to meet a woman in a more normal environment. I do not like to feel like I'm being chased. I've always liked to do my own hunting when it comes to meeting women

His maturity proves it in knowing his priorities.

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