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63 phrases for babies and newborns, to dedicate

63 phrases for babies and newborns, to dedicate

June 12, 2024

The phrases for babies and newborns are a way to express the feeling of joy and desire to welcome that person in their first months of life. In many cultures, a birth is a milestone that is celebrated by the whole family based on good wishes and special dedications.

In a way, babies come into the world wrapped in a series of messages of affection that will be in tune with the reception they will receive from the community and the family.

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The best phrases for babies and newborns

The birth of a baby is often the cause of joys and the promise of a new stage in the family. The world changes and everything takes the color of the new member. We prepare ourselves with emotion and to accompany the boy or girl in their growth and exploration of the world.

Below you will find a selection of phrases for babies and newborns ideal to dedicate .

1. The most precious jewelry you will ever have around your neck are your baby's arms

A phrase that talks about the value of motherhood.

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2. Sometimes smaller things fill more space in your heart

The power of love is not proportional to the size of the one who radiates it.

3. The jewel of heaven is the sun, the jewel of the house is the newborn

Since it represents the strength of the family and the nourishing of the relationship between the parents.

4. Babies are dust of stars, blown from the hand of God

This phrase of babies and newborns alludes to the divine that they represent.

5. I have a monument in this world, it is my son (Maya Angelou)

This phrase refers to children as small representations of who we are we.

6. Having a baby is probably the most beautiful act that two people can commit

This phrase that values ​​this miracle of giving life.

7. Babies reinvent your world for you

After his arrival life takes another form.

8. A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs grow

This phrase for babies and newborn, tells us about the tenderness of their first months of life.

9. Every child that is born is a new thought of God, and a radiant and fresh possibility

A divine project that brings everything novel to this life.

10. The only unbreakable bond on earth is that of a mother and her baby

That miraculous bond that gives opening to life.

11. Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your son

He is considered like the second love at first sight .

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12. A newborn baby is a bridge to the sky

Because of the peace and tenderness they inspire.

13. A baby is God's opinion that the world should move forward

A reaffirmation of the continuity of life.

14. The love that a mother has for her baby is unconditional, lasts forever and begins before birth

About the deep bond between mother and son.

15. Love at first sight is what you have for your baby. You fall so hard that you can not get up again

The effect of that first love that changes your life.

16. Making the decision to have a baby is to decide to have your heart walking out of your body forever (Elizabeth Stone)

A part of you always accompanies him. One of the most inspired baby phrases.

17. A baby is something that you carry within you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart until you die (Mary Mason)

The role of mother never goes on vacation.

18. A new baby is like the beginning of all wonderful things; hopes, dreams and possibilities

An adventure with many promises.

19. To be in the memories of your son tomorrow, stay today in your life

Enjoying your childhood is fundamental.

20. Each newborn is sent to this world with a new message to send, with a new song to sing, with a special act of love to bestow

On the mission of every human being in the family that touched him.

21. Always give a goodnight kiss to your newborn child even if he is already asleep

Love of fathers and mothers who watch dreams.

22. Each newborn child begins the world again

A whole new opportunity to reinvent the world.

23. Caring for a newborn is the most important job in life

It is about the life of a human being in his most vulnerable stage.

24. The voice of a mother was created to calm her baby and give her peace

Over the natural care for the newborn .

25. All babies are born with innocence, curiosity and love

And that is why we all fall before them.

26Each newborn baby is a different type of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden

Beauty in the face of diversity

27. Having a baby is the most rewarding experience a woman can have

A testimony we heard from some women.

28. You do not really know what love is until you look into the eyes of your newborn

An unexplainable emotion.

29. The smallest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts

This phrase for babies offers us a sweet reflection.

30. You can not buy happiness, happiness is born

And you are the fundamental basis of its growth.

31. Love for a newborn is simply one of the most beautiful things in the world

About one of the purest loves that can exist.

32. A baby is a blank check for the human race (Barbara Christine Seifert)

You can not determine all the energy that can be invested in a new human being.

33. The bond between a mother and her newborn baby is instantaneous and stronger than iron

This phrase newborns describes the maternal bond .

34. The cure for a scared baby is the gentle touch of his mother

About caresses that nourish and strengthen.

35. A baby in the house is a source of pleasure, a message of peace and love, a place to rest, a bond between angels and people

About the experience of the arrival of a baby to the family.

36. A newborn baby is the most noble work that two people can do

On the meaning of caring for a baby.

37. The smile of a newborn is like a star in the sky

A phrase that brings us closer to a poetic experience in relation to having a baby.

38. Every baby is a prince or princess in the eyes of their parents

About perceptions that only parents can understand.

39. I did not know how much love my heart can hold until someone called me mama

The powerful meaning of that word.

40. A newborn baby fills a place in your heart that you did not know was empty

This phrase invites us to reflect on the maternal or paternal instinct hidden somewhere.

41. Words can not express the joy of a newborn baby

And that's why sounds and caresses are added.

42. I believe in love at first sight because I am a mother

A love that can not be explained from the first moment of having him in his arms.

43. Three things are still with us from paradise: stars, flowers and newborn babies

Beautiful phrase for express what newborns cause in us .

44. With every newborn baby there is a little more hope and illusion in the world

They bring joy and faith.

45. Babies bring us a piece of heaven to earth

A divine expression

46. ​​Newborn babies refresh life and make the heart happy

They share their vitality.

47. The smile of a baby has the power to freeze time

Phenomenon that physicists still do not determine.

48. If one feels the need of something great, of something infinite, something that makes him feel conscious of God, he does not need to go far to find it. I think I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a newborn baby when he gets up in the morning and smiles in his crib because the sun shines (Vincent van Gogh)

Tender reflection of this important plastic artist.

49. A baby has a special way of giving joy each day

An experience that surrounds us and makes us feel happy.

50. To love a newborn baby is to love humanity

The maximum expression of tenderness towards a human being that has not yet been established within a cultural or moral circle.

51. The smile of a baby can make big dreams come true

For parents it becomes the engine of their projects.

52. A newborn baby is the biggest inspiration you'll ever have

What will give sense to your dawns and late nights to achieve some goal.

53. Life can not be more real than when you have a newborn at home

Since for many it is the reflection of a happy family .

54. A newborn baby is one of the most beautiful gifts that this world can give

In its fragility.

55. Ten little fingers that always want to play, that never stop exploring the wonders of today. Ten little fingers that form the beginning of something that will always be in your heart

Nice description of an episode when baby comes into your life.

56. A newborn is a new bloom in your life

A reaffirmation of life.

67. Babies are very sweet and extremely easy to love

We let ourselves be conquered by its sweetness.

68. Newborn babies are human beings who have the future of the world in their little hands

Even so, it matters their presents, where we take care of them.

60. Of all the rights of a woman, the greatest is being a mother

Since she is a creator of life.

61. When you hold a newborn in your arms and look at her beautiful face, it's as if all your worries are flying

They captivate you with their fragility.

62. Babies bless the world with love

They bless us with their innocence.

63. Having a baby is like having the sky in the palm of your hands

An experience that fills you with peace.

64. Having a baby changes everything

There is a before and now with his presence.

65. A baby will give more love to your life, make the days shorter, make your home happier, forget your past and make it worth living your future

A new life begins with them.

66. Babies are the only human beings who are absolutely adorable and do not know it

Ignorant of its devastating power.

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