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70 phrases of very inspiring poets

70 phrases of very inspiring poets

June 20, 2024

Through reflections and phrases, poets, characterized by the ease of easily connecting with their emotions and using the right words to narrate situations, encounters or disagreements, and give us a different view of what they want to convey to the world. With their works they give us wisdom through one of the shortest forms of expression: the verse.

So that, the phrases of the poets are a way of seeing reality through the lyric , a perspective focused on both ideas and emotions.

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The 70 best quotes of poets

Here a compilation of phrases of poets that summarize their experience in the world in a more sublime way

1. It seems, when you love, that the whole world has a rumor of spring (Juan Ramón Jiménez)

In this phrase of the Spanish poet, reference is made to the effect produced by the state of infatuation in a person.

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2. And I have come to the conclusion that if the scars teach, the caresses too (Mario Benedetti)

Everything we went through leads us to learn in favor of our growth.

3. Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and makes the present inaccessible (Maya Angelou)

In this sentence the poet Maya Angelou reveals to us the way in which prejudices are manifested once we bring them into our lives.

4. The book is strength, it is courage, it is power, it is food, it is a torch of thought and a source of love (Rubén Darío)

For Rubén Darío, the book represents wisdom, knowledge .

5. Doubt is one of the names of intelligence (Jorge Luis Borges)

That doubt, that questions, that arouses our curiosity and that moves the will to turn it into action that can mean a solution or learning.

6. The soul that can speak with the eyes can also kiss with the gaze (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer)

Poetry can grant faculties to certain elements and give them a new function.

7. Do not let go of enthusiasm, virtue as valuable as it is necessary; works, aspires, always tends towards height (Rubén Darío)

Enthusiasm as the engine and base of large projects.

8. Nothing is real until it is experienced, even a proverb is not until life has illustrated it (John Keats)

On the wisdom of experience.

9. Do not stop believing that words and poetry can change the world (Walt Whitman)

This phrase of the poet Walt Whitman speaks about the power of poetry .

10. Words open doors on the sea (Rafael Alberti)

The words contained within poetry may seem to have incredible effects. In this case, many times, in poetry, the sea represents emotions.

11. It takes courage to grow and become what you really are (e.e cummings)

It is very easy to live according to the expectations of others, to the point of not letting see our essential truth.

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12. Poetry does not want followers, wants lovers (Federico García Lorca)

Poetry can mean a dark path that only someone who is very passionate to it can cross it.

13. I fell in love with life, it is the only one that will not leave me before I do it (Pablo Neruda)

In this phrase of the Chilean poet, lets see the passion and loyalty with which he lived every moment.

14. Perfection is a polished collection of errors (Mario Benedetti)

Observe each error carefully, understand their nature until they reach excellence .

15. There are defeats that have more dignity than a victori (Jorge Luis Borges)

A defeat can mean the maximum and honest point of our effort since not all victories are obtained in an honest way.

16. It is typical of those with narrow minds to attack against everything that does not fit in their heads (Antonio Machado)

When a person can not understand a situation or knowledge, try to dismiss or dismiss it.

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17. He who travels does not die slowly, who does not listen to music, who does not find grace in himself (Pablo Neruda)

Life is composed of small or large pleasures that if not experiencing them we could be developing biochemical processes less to live.

18. If you always try to be normal you will never discover how extraordinary you can become (Maya Angelou)

From time to time we must allow ourselves to explore more than we can be.

19. Let's not get dirty in the eyes: the car is a wheelchair (Nicanor Parra)

Appreciation of the negative aspects about the constant use of automobiles.

20. I was born one day when God was sick (César Vallejo)

This phrase of the Peruvian poet expresses his pessimism when evaluating his life. One of the phrases of most revealing poets .

twenty-one.Bravo lion, my heart has appetites, not reason (Alfonsina Storni)

About the intensity with which Alfonsina faced the world.

22. You can forget the one you've laughed with but not the one you've cried with (Khalil Gibran)

People who are in difficult times become more valuable and intensely endearing.

23. The reason is lost reasoning (Antonio Porchia)

To reach a point where we have deepened so much that we evade reality.

24. Only one thing is clear: that the meat is filled with worms (Nicanor Parra)

This phrase of the poet Nicanor Parra makes reference to that nobody of the death escapes.

25. I see at the end of my rough path, that I was the architect of my own destiny (Amado Nervo)

In the end we see that all the decisions we have made have been responsible for the direction our lives took.

26. The happy times in humanity are the empty pages of history (Gabriela Mistral)

They transcend dramatic events more , since by their force they open significant changes.

27. To know more is to be freer (César Vallejo)

The power that knowledge gives us brings us to freedom.

28. Sad is the man in whom nothing remains as a child (Arturo Graf)

About preserving characteristics of the child that we were.

29. If at night you cry for not seeing the sun, tears will prevent you from seeing the stars (Tagore)

Do not let yourself be totally obscured by adverse situations, do not stay in them, since we can deny ourselves the possibility of learning from them or easily detach ourselves.

30. Sometimes a man has to fight so hard for life that he does not have time to live it. (Bukowski)

About the current system in which we live .

31. God created the cat so that man could caress the lion (Charles Baudelaire)

Interesting reflection that honors the little feline.

32. There is nothing that enlivens love more than the fear of losing the loved one (Francisco de Quevedo)

The fear of loneliness and an insecure attachment can lead us to perform many feats in the name of love.

33. The vacillators who doubt security (Thomas Eliot) will not do very great things

This phrase of the poet Thomas Eliot, motivates us to perform with more security in various situations.

34. Do not write under the rule of emotion. Let her die and evócala then. If you are able then to revive it as it was, you have arrived partly in the middle of the road (Horacio Quiroga)

On self-control in the narrative process . Observe an emotion as a spectator, an apprentice, to rescue the wisdom and then add the poetic passion.

35. What most annoys the charlatan is someone silent and dignified (Juan Ramon Jimenez)

Since in opposition to him, his only honest position bothers him because it brings him closer to his falsehood and superficiality.

36. Who knows pain, knows everything (Dante Alighieri)

Pain contains such wisdom that once we experience it something of us changes.

37. A woman observes her restless body, as if she were an unreliable ally in the fight for love (Leonar Cohen)

About the insecurities associated with what has traditionally been considered feminine.

38. The most difficult is not the first kiss, but the last one (Paul Geraldy)

Since it represents the farewell.

39. We are all equal before the law, but not before those in charge of applying it (Stanislaw J. Lec)

This phrase of the poet Stanislaw Lec, makes reference to the irregularities of the institutions.

40. Never die in vain those who die for a great cause (Lord Byron)

They are always remembered for what they did.

41. Yes, bravery is crazy, but full of greatness (Reynaldo Arenas)

Acts that require some value are considered for people who have probably lost their judgment.

42. The past and the future are nothing compared to the severe today (Adelaide A. Procter)

Only the present is lived and represents a constant battle.

43. It could have been this, it could have been that, but he is loved and hated for what he is (Rudyard Kipling)

In this Kipling phrase, the essence and real value of each element is rescued. One of those phrases of poets to remember for their potential to make us reflect.

44. But it makes so much loneliness that the words commit suicide (Alejandra Pizarnik)

This phrase of the Argentine poet, refers to a state of complete melancholy.

45. Nobody has to understand with what secret emotion the purest beauties my spirit interprets, you will understand because you are a poet. (Abraham Valdelomar)

About the sensitivity and perspective with which a poet perceives the world.

46. ​​The delicacy synthesizes the beautiful (José María Eguren)

About the details of an element that make it nice to others.

47. Friends of the present time are like melons: you have to taste fifty before you find a good one (Claude Mermet)

There will be many circumstances that will put us in front of a loyal friend.

48. Your wisdom is worth as much as nothing if nobody knows how much is your knowledge (Aulus Persius)

Each person has and gives a value to what you experience .

49. Knowledge arrives but wisdom remains (Alfred Tennyson)

About what we gain through time and constant discovery.

50. He who does not know the truth is ignorant; but the one who knows and denies it, is a criminal (Bertolt Brecht)

This phrase of the poet Bertolt Brecht, it brings us in a peculiar way to dishonesty .

51. Equality begins on the threshold of death (Charles P. Colardeau)

At the end of our lives we begin a process where we all look exactly the same.

52. The safe friend is known on the insecure occasion (Ennio)

About those loyal friendships that nourish our existence.

53. Revenge is always a pleasure for narrow, sick and cowering spirits (Juvenal)

This phrase brings us closer to the profile of any vengeful.

54. Man is a god when he dreams and a beggar when he reflects (Friedrich Hölderlin)

Dreams make us feel powerful , when reflecting on land because it shows our reality.

55. All my assets are my friends (Emely Dickinson)

And is that probably friends are what we can have more value.

56. There is no man more unhappy than that for whom indecision has become custom (Henrich Heine)

Living in total anguish over the lack of control over our decisions can involve us in a case.

57. Have hope in few things, and still fear less things (Charles A. Swinburne)

Our desires and energies must be placed on something superior and transcendent, for this author.

58. Man, become essential: when the world passes, what is of chance will fall; the essence will remain (Angelus Silesius)

On the importance of the transcendental.

59. Slave is the one who waits for someone to come and set him free (Ezra Pound)

There is no worse slavery than the annulment of our potentialities and codependence.

60. A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom (Robert Frost)

About the reason for existing a poem.

61. Value makes winners; the concord makes invincibles (Casimir Delavigne)

United we can achieve a lot.

62. We search everywhere for the absolute and always only find things (Novalis)

Many times the goal is not just to search.

63. It is sincere the pain of the one who cries in secret (Martial)

This phrase gives us an example of prudence.

64. After his blood, the most personal thing a man can give is a tear (Alphonse de Lammartine)

Open your heart in the intimacy of your emotions.

65. Only the man who expects nothing is truly free (Edward Yong)

When we are liberated from the weight of expectations.

66. He who undertook nothing, nothing will end (Geoffrey Chaucer)

We must begin at some point, it is the most important step, to begin.

67. For the laborious bee there is no time to be sad (William Blake)

When we allow ourselves to be distracted by obligations and work.

68. Freedom does not consist in doing what one wants, but in doing what one should (Ramón de Campoamor)

About the value of responsibilities.

69. A person without friends runs the risk of never getting to know each other (Julio Ramón Ribeyro)

Friends provide the necessary wisdom to develop.

70. In each future reader, the writer is reborn (Julio Ramón Ribeyro)

On the relation writer and reader. Each reader reinvents the story according to their perspective.

The Dream Of Life - Alan Watts (June 2024).

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