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Last positions for the Master in Integrated Psychotherapy of the Mensalus Institute

Last positions for the Master in Integrated Psychotherapy of the Mensalus Institute

May 5, 2024

We finished the stage of university education and ... then what? In the case of graduates in Psychology in Spanish territory, the answer to this question is not usually very encouraging, since the labor panorama is very competitive.

However, there is a small detail that can make us gain much ground in terms of our job expectations: opt for a post-university training program that offers the possibility of practicing with real patients and in real therapeutic contexts.

Precisely, in a short time it will begin a university master's degree that facilitates this transition from the academic to the professional : the Master in Integrative Psychotherapy of the Mensalus Institute of Barcelona.

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The differential factor in postgraduate training

It is clear that learning the theory that exists in the field of psychology is a challenge, but it is also true that this is the simplest part.

The certain thing is that one of the main problems of the formative trajectory that are those who aspire to dedicate themselves to the psychotherapy in Spain is how complicated it is to find a way to complete full practices in which to be able to work in the first person therapeutic skills.

The real differential factor, and what brings more added value to the different post-university training options, is whether it is possible to get to work on real psychological interventions supervised by expert teaching staff.

Fortunately, there are centers in which it offers to go beyond pure observation, and beyond the simulations and live in the first person, when designing training programs in which you work with real patients in the facilities of a psychology center . This is the case of the Mensalus Institute of Barcelona and its Master's Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy , an ideal learning context that takes place in one of the main centers of psychological and psychiatric assistance in the Catalan capital.

What are the characteristics of the master?

The Master's Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy, whose next edition begins on September 25, 2018 and offers its last positions, It develops over a school year and is 60 ECT credits .

In addition to starting from an integrating position that takes the strengths of different paradigms of psychology, it is designed to generate situations in which both practical skills and the internalization of the theoretical knowledge necessary to give foundation to professional practice in the fields can be developed. therapy sessions.

Your strengths

The work of psychologists oriented to the health field and of psychoeducation is eminently theoretical, and that is why in the Master's Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy all the theoretical contents are linked to the practical aspects of the day-to-day care of patients .

This process by which students are immersed in contexts of real psychotherapy takes place from the beginning of the classes, through two different formulas that complement each other.

On the one hand, students have access to viewing real cases of therapy in real time, with the consent of real patients.

On the other hand, students they learn by practicing with real cases of patients They go directly to the Mensalus Institute, always under the supervision of the psychotherapists tutors who are part of the master's organization.

Your recognitions

This training program, which is going for its eighth edition, It has various recognitions for its quality and applied character , useful for perfecting professional skills. It is endorsed and recommended by the Spanish Society for the Integration of Psychotherapy; He has also been granted the title of Activity recognized by the General Council of Psychology in Spain and is considered "of interest to the profession" by the Official Col - legi of Psychology of Catalonia.

How to register?

To have a place in the master's degree or ask for more information about it, you can access its website or access its contact information by clicking on this link. Of course, you have to hurry, because only the last places remain .


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