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The 13 best books of self-help and self-improvement

The 13 best books of self-help and self-improvement

May 26, 2024

Self-help books are another aid to face the difficulties of daily life .

Through the reflections they propose, the concepts they present to us and the different coping strategies they show us, they make it easier for us to become resilient in the face of adversity. In this article we will review several highly recommended self-help books.

13 books of self-help and self-improvement

Occasionally, it is worth reading one of those inspiring books that change your life and they transform you into a better person. These books, in many cases written by people who have had to learn by themselves the bad times, are really useful.

It goes without saying that not all self-help and self-improvement books are worthwhile. That's why, today, we have prepared a list of 13 books that will make you reflect and help you to be better in different fields of your life : work, love, friendship ... By clicking on the indicated link, you can buy the self-help book that most convinces you. Do not miss them!

1. Mindfulness for all (Javier García Campayo and Mayte Navarro)

Mindfulness is a practice that, despite its oriental roots, it has proved very useful in the western world . According to scientific studies, it positively affects our well-being and is beneficial for our day-to-day life: it improves concentration, reduces stress and anxiety, ends insomnia problems, improves interpersonal relationships ...

Mindfulness is a mental state that helps us to be in the here and now, away from worries and suffering, and allows us to connect with ourselves and others, because it gives us a non-judgmental mentality and is key to managing the emotions effectively.

One of the best books of self-help and self-improvement is "Mindfulness for all", written by the psychiatrist and therapist Javier García Campayo and the psychologist Mayte Navarro, two experts in Mindfulness practice.

This text It is an easy and accessible guide for anyone , because with a clear and simple language he proposes illustrated exercises so that everyone can get into the practice of Mindfulness and enjoy its benefits.

2. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 (Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves, and Patrick M. Lencioni)

Emotional intelligence, as confirmed by many investigations, is intimately related to the well-being of people and personal development . If you want to learn to master this type of intelligence and benefit from it, this book is the ideal.

Chapter after chapter you will find programs to increase your emotional intelligence in the basic skills: self-knowledge, self-regulation, social conscience, management of interpersonal relationships ... a perfect book to learn to be a little happier.

  • You can buy this book by accessing this link.

3. A turtle, a hare and a mosquito. Psychology to go pulling (Nacho Coller)

The objective of Nacho Coller, author of this curious book, isbring you the experiences of this psychologist in his daily work , approaching psychology in an entertaining, simple and far from academic (in form, but not in the background). In this work, Coller makes it clear that science does not have to be at odds with humor, and that is why between the pages of the book it is possible to recognize at all times the brushstrokes of the genius with which the author narrates his experiences or proposes us his reflections, all with a very personal style.

The idea that underlies this book: you can not avoid suffering and achieve eternal happiness, that does not exist. It's just about psychology to be pulling. Yes, psychology.

  • To know more about this book, click on this link.

4. The 4-hour work week (Tim Ferriss)

An interesting book of self-help and personal improvement that you should read. In its pages you can find great teachings, for example: the way to minimize the tasks to be more effective, discovering that there is beyond the comfort zone. move from thinking to action when you want to undertake, overcome limiting beliefs, and many other things.

All this explained with a simple language and in which the author reviews the steps one by one .

  • You can buy it by clicking here.

5. The Great Magic: a creative life beyond fear (Elizabeth Gilbert)

There are many authors and level authors out there and, undoubtedly, Elizabeth Gilbert is one of them. His narrative style is certainly creative, so the reader is sweetly hooked to its pages.

This is a text full of metaphors that will surely motivate you to continue growing and improving yourself every day. Even though It's not the typical self-help book, it's really a great inspiring book that is going to change your vision about life .

  • You can buy it through this link.

6. The monk who sold his ferrari (Robin Sharma)

One of those self-help books in which emphasis is placed on the need to understand that, in order to reach an optimal state of well-being, it is necessary to fix oneself first before orienting our actions towards the outside, towards the objects with which we live

The simplicity and originality with which this book presents important reflections it has served to become a true best seller.

  • If you are interested, by clicking here you can read more about this work.

7. The deception of Icarus (Seth Godin)

By living in society, we unconsciously internalize a whole series of limiting beliefs that, unless we do something to detect them, can block us completely, to prevent us from giving the maximum of ourselves.

This interesting self-help book presents us with the possibility of analyzing these beliefs, assess whether our expectations are correct or not , and build a self-image much more adjusted to reality; one that allows us to maximize our potential.

  • In case you want to know more about the book, this page will be useful.

8. The gifts of imperfection (Brené Brown)

Sometimes it costs too much to be human, to be imperfect. Because. Books like this do us a great favor because they remind us that we all have virtues and defects. It is what this life has. And it is easy to say, but the truth is that we are very hard with ourselves.

One of the keys to personal development is self-knowledge and acceptance. This book offers a new way of living life and gives readers different tools to cultivate courage, compassion and connection with oneself, and therefore, with others.

9. Rich father, poor father (Robert Kiyosaki)

A book that opens your eyes to the great opportunities that are presented daily and, in remarkable occasions, you can not see. For example, this text inspires you in moments of crisis, in which, incredible as it may seem, there are great possibilities waiting there. Nobody says it's easy, but you have to keep going at the bottom of the canyon even in the worst moments.

  • On this page you will find more information about the book.

10. The power of the word (Louise Hay)

The author of this text is an example of personal improvement, as I fight against cancer for years and won the battle. His positive thinking was key to coping with the disease and, thanks to that, he overcame this hard stage of his life.

With this book, he intends to teach us the importance of mind regulation in the complicated situations that arise throughout our lives, and reminds us how important it is to think daily about where we are and where we want to go.

11. Transform your brain with NLP (Jago Wendy)

Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is one of the most used tools for personal change and development. Therefore, it has been widely used in coaching and psychological therapy. This book helps you discover the importance of NLP and offers techniques for a better understanding of yourself and the environment in which you live.

  • To access more information about the work, click here.

12. Man in search of meaning (Viktor Frankl)

Viktor Frankl is undoubtedly one of the most recognized existential psychologists, and made great contributions to the psychology of happiness. Because he was a Jew, he suffered the Holocaust in his own flesh, something that marked his life forever. After the Second World War, Frankl had lost a large part of his loved ones, including his wife. He learned to fit the losses and, fruit of his experiences, he shared his wisdom in this work.

  • To learn more about this book or to get a copy, click here.

13. Anatomy of peace: solving the heart of conflict (The Arbinger Institute)

This is an inspirational book that teaches basic concepts to find true inner peace throughout life. It is especially interesting for the stages of life when one is emotionally unstable. But it is useful for anyone who wants to have greater emotional well-being.

It is a practical book that helps solve problems of the day , because it gives the reader knowledge about how to acquire habits and healthy thought patterns.

  • If you are interested, you can read more about this book by clicking here.

The Best Self Development Books | Top 5 Self Improvement Books (May 2024).

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