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The 5 best Psychology clinics in Seville

The 5 best Psychology clinics in Seville

July 18, 2024

Seville is one of the main cities of Spain , and it is the fourth in terms of number of inhabitants. As they say "Los del Río", a well-known Spanish music duo, "Sevilla has a special color". And it is that this city is characterized by its cheerful people, by its Fair, its sun and flamenco art that is heard in many corners of the Andalusian city.

But despite the fact that in Seville there is a great atmosphere, as in all places, its inhabitants can also suffer psychological and relational problems, which is why psychology professionals help many of their citizens to recover their well-being and improve their quality of life.

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The best Psychology clinics in Seville

If you are in this beautiful city and you want to know which are the best Psychology clinics in Seville , in the following lines you can find a selection that will help you choose the professional that best suits your needs.

1. Center for Psychology, Sexology and Gender AMARA

Centro Amara is one of the psychology clinics with more name in Seville, thanks to its 20 years of experience in the sector. It has a team of professionals who treat different psychological problems : anxiety disorders, depression, couple problems, emotional dependence ...

Therefore, its professionals are dedicated to guidance and care in an integrative manner, and perform individual, group, couple and family therapy. One of its strengths is sexual therapy and assistance in gender issues, both from a therapeutic and formative perspective.

2. Ainhoa ​​Madoz

This psychologist offers a space on the internet called "The Consultation of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy". This space offers information on different topics related to psychology, and at the same time it is possible to contact Ainhoa ​​Madoz, a well-known psychologist from the Andalusian capital .

This professional has a degree in Psychology and Philosophy and Educational Sciences (Pedagogy section), with a specialty in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy by the Society of Psychosomatic Medicine and Medical Psychology of Madrid. In addition, your clinic has health accreditation by the Junta de Andalucía.

3. SOS Psychologists

As its name suggests, this center aims to help people who are going through a bad time in their lives or suffer some emotional, psychological or interpersonal relationships.

The work of its professionals focuses mainly on individual therapy of children, adolescents and adults, couples therapy and sexology and covers different specialties, among which are: stress and anxiety, couple conflicts, coaching and personal development , addictions, maternity, mood disorders or feeding problems.

In SOS Psychologists have some of the best professionals in psychology, so it is a great option for those who wish to regain their well-being.

4. Patricia Garzón

Patricia Garzón is one of the most promising psychologists in Seville. She has a degree in Psychology, with a master's degree in General Health Psychology and a Master's degree in EMDR therapy.

Her work focuses on helping her patients understand their past and their emotional trauma and understand their present to improve their quality of life.

This clinic is located in the heart of Seville, and in it Patricia offers psychotherapy services for adults, as well as family counseling. In his psychology cabinet a space of trust is offered, a very personalized and individualized treatment so that the patient feels comfortable and motivated to successfully overcome the therapeutic process .

5. The Sevillian Psychologist

In the team of El Psicólogo Sevillano, which works from an integrative orientation, therapy sessions are conducted and expert reports and judicial reports are prepared (in the latter case, by judicial psychologists). Regarding psychotherapy, offers therapy for adults, couples and sexual therapy and child therapy .

The focus of this center is integrative and interdisciplinary and its psychologists adapt to the specific needs of each patient. It has numerous experts in different aspects of psychological assistance (stress, depression, sexual and couple problems, etc.).

What we should keep in mind when choosing a psychologist

There are many psychologists who offer psychotherapy services, and although the patient must always do his part, select the best professional to meet the needs of oneself can determine success in our recovery process .

Therefore, when choosing a psychologist, we must take into account:

  • That is able to exercise , because not all those who offer therapy services have titles that grant the legal capacity to perform psychological interventions at the therapeutic level.
  • Check that it is an individualized treatment, because each patient is a new world and requires a personalized treatment.
  • It is important that the methodology has scientific backing.
  • Check that you are an expert in the specialty you are looking for .
  • Check that the rates are clear and realistic.

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