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The 7 best remedies for constipation

The 7 best remedies for constipation

July 19, 2024

The digestive system is one of the most important in our body, since it allows us to obtain enough nutrients for the body to continue functioning and survive. But our body does not absorb all of the food, generating after the digestion a series of waste that we will later expel in the form of faeces.

However, it is possible that at some time and due to various circumstances we are not able to excrete these residues, which accumulate in the final part of the digestive tract, or despite being able to do so, it is carried out with difficulty. This is known as constipation, which can cause great discomfort and even be dangerous if there is an accumulation of feces inside. It is because of that Throughout this article we will see different remedies for constipation .

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What is constipation?

In order to take into account what problem we want to act on, it is relevant to make a brief mention about what is or what constipation supposes.

We give the name of constipation to the medical condition in which defecation and expulsion of faecal waste does not occur with the usual frequency , generally due to the existence of a hardening and excessive dehydration of the feces. It is usually considered as such the existence of difficulties to defecate at least one out of four times or the absence of evacuation for three or more days.

Constipation can have a lot of origins, from a diet low in fiber to different functional problems of the excretory organs or even the existence of various diseases of which it can be a symptom. Also the existence of nerve activation such as stress and anxiety can contribute to its appearance.

Although usually constipation is usually a temporary problem (although there are people who have chronic constipation), the truth is that it usually generates discomfort such as pain if defecation is achieved, feeling full or gastric discomfort . In those cases in which stool is not expelled, some type of intervention will be necessary, either at the pharmacological level, through food or even in extreme cases through surgical procedures, since it can end up causing serious problems for the patient. health.

Different remedies for constipation

Here we indicate a series of different recommended remedies to encourage the expulsion of stool and relieve or eliminate constipation.

1. Hydrate

One of the problems that constipation usually generates is the dehydration of fecal waste and that of the subject himself. Drinking enough water is not an absolute guarantee of not suffering from constipation, but it is essential to stay hydrated so that the body does not look for the water it needs in elements such as feces : this hardens them and makes their passage difficult.

2. Consume fiber

Another element that makes us go to the bathroom more regularly It is the consumption of foods rich in fiber, such as cereals, legumes, nuts and fruit.

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3. Employ relaxation techniques

The existence of stress and anxiety can greatly hinder excretion, and it is therefore useful to perform different relaxation techniques. Among them we can find breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation or alternatives such as mindfulness.

4. Get massaged

Another way to promote the motility of our intestines is through mechanical stimulation, through various techniques of abdominal self-massage. Gentle pressure should be applied along the digestive tract , and it is advisable to apply circular movements.

5. Use physical activity

Another possible remedy for constipation to consider is through the realization of physical activity, which helps to stimulate the body. Among those who are considered most helpful is running (running), dancing or swimming. They can also help activities that include a direct exercise of the abdominal area, such as abdominal exercises.

6. Nutrition: use of foods with laxative and probiotic properties

There are many foods that have the ability to stimulate intestinal transit and facilitate defecation. Plums, orange, banana, honey, apple, lettuce, broccoli, raisins, papaya, lentils, licorice or yogurt are useful examples, as well as any food that includes a high fiber content . Usually we are talking about fruits, vegetables and cereals .

7. Use of laxative drugs

Beyond the above and in case the other options do not work, you can resort to the use of laxatives synthesized at the pharmacological level, like Dulcolax or Microlax . Of course, we must bear in mind that its use should be sporadic and limited to specific moments, because if a long-term continuous consumption is made it can cause our body to decrease its capacity to generate intestinal motility in a natural way or different side effects of variable severity.

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