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The good side of ADHD: 10 positive traits of young people with attention deficit

The good side of ADHD: 10 positive traits of young people with attention deficit

November 11, 2022

The term "disorder" usually scares. Many people often relate it to the idea of ​​the disease, something that does not work well in the body and makes the health and the personality of the person crushed under his weight. This is very common to see, for example, with ADHD, and the attention deficit to which it is linked.

However, young people who are diagnosed with ADHD are not that label nor are they basically characterized by being "sick". In fact, they present many positive characteristics .

ADHD as a label

It is worth mentioning that the term is used disorder to refer to a psychological or biological dysfunction. This manifestation is characterized by it is associated with a malaise (pain), a disability (deterioration) or a risk that alters the quality of life . However, it is vital to understand that the term disorder is exclusively related to a list of symptoms that the person presents; it is not alluding to the person itself. In fact, a disorder is not exactly the same as a disease.

For example, taking into account the different ways in which a diagnosis can be interpreted, a person suffering from depression is not the same as a depressed person. Likewise, it happens in the cases that we have mentioned that children have this disorder, but they are not that disorder; unfortunately the adults assume that definition of the child and do not see beyond the diagnosis .

The positive characteristics of people with ADHD

A good way to end the stigma that is sometimes built from the label of "boy or girl with ADHD" is highlight the positive characteristics that are usually a byproduct of attention deficit .

Below, a series of positive characteristics that children with ADHD present and that parents and teachers should discover in this group of young people are broken down. Not all have all the characteristics, but most of them, which would be very good to be potentialized.

1. They are young enthusiasts

Attention deficit does not mean that the ability to attend to things that are of interest is lacking, but that these often do not fit with those that are supposed to be interesting or in which "we are supposed" to concentrate. That is why young people with ADHD are always busy thinking or doing something they like . and they do it in an honest way, not because a series of rules dictates it.

2. They easily forget negative episodes

People diagnosed with ADHD usually do not present obsessive thoughts that revolves around a painful memory or that produces anger, just because doing this would be too monotonous. That is why they are relatively unlikely to hold grudges.

3. They are spontaneous and explorers

Young people in this group tend to be always very sensitive to possible new stimuli that require their attention . That is why they are prone to explore the environment and to discover for themselves what is around them, without waiting for someone to do it for them.

4. They like to make friends in different environments

Virtually any environment is prone to be explored by children diagnosed with ADHD , that is why they know how to create play situations in which others can participate.

5. Present facility to adapt to unforeseen plans

Monotony is not something especially valued by these young people , so the changes of circumstances that force to make a change of plans are not experienced as a drama by them.

6. They are very observant

Children with ADHD are not only very enthusiastic through their actions, but also they are also thinking . That is why even when they seem to do nothing, they are taking advantage of time observing what happens around them, noticing phenomena that for others go unnoticed.

7. They learn very fast when something interests them

There is a lot of talk about the impulsiveness of young people with ADHD as something that makes them change their interests easily. However this is only one side of the coin; the other is that they prefer to do what they are passionate about at the moment , without postponing it, which means that if a subject likes them enough, dedicate all their efforts to it, without leaving for tomorrow lessons that they can learn today.

8. They are very creative

Any situation can be transformed into a game for a child with ADHD, and this ability to find ways to entertain themselves in a clear sample of creativity and lateral thinking .

9. They are proactive

These young people do not tolerate boredom , so they are able to manufacture themselves the amusements and do themselves the things that interest them taking the initiative.

10They are energetic

Part of the games in which they are involved require physical effort , so they tend to be given to exercise even if not intended.


As you can see, there are many positive characteristics that children with ADHD present . These should be of the knowledge of the parents and teachers, as well as of the same child, in such a way that they can establish strategies to solve the difficult aspects of the disorder with strategies to enhance the positive areas that each one has as indicated.

In this way, it is possible to create an environment in which the child feels accepted, loved and sure of himself and his peers.

Is ADHD An Advantage? (November 2022).

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