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20 positive words that generate good feelings

20 positive words that generate good feelings

May 1, 2024

Spanish has a rich vocabulary, some of the words we say positive or negative effect on ourselves and others. If in our article "14 toxic words that you should eliminate from your vocabulary" we speak of the words that generate bad vibrations, there are also words that generate good feelings or that refer to concepts that stimulate positive emotions.

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Words that generate good feelings

But, What words generate positive emotions? In the following lines you can find a list of words that generate good feelings.

1. Accept

Acceptance is one of the best decisions we can make, because it means loving ourselves and treating us with love . Such is the importance of acceptance, that the most current psychological therapies, those corresponding to the third generation, use acceptance as a therapeutic resource. An example of this is acceptance and commitment therapy, which we discussed in our article "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): principles and characteristics".

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2 Thank you

'Thank you' is a word that represents gratitude, so it is positive in the sense that it generates pleasant feelings in the other person . She feels useful and at the same time knows that her action has been valued.

3. Compassion

Same as acceptance, compassion generates positive feelings and is another of the concepts used in current psychotherapy . The benefits of compassion are many, and you can see them in our article "Compassion: a basic tool in our relationships".

4. Tolerance

Being a tolerant person generates good vibrations with the people around us. ** The opposite is to be an intolerant individual, who fulfill a series of defects **. You can see it in our article: "The intolerant people share these 12 defects."

5. I can do it

There are some limiting beliefs that cause people to back off from obstacles . However, other positive beliefs allow us to grow, develop and achieve our goals. I can do it, in spite of being two words, it generates positive thoughts, because it allows to overcome the adversities that arise.

6. Come on

Come on, it means going in one direction, and therefore, being in motion. Being in motion is a characteristic of proactive people. These people build projects with their effort . If you want to know how they really are, you can read our article "Proactive people: 12 traits and habits in common".

7. Possible

Limiting beliefs also lead us to believe that our goals are impossible . When we think that something is possible, we fight for it with all our strength.

8. Love

Love is a wonderful feeling, an incredible experience for the human being . Undoubtedly, few words generate as many positive emotions as love.

9. Happy

Happiness is another of those magical words, because everyone wants to be happy. If you want to know how to be happier, you can read our article "The 10 keys to be happy, according to science".

10. Useful

Feeling useful is key to our self-esteem and, therefore, it generates positive emotions and feelings for us.

11. Opportunity

The opportunities allow us to grow. That is why it is important to detect them and take advantage of them.

12. Development

Development is also synonymous with growth. It is being in movement. You can learn more in our article "Personal Development: 5 reasons for self-reflection"

13. Hope

They say that hope is the last thing that is lost, because if we lose it, sadness takes hold of us. As long as there is hope, there will be positive feelings.

14. I appreciate it

Appreciating something is like giving thanks. It is an act of gratitude towards other people. It is to let him know that the act he has carried out really makes sense.

15. Yes

'Yes' is a word that represents the affirmation and the positive . Now, when the yes is accompanied by a "but", then it does not have the same force or the same meaning. On the other hand, the 'no' does not have to be negative. An assertive person is able to say no and show their opinions and thoughts.

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16. I love you

Saying I love you is intimately related to the feeling of love , which is what moves people, what makes us happy.

17. We

Life is always better when you live in company . Family or friends help us live a happier life. Do you know all the benefits of having friends? You can learn more in our article "The 10 benefits of having friends, according to science".

18. Respect

Respect is one of the most positive and noble acts that we can carry out in interaction with other people . We all want to be respected.

19. Mindfulness

The word Mindfulness is translated into Spanish as Mindfulness . Behind this term there are thousands of damages of Buddhist tradition. Currently, this philosophy has shown that it generates positive feelings. If you want more information, you can read our article "Mindfulness: 8 benefits of mindfulness".

20. Solution

Life has difficult moments and situations that are not pleasant, but we can learn from bad experiences . Faced with any problem, we must find a solution. This will help us to recover the smile and generate positive feelings.

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