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52 erotic phrases that will blow your imagination

52 erotic phrases that will blow your imagination

January 23, 2023

Eroticism can be defined as sensual love, when attraction and lust come together in a moment that floods all our senses and traps us, in a union with that person who captivates us and makes us feel incredible things.

The best erotic phrases

Along the history, many celebrities have written or pronounced erotic phrases . In this article you can find a list with the best ones.

They are the following.

1. Come, let me see you, let me know you, let me aspire to possess you and have you for me

When we feel attracted to someone, our desire to have him near is immense. We would cross the ocean to be by your side if necessary.

2. I hope so, because I have had so many worries that I need to forget everything in your arms

There is no better relief from stress and worry than a good night of passion.

3. Be silent when you have nothing to say, when genuine passion moves you, say what you have to say, and say it hot

A quote from the book "The lover of Lady Chatterley" (1928), David Herbert Lawrence. It was banned in its time by the sexual content of the work .

4. The two parts of your body that do the dirtiest things are the ones that I love most

Some words that make the mind fly to places of the most erotic.

5. A man loves a woman and kisses her: from that kiss the world is born

Human beings not only procreate, but we live incredible sexual and erotic experiences.

6. You will have been impressed by the dirty things that I write to you. Maybe you think that my love is a dirty thing. It is, dear, in some moments

Prejudice should not let people not enjoy sex fully.

7. Imagination is to sex what wind to sax

Imagination greatly increases the sexual experience.

8. Like cities at war, all women have a helpless target. When they are discovered, the square surrenders immediately

An excerpt from a work by "El Marqués de Sade", a French philosopher and writer.

9. Kiss me, touch me, make me yours, let's be one!

When the sexual connection exists, the bodies merge into one.

10. My opinion with regard to pleasure is that all the senses must be used

Another quote from "El Marqués de Sade", in relation to how our senses are kidnapped by sex.

11. I love you as if to read you every night ... line after line, space for space

Some words that sound like erotic poetry.

12. I want to drown on your lips, whisper with mute words the desire I feel to be part of you and now ... I do not want to wake up

The desire to be with the beloved can lead us to lose our heads.

13. If you need love, you tell me and we do it

A fine irony with a great erotic content.

14. We are two verses that rhyme without rhyme, we are the essence of everything great

In passion, when there is love, the poetry of the body is born.

15. Let the imagination fly and make me yours, I want to be a slave to your wishes

There is no better slavery than when you want that person to eroticize you.

16. Orgasm is the great dining room for words. Only allows the moan, the howl, the infrahuman expression, but not the word

Valérie Tasso, a definition of what orgasm is.

17. Let each sentence fill with dirty words and sounds without modesty. They are the kindest thing to hear and see on paper, because the dirtiest are the most beautiful

It is often called sex, something "dirty". But it is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

18. Nigromanta was waiting for him to teach him, first of all, to do like the worms, then like the snails and finally like the crabs

A quote from the work "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel García Márquez.

19. Perversion is just another form of art. It's like painting or drawing or sculpture. Except that, instead of painting, we perverts use sex as our means

C.M. Stunich compares sex with art. Making love floods our senses.

20. It's not Christmas yet and I want to give you your good night

A date with a touch of humor and that also deals with sex.

21. Kiss me, give me the moisture of your tongue, of your lips, make your saliva blend with mine creating the taste of temperament

The kisses take us to a cloud if the person we love gives them to us.

22. And when she felt a hand slip through the lace-embroidered knickers, just to undress her kidneys with precision - but tenderly, reverently - the idea that came to mind was that she was very happy to be in England and to learn the customs brime I let steal until the last breath, you have already become, in my owner

A story that is capable of making you feel strong emotions.

2. 3.Be silent, let yourself go, and kiss me with your heart

When two souls connect, nothing can stop them.

24. Erotic literature seduces us and does not allow us to have mental sex

There is something in erotic literature that engages the reader.

25. In every erotic encounter there is an invisible and always active character: the imagination

A few words from Octavio Paz, a Mexican poet and essayist.

26. We will give ourselves indiscriminately to everything our passions suggest and we will always be happy. Consciousness is not the voice of nature, but only the voice of prejudice ...

There are situations in which you do not have to put limits on the body.

27. I will cover you with love the next time we see each other, with caresses, with ecstasy. I want to bite you with all the joys of the flesh

There are passionate reunions that are unforgettable.

28. I want to celebrate you by filling your mouth with your name, eating

Sex with the person you so desire is, without doubt, a great celebration, a magical event.

29. Extreme seduction abuts, probably, with horror

Georges Bataille, in relation to how prejudices can affect when enjoying intimate relationships.

30. Oh, how I long to feel your body confused with mine, to see you fade, fade and fade before my kisses

After wishing so much someone. Being able to have that person in your arms is incredible.

31. I think constantly about you. At night, when I go to bed, it is a real torture. I'm not going to write on this page what fills my thought, the madness of desire

When you can not be with that person and you continue to desire it, the obsession can take over you.

32. The best way to get rid of temptation is to fall into it

A great reflection of the great Oscar Wilde.

33. If he had said that his embrace went beyond the embrace, so much that in the end his contours were confused, so much that our flesh disappeared, so much that we lost our breath devoured she and I by the same bloody and insatiable mouth

Mircea Eliade, the Romanian novelist, gives us this exceptional erotic phrase.

34. Sure. "Yes now! Oh my God! "I heard him exclaim the second of his flight

John McGahem, she relates ecstasy that the protagonist of this phrase felt .

35. I would like more to have our lips joined, our arms entwined, our eyes fading in the sad joy of possession

There is nothing better than being alone, body to body, with the beloved.

36. Just looking at you makes my skin crawl, I want to eat you with kisses!

There are people who make you feel incredible things, just with a look.

37. You do not have the remotest idea of ​​everything that goes through my mind when the desire for you grows within me

There are feelings that can not be hidden no matter how hard you try.

38. (...) To experience once more this tremulous moment, to have him, to know him and let him go, like a captive bird that we feel throb under our fingers before releasing him into the air

There are things that can not be explained by words alone. For example, intimate encounters with the beloved.

39. Having sex when you wake up can increase your work performance by 85%, we will be productive!

That is what some studies seem to indicate.

40. "Only the unison beat of sex and the heart can create ecstasy

Anaïs Nin, a phrase that talks about the intense feelings that are experienced in intimate relationships.

41. I dropped my silky hair on my shoulders and opened my thighs to my lover ... the winter skies are cold and low, with strong winds and icy hail. But when we make love under our bedspread, we make three months of summer

A story that is able to blow the imagination of the reader.

42. Bitter experience has shown me that sexual relations are what sustain the world

Henry Miller, a quote that invites the reader to seriously reflect on the role of sex in our lives.

43. Madame, I've become a whore through goodwill and a libertine through virtue

A phrase that can be considered controversial. From the Marquis de Sade

44. I like my bed, but right now I just want to be in yours

Some humor in this erotic date.

45. When I'm happy I have a crazy desire to tell all the people I meet, but it would be much more if you gave me one of those loud kisses that you like to give me. They remind me of the song of the canaries

Kisses can fill us with joy, especially those of that unique person in our life.

46. ​​At the same time the other hand gently parted his legs and began to climb the old road that had traveled so many times in the dark

No need to explain what happened next.

47. Speak to me, pierce me. Be your blood with my blood. Your mouth between my mouth

An appointment that speaks of the maximum union at the moment of intercourse.

48. May your heart enlarge mine until it explodes. Desgárrame

A desire that we all have when we feel a great attraction for someone.

49Your hands follow the path of my naked body and flow into the dark corners of my desires, and there, like firm sentinels of the greatest treasure I possess, and like story thieves, seize my iron will

A story that sounds like pure poetry. Pure eroticism

50. You are my only love. You have me completely in your power. I know and I feel that if in the future I have to write something good or noble, I will do it only by listening on the doors of your heart

It's different to have sex than to make love. The second is much better.

51. "If you are going to leave let me be in your arms for the last time, let me take your perfume in every pore of my skin ... let me satisfy these crazy cravings that I bring with thirst

The farewells are not easy, especially when we have lived intimate moments with that person that we can not see.

52. It is not lust, dear, it is not the brutal madness with which I have written to you these last days and nights, it is not the savage and almost bestial desire for your body, darling, what attracted me to you then. No, dear, in no way is that, but the most tender, adorable and compassionate love for your youth, your adolescence and your fragility

You can have sex or make love in the most tender way . This appointment is an example.

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